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Plasma 5.27.9 Complete Changelog

  • Fix network cache size for first run. Commit. See bug #464517
  • Packagekit: attach timer to stream rather than backend. Commit.
  • Packagekit: hold stream in a qpointer. Commit. Fixes bug #467888. Fixes bug #465711. Fixes bug #473921
  • Only preload a couple of screens worth of comments. Commit. Fixes bug #474944
  • Flatpak: make FlatpakTransactionThread a qrunnable instead. Commit. Fixes bug #474231
Dr Konqi
  • Fix malloc-delete mismatch. Commit.
  • Kcmshell: focus on content area by default. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Kded/config_editor: make it compile with GLib < 2.74. Commit.
  • Kded/config_editor: add a timer to reduce duplicate setting sync. Commit.
Info Center
  • Only modify Coordinate Transformation Matrix. Commit. Fixes bug #474110
  • Drop unused KIconThemes dependency. Commit.
  • Platformsupport/scenes/opengl: don't release egl resources from the thread. Commit. Fixes bug #466174
  • Kcms/screenedges: Fix listing of effects. Commit.
  • Fix misgenerated QHoverEvent. Commit.
  • Add QKeySequence to VirtualDesktopManager::addAction overload. Commit. Fixes bug #475748
  • Kcms/screenedges: Fix buttons overlap on a too narrow vertical screen. Commit. Fixes bug #475579
  • Kcms/screenedges: Slightly refactor monitor size calculation. Commit.
  • Kcms/screenedges: Remove commented out dead code. Commit.
  • Use itemChange instead of a connect to windowChanged. Commit.
  • Plugins/slide: add special case for instant animations. Commit. Fixes bug #472901
  • Plugins/screencast: Remove "frame dropped" log messages. Commit.
  • Fix segfault in EglGbmBackend::textureForOutput. Commit.
  • Drop unused kitemviews dependency. Commit.
  • Add missing QtNetwork dependency. Commit.
  • Plugins/qpa: implement platform accessibility. Commit. Fixes bug #472643
  • Backends/drm: check activePending instead of active for when applying a new gamma ramp is allowed. Commit. Fixes bug #471562
Plasma Browser Integration
  • Add missing KService dependency. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Don't add recursively every file copied to desktop. Commit.
  • Kcm/recentFiles: making it compatible with kconfigwidgets:v5.102.0. Commit.
  • Force WindowCloseButtonHint for toplevel dialogs. Commit. Fixes bug #464193
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
  • Revert "Don't force active dialogs right after showing". Commit. See bug #465751
  • [libreswan] should save even when group name is empty. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Applet: refresh slider value when to changes on startup. Commit. Fixes bug #472245
  • Use context object with KConfigWatcher signal. Commit. See bug #468791
Plasma Workspace
  • Do not consider icon changes excess notification creation. Commit.
  • Lockscreen: handle user switching also on nopassword page. Commit. Fixes bug #458951
  • Applets/lock_logout: add a11y properties and restore tooltip. Commit.
  • Runners/recentdocuments: Fix results being discarded when casing is different. Commit. Fixes bug #474782
  • [plasmacalendarintegration] Fix selected regions are randomly reset to default. Commit. Fixes bug #472483
  • Libtaskmanager: test waylandtasksmodel. Commit.
  • Provide a default action in Suspend session config. Commit. Fixes bug #475866
  • Add missing KService dependency. Commit.
  • Remote desktop: Close streams on session exit. Commit.
  • Data/kde-portals.conf: Fallback to GTK portals for Settings. Commit. Fixes bug #474746
  • Add missing KF5Service find_package call. Commit.