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Plasma 5.27.8 Complete Changelog

Aura Browser
  • Remove (unused) VS Code launch/setting files. Commit.
  • Decoration: remove extra 1px padding. Commit.
  • Toolarea: Fix separator position on hi dpi. Commit.
  • SteamOS: Use new currentBuildID in addition to currentVersion. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Check if error is null before trying to log a message. Commit. Fixes bug #473497
  • Flatpak: Do not crash if we failed to get unused refs. Commit.
  • Plugins/sqlite: Skipping insert/update when m_blockAll or m_whatToRemember==NoApplications. Commit. Fixes bug #397487
KDE GTK Config
Plasma Addons
  • Thumbnail_grid: use MouseArea as delegate root. Commit.
  • Thumbnail_grid: allow screen reader to announce window name when pressing Alt+Tab. Commit. See bug #472643
  • Applets/userswitcher: Set an explicitly compact width. Commit.
  • Kded/device: Write configuration when UPower is not available. Commit. Fixes bug #474099
  • NvidiaSmiProcess: Fix missing data for GPU 2+. Commit. Fixes bug #473424
  • XdgToplevelWindow: Consider app responsive only if sent ping was received. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix high-resolution scroll wheel discrete step calculation. Commit.
  • Wayland: Refactor the high-resolution scroll wheel step accumulator. Commit.
  • Wayland: Send data device selections to data control on bind even if null. Commit. See bug #459389
  • Backends/drm: check explicit gpu paths for symlinks. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: Fix screen screenshot infinite loop on X11. Commit.
  • Input: add special handling for tabbox modifiers. Commit. Fixes bug #473099
  • Backends/drm: don't assume we never get new subpixel types. Commit. See bug #472340
  • Internalwindow: don't crash on pointer leave when m_handle is nullptr. Commit. Fixes bug #472922
  • Backends/drm: allow modesets with atomic tests if a modeset is already pending. Commit. Fixes bug #461657
  • Input: use modifiersRelevantForGlobalShortcuts for tabbox events. Commit. Fixes bug #453918
  • Backends/xrandr: make sure XRandRCrtc::update is always called. Commit. See bug #472280
  • Sensors: Correctly handle the return value of QCollator::compare. Commit. Fixes bug #461070
Plasma Desktop
  • Fix touchpad kded crash on X11. Commit. Fixes bug #426937
  • XlibBackend: port to modern signal-slot. Commit. See bug #473262. See bug #426937
  • XlibNotifications: port to modern signal-slot. Commit. Fixes bug #426937. See bug #473262
  • RecentFiles kcm: whattoremember: Make the value visible in the UI match the value saved. Commit. Fixes bug #397487
  • PositionerTest: make sure folder model is ready before moving test. Commit.
  • FolderView: fix missing Kirigami import. Commit.
  • FolderViewLayer: use fixed interval. Commit.
  • ScreenMapper: remove handling for config before Plasma 5.25. Commit.
  • Folder: modernize iteration. Commit.
  • Folder: use qset instead of qvector to improve performance. Commit.
  • Desktop: don't save positions immediately. Commit.
  • Kcms/access Fix unintentional config changes. Commit.
  • Folderview: cap amount of screen mappings we hold. Commit. Fixes bug #469445
  • Applets/taskmanager: update deprecation message for DragHelper. Commit.
  • Applets/pager: fix window/screen size/position when using Qt scaling. Commit. Fixes bug #446627
  • Panel: fix applet not returning focus after pressing applet shortcut. Commit. Fixes bug #472909
  • Migrate missing key handling/accessibility features from default CompactRepresentation. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Applet: show placeholder message in tooltip when there is no device. Commit. Fixes bug #469778
Plasma Remotecontrollers
  • Do not take 100% CPU when a device gets disconnected. Commit.
Plasma SDK
  • Remove wrongly-generated translations. Commit.
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • Hide heightHelper BasicListItem. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • WindowSwitcher: move accessible properties to delegate root. Commit. See bug #472643
  • Krunner: make debut on X11 faster. Commit.
  • 🍒PanelView: fix panel overlapping windows when Qt scaling is enabled. Commit. Fixes bug #456453
  • Sessionmanagement: fix broken hybrid suspend. Commit.
  • Plasmawindowed: support PLASMA_ENABLE_QML_DEBUG. Commit.
  • Fixup! shellcorona: never iterate on in-destruction iteratables. Commit.
  • Shellcorona: never iterate on in-destruction iteratables. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: don't add files/folders to KDirWatch again in proxy model. Commit. Fixes bug #473798
  • Wallpapers/image: move some shared code to AbstractImageListModel::load. Commit.
  • Widgetexplorer: Fix category filtering. Commit. Fixes bug #473035
  • Containmentlayoutmanager: Guard m_contentItem in setEditMode. Commit.
  • Backport systemtraytest from master to fix flaky test. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: deprecate KickerCompatTriangleMouseFilter. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: deprecate DragHelper. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: deprecate Kicker.WindowSystem. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: deprecate DashboardWindow. Commit.
  • Lookandfeel: make splash load faster. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: fix random order update logic. Commit. See bug #473088
  • Wallpapers/image: move sort(0) to SlideFilterModel::setSortingMode. Commit.
  • TriangleMouseFilter: also check optional position has value. Commit. See bug #473432
  • TriangleMouseFilter: check intercepted item still exists in reset timer. Commit. Fixes bug #473432
  • Wallpapers/image: don't add/remove a file if its parent folder is in KDirWatch. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: fix slideshow not starting for few images or superfast computers. Commit. See bug #473088
  • Wallpapers/image: update random order before sorting. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: use removeDir to remove folders from KDirWatch. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: fix potential invalid slide index in nextSlide. Commit. See bug #473088
  • Applets/notifications: Add icon to "Copy Link Address" context menu item. Commit.
  • Region_language KCM: Guard glibc-related code with ifdefs. Commit.
  • PanelView: clear previous focus when status changes to ActiveStatus. Commit.
  • PanelView: also restore previous window when status changes to ActiveStatus. Commit.
  • Shell: avoid potential crash when previous window is gone before returning focus. Commit.
  • OSD: Fix size calculation for progress value. Commit. Fixes bug #469576
  • Profiledefaults: don't automatically suspend by default if running in a virtual machine. Commit.
  • Fix the error overlay shown on other kcms. Commit. Fixes bug #424531
  • Dimdisplay: only dim the screen at configured dim time. Commit. Fixes bug #304696
  • Print error with higher logging severity when backend fails to load. Commit.
System Settings
  • Remove soft hyphens in keywords used for searching. Commit.
  • Fix data type for accent color. Commit.
  • Settings: provide accent-color settings. Commit.
  • Install kde-portals.conf in datadir. Commit.
  • Install a portals.conf file for the plasma session. Commit.
  • RemoteDesktop: Fix relativity of absolute pointer motion. Commit.
  • RemoteDesktop: Use QScreen for starting multiple streams. Commit.
  • Add a method using QScreen to create a screencasting stream. Commit.