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Plasma 5.27.7 Complete Changelog

Dr Konqi
  • Coredump-gui: don't delete qprocess in a slot that connects to it. Commit.
KDE Window Decoration Library
  • Set default value for EXCLUDE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE_AND_AT. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • Wallpapers/potd: use https in apodprovider. Commit.
  • Revert "wallpapers/potd: remove unsplash provider". Commit.
  • Wallpapers/potd: remove unsplash provider. Commit. Fixes bug #471526
  • PipeWireSourceItem: proceed itemChange in QQuickItem. Commit. See bug #472748
  • Gpu/nvidia: Discover data fields based on headers. Commit. Fixes bug #470474
  • Revert "backends/drm: use glReadPixels for CPU copy". Commit. Fixes bug #472142
  • Backends/drm: use glReadPixels for CPU copy. Commit.
  • Add closed window checks in restacking requests. Commit.
  • Add closed window checks in some window activation code paths. Commit. See bug #438315
  • X11: Sync frame extents in X11 native pixels. Commit. Fixes bug #471132
  • Backends/drm: handle mismatching stride with CPU copying. Commit. Fixes bug #471517
  • Scene: Pad damage if scale factor is fractional. Commit.
  • Locale1: fix use-after-free in xkb_keymap creation. Commit.
  • Effects: Make OpenGL context current before deleting framebuffer. Commit. Fixes bug #444665. Fixes bug #471139
  • Plugins/backgroundcontrast,blur: ensure the effect is only applied behind the window. Commit. Fixes bug #469625
  • Input: don't crash if the internal handle is nullptr. Commit. Fixes bug #471285
  • Make sure kscreen-doctor exits when using --dpms. Commit.
  • Guard the deprecated Output::setPrimary. Commit. Fixes bug #471195
Plasma Desktop
  • Applets/kickoff: add blocker to prevent focus change in search view. Commit. Fixes bug #466192
  • Kickoff: Fix grid view key nav in mirrored layout. Commit.
  • Update Unicode data for emojier to 15.0. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: use hardcoded value. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: make PauseAnimation wait longer. Commit. Fixes bug #470135
  • Desktoppackage: activate panel on "Activate Panel Widget" shortcut pressed. Commit. Fixes bug #455398. See bug #352476. See bug #453166
  • Kaccess: Use kcfg files of kcm. Commit.
  • Kcms/access: Match kcfg default values to old defaults/kaccess. Commit.
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
  • Avoid double delete of TabWidget. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Put volume change logic centrally in VolumeSlider. Commit.
  • Make setGenericVolume keep balance between channels. Commit. Fixes bug #435840
Plasma SDK
  • Remove wrongly-generated translations. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Libtaskmanager: fix unable to change order of launchers. Commit. Fixes bug #472812
  • Reorder removals to ensure launcher url is deallocated after last use. Commit.
  • Fix crash in LauncherTasksModel::Private::requestRemoveLauncherFromActivities. Commit. Fixes bug #472378
  • Libtaskmanager: skip empty appId when matching '*.appId.desktop'. Commit. Fixes bug #472576. Fixes bug #428559
  • Do not write empty path to desktop file. Commit. Fixes bug #433304
  • Fix crash in TasksModel::move. Commit. Fixes bug #472524
  • Kcm/region_language: fix enum order. Commit. Fixes bug #472108
  • Kcms/region_language: Read from $LANGUAGE in options model. Commit.
  • Kcms/region_language: Improve isSupportedLanguage detection. Commit.
  • Kcms/region_language: Chop off the UTF-8 codepoint again. Commit.
  • Kcms/region_language: Check if the language setting is default as well. Commit.
  • Kcms/region_language: Simplify the language settings read. Commit.
  • Kcms/region_language: Read the LANGUAGE environment variable for the default language value. Commit.
  • TriangleMouseFilter: remove unnecessary return. Commit.
  • TriangleMouseFilter: make resendHoverEvents actually work. Commit.
  • TriangleMouseFilter: fix incorrect handling of hover events and inactive state. Commit. Fixes bug #467426
  • TriangularMouseFilter: Filter event everytime when there was no movement at all. Commit. See bug #467426
  • Improve responsiveness of triangular filter. Commit. See bug #467426
  • Shell: move forceActiveFocus to PanelView. Commit. See bug #455398. See bug #352476. See bug #453166
  • Applets/mediacontroller: use PauseAnimation to delay showing busy indicator. Commit. See bug #471248
  • Applets/mediacontroller: remove duplicate opacity animation. Commit. See bug #471248
  • Applets/notifications: add workaround for QTBUG-100392. Commit. Fixes bug #468180
  • Notifications: Also try X-SnapInstanceName for desktop file resolution. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: fix a potential leak. Commit.
System Settings
  • Properly show the custom header widget when started with non-QML KCMs. Commit.