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Plasma 5.27.6 Complete Changelog

  • Rpmostree: Simplify filter. Commit. Fixes bug #470372
  • Add math.max back. Commit.
  • Fix broken checkbox pixel alignment. Commit. Fixes bug #471067
  • FlatpakBackend: Update appstream cache before initializing. Commit. See bug #448521
  • ApplicationPage: make heading/short description text selectable. Commit. Fixes bug #470297
  • Appdata: remove duplicate entry. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Make sure we are refreshing the appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Pk: Actually start the launch job. Commit. Fixes bug #466709
  • Fwupd: don't refresh directory-type remotes on setup. Commit.
Flatpak Permissions
  • Add KItemModels to dependencies. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Merge defaults from a list of overrides. Commit. Fixes bug #466997
  • FlatpakReference: Port metadata and overrides to a list of files. Commit.
  • Kinfo: Use kcmshell5 with Plasma 5. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Gsettings: use const char* directly. Commit.
  • Kded: update scaling-factor when setting global scale. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • Color Picker: Round color values before formatting them. Commit.
  • Alternatecalendar: set dayLabel for Qt calendar providers. Commit. Fixes bug #470034
  • Xwayland: Remove cursor definition. Commit. Fixes bug #442839. Fixes bug #459468
  • Screencast: Discard pending buffer and fence if stream state changes. Commit.
  • Screen edge: Emit cleanup signals if needed on teardown. Commit. Fixes bug #403354
  • Effects/magiclamp: Make it look good with hidden panels. Commit.
  • XdgPopupWindow: Allow position to be set by Plasma. Commit. Fixes bug #463272
  • Plugins/qpa: initialize buffer in backingstore. Commit. Fixes bug #437062
  • Tiles: Adjust padding between windows. Commit. Fixes bug #469720
  • Refine order of previous/next screens in Workspace::findOutput. Commit. Fixes bug #467996
  • Effects/magiclamp: Improve code readability. Commit.
  • Effects/magiclamp: Make it look good with floating panels. Commit. Fixes bug #361121. Fixes bug #466177
  • Effects/magiclamp: Improve animation direction heuristic. Commit. Fixes bug #463581
  • Revert "wayland: Avoid pointer warp if constraint region is invalid". Commit. See bug #457021. Fixes bug #469555
  • Xcbutils: fix nativeFloor. Commit. Fixes bug #459373
  • Dpms: Don't crash if trying to interact with the fake screen. Commit. Fixes bug #470484
  • Fix the wrong argument in usage example. Commit.
  • XRandR: Avoid a null pointer dereference in crtcChanged(). Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Panel: mitigate plasmashell high CPU usage when moving windows. Commit.
  • Desktop: set accentColor binding enabled condition. Commit. See bug #470280
  • Applets/kickoff: consider devicePixelRatio in minimumGridRowCount. Commit.
  • Applets/kimpanel: address QStringLiteral data duplication. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: subscribe to windowViewAvailableChanged signal. Commit. Fixes bug #469731
  • Knetattach: don't store username in WebDAV URL. Commit. See bug #430894
  • Applets/taskmanager: avoid updating dragSource when active is false. Commit. Fixes bug #466675
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Applet: Fix crash when opening context menu with no contents. Commit. Fixes bug #470847
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • Fix layout of Add New Page dialog with wordy languages. Commit. Fixes bug #470726
Plasma Workspace
  • Applets/kicker: fix test error in testrunnermodel. Commit.
  • Kcms/krdb: Set X root window cursor. Commit.
  • Shell: make accent color optional, and enable accent color after slot connection. Commit. Fixes bug #470280
  • Libtaskmanager: fix copy leftover in document. Commit.
  • Runners/calculator: implement thread-safety in QalculateEngine::evaluate. Commit. Fixes bug #470219
  • Applets/batterymonitor: Fix wrong tooltip when plugged in but discharging. Commit. Fixes bug #470632
  • Applets/mediacontroller: add busy indicator for remote images. Commit.
  • Widgetexplorer: Properly handle translations for applet categories. Commit. Fixes bug #460523
  • Wallpapers/image: resize svg wallpaper to requested size. Commit. Fixes bug #469294
  • Klipper config: set UI state when loading the same way as when editing. Commit.
  • Holidaysevents: reload event data when config changes. Commit. Fixes bug #437654
  • Runners/services: Do not match categories for short queries. Commit. Fixes bug #469769
  • Components/calendar: reset label under Gregorian date when plugin list changes. Commit. See bug #469935
  • Components/calendar: use QHash::contains instead of QHash::count. Commit.
  • Applets/digital-clock: show today's sublabel in tooltip if there is one. Commit. See bug #469935
  • Applets/systemtray: fix highlight being on top of first column items. Commit. Fixes bug #456180
  • Applets/digital-clock: Fix localization for TimeZoneModel. Commit. Fixes bug #469196
  • Applets/digital-clock: Allow event titles to be wrapped. Commit.
  • Export a new helper function that read Xft.dpi value. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: Fix appmenu caching. Commit. Fixes bug #422786
  • Fix ddcutil for laptop user. Commit. Fixes bug #469895
  • Take property update frequency into account for smoothed remaining time. Commit.
  • Delay Solid::Battery instatiation until actually required. Commit.
  • Avoid repeated Solid::Battery instantiations on charge level change. Commit.
System Settings
  • Improve keyboard navigation in sidebar. Commit.