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Plasma 5.27.5 Complete Changelog

  • Applet: introduce a brief animation for section height estimates. Commit. Fixes bug #438610
  • Applet: Fix Toolbar padding in RTL mode. Commit.
  • ProgressBar: Stop emitting polish requests when item becomes invisible. Commit. Fixes bug #468903
  • ToolButton: Fix subcontrol menu buttons outline in RTL mode. Commit.
  • Remove unused methods. Commit.
  • ToolButton: Fix text & icon position in textUnderIcon RTL mode. Commit.
  • 🍒gtk3/titlebutton: reduce right margin of {max/minimize} button. Commit. See bug #468203
  • Gtk4/windowcontrols: use updated SVG assets. Commit.
  • Assets: resize viewports of titlebutton SVGs. Commit. See bug #468203
  • Gtk3: restore old icon size for titlebutton. Commit. Fixes bug #468203
  • Gtk3: remove invalid icon size property. Commit.
  • Fix margins around distro upgrade message. Commit. Fixes bug #469163
  • Rpm-ostree: Do not offer resources when the search doesn't pertain. Commit. Fixes bug #468162
  • Updates page: fix missing clip causing items to paint over logging scrollview. Commit.
  • Updates ui: Simplify bottom toolbar logic. Commit. Fixes bug #468459
  • Flatpak: Do not crash if for any reason we lack a ref's source. Commit. Fixes bug #467827
  • PackageKitNotifier: Do not refresh database if update is in progress. Commit.
  • Fwupd: Set user agent, and allow following redirects. Commit.
  • Allow building against libmarkdown3. Commit.
  • Always clear offline updates file after a repair operation. Commit. Fixes bug #451753. Fixes bug #450973. See bug #467638
  • ApplicationPage: Fix layout for content rating dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #466815
  • Flatpak: Report latest available version. Commit. Fixes bug #465864. Fixes bug #448521
Flatpak Permissions
  • Sync model and helper files from master branch. Commit.
  • UI: Greatly refactor prompt dialogs. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix runtime error about unknown method parameter type. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Update "settings changed" state when saving non-default entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Enable loading and adding environment variables. Commit. Fixes bug #465502
  • Use new validators to prevent users from entering duplicate or invalid entries. Commit.
  • Add validators for names of custom entries, expose permissionExists. Commit.
  • Fix loading default filesystem with home/ or ~/ prefix. Commit.
  • Defer creation of non-standard FlatpakPermission Filesystems entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakReference: Fix enabling 'Apply' button by subscribing to more model signals. Commit.
  • Remove unused stuff and outdated comments. Commit.
  • Add myself to copyright file headers. Commit.
  • Add KCM.SettingHighlighter inside permissions page. Commit.
  • QML: Add some blank lines for readability. Commit.
  • Rename fields and methods without abbreviations. Commit.
  • Rename needsSaveChanged signals to settingsChanged. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix empty rows appearing after Reset. Commit. Fixes bug #468244
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Remove IsEnvironment model role. Commit.
  • QML: Bump import version of org.kde.kcm. Commit.
  • QML: Refer to ListView in delegates through attached property, remove id. Commit.
  • QML: Simplify bindings, remove needless component IDs. Commit.
  • QML: Drop all custom properties from delegate, require model object instead. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Factor out some permission loading code. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Rewrite override data management, drop manual string puzzle. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix description of Session D-Bus rows. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Add section type as a predicate to find entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix removing dummy rows when inserting real ones. Commit.
  • PolicyChoicesModel: Mark all constructors as explicit. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Port reading simple values to use the new parser. Commit.
  • Move helpers definitions to the top. Commit.
  • Add test for overriding with the same enabled state as in defaults. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Port fetching list categories to readXdgListEntry. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Parse 'simple' values groups while loading overrides. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Expose CanBeDisabled role for convenience. Commit.
  • Add FlatpakSimpleEntry parser, serializer and tests. Commit.
  • Tests: Fix off-by-one error while iterating over model rows. Commit.
  • Fix code style, stop turning clang-format off. Commit.
  • Fix application names in test data. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Store values of Filesystem entries as AccessMode enum. Commit.
  • Fix off-by-one error in tests. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Kded: add explicit waiting time before setting colors. Commit. See bug #421745
  • Kded: don't update text scale on kdeglobals change events. Commit. See bug #468203
Plasma Addons
  • Applets/colorpicker: disable pick button when compositing is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #466230
  • ProfilesModel: Adjust to kate using different folder for storing sessions than konsole. Commit. Fixes bug #466824
  • Runners/datetime: fix test failure. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Use native relative positioning Menu API. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Open context menu on Menu key press. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Fix copying color via keyboard. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Factor out logic from signal handler. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Only reset global current index from a real current item. Commit.
  • Applets/colorpicker: Fix QML/JS code style, add explicit signal arguments. Commit.
Info Center
  • Item: hide the cursor when we start getting null positions. Commit.
  • Item: Make sure we have a texture at all times. Commit.
  • Do not process corrupt frames. Commit.
  • Record: Do not crash when closing while recording. Commit. Fixes bug #467593
  • Expose the stream size in PipewireSourceItem. Commit.
  • Yet more QRect right() fixes. Commit. Fixes bug #455394
  • Don't stumble over nullptrs if outputs changed during saving. Commit. Fixes bug #466960
  • Kcm: notify changes in kcmfonts when global scale changes. Commit. See bug #468203
  • Greeter: track various properties persistently. Commit. Fixes bug #456210
  • Wayland: Avoid pointer warp if constraint region is invalid. Commit. Fixes bug #457021
  • Cmake: Correct gbm version check. Commit.
  • Kwineffects: Initialize m_reason. Commit.
  • Screencast: Disable screencasting when a window closes. Commit. Fixes bug #469055
  • Screencast: Do not push frames when not in a streaming state. Commit.
  • Use non-rotated physical size of an output when required. Commit.
  • Ci: Pass --repeat until-pass to ctest. Commit.
  • Platformsupport/scenes/opengl: filter out external formats properly. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: Fix potentially leaking screenshot fds to child processes. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: fix buffer orientation check for direct scanout. Commit. See bug #467138
  • Plugins/screencast: Provide absolute timestamps. Commit.
  • Don't create Plasma activation feedback if StartupNotify is false. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: Provide screenshot scale information. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: Provide information about captured window or screen. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: Introduce CaptureWorkspace. Commit.
  • Screencast: Base the frame skippin on max_framerate. Commit.
  • Screencast: Ensure we respect the negotiated framerate. Commit.
  • Screencast: Offer the real framerate range we have available. Commit.
  • Blacklist Spectacle for all window open/close effects. Commit. Fixes bug #467890. Fixes bug #463105. See bug #465784
  • Backends/drm: set the scaling mode to none. Commit. Fixes bug #468235
  • Screencast: Still set the size to 0 for cursor-only frames. Commit.
  • Screencast: Improve how we communicate that a frame has just cursor info. Commit.
  • Kcms/rules: fix invalid tooltip visible condition in rule items. Commit.
  • Xrandr: always try to update primary. Commit. See bug #465396
  • Cleanup dpms object in destructor. Commit.
  • Some GPUs will report a virtual edid even there is no monitor connected to. Commit.
  • Formatter: Don't try to prefix units that we don't have a prefixed version of. Commit.
  • Formatter: Format UnitWattHour in formatValue. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • [kcm/keys] Fix loading service data. Commit.
  • Desktoppackage: Fix ScrollBar overlapping configuration category delegates. Commit.
  • Desktoppackage: Fix visual overlap of items in applet configuration view. Commit.
  • Landingpage: Port "Most Used Pages" grid to Kirigami.SizeGroup. Commit.
  • Landingpage: Fix broken binding in "Most Used Pages" grid. Commit. See bug #468712
  • Landingpage: Set implicit size, so that kcmshell doesn't open too small. Commit.
  • Kcms/keys: Make adding a script file work even if its path has spaces in the name. Commit.
  • Kcms/keys: Make Add Command work with percent characters in commands. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: also check title contains "-". Commit. See bug #462760
  • Applets/taskmanager: fix tooltip text with custom window title. Commit. Fixes bug #462760
  • Automounter: don't track ignored devices. Commit. Fixes bug #468410
  • Applets/taskmanager: don't show Unpin menu item while app is launching. Commit. Fixes bug #468668
  • KCM/mouse: enable compatibility with x11-libinput 1.3. Commit. Fixes bug #468217
  • Folder View: fix keyboard shortcuts handling. Commit. Fixes bug #436362
  • Applets/taskmanager: show Activity icons in relevant context menu items. Commit. Fixes bug #419225
  • Emojier: enable asynchronous loading in Instantiator. Commit. Fixes bug #468328
  • CompactApplet: show tabbar for Breeze Twilight. Commit. Fixes bug #468313
  • Kcms/landingpage: add accessible name to animation speed slider. Commit.
  • Kcms/landingpage: use explanation label as accessible description. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: also match row index before skipping updating bindings. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: reset parentTask after a task was moved. Commit. See bug #467709. See bug #452187
  • Applets/taskmanager: Improve scrolling usability. Commit.
  • Wayland: Only set decoration palette once for each change. Commit. Fixes bug #468408
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
Plasma Remotecontrollers
  • Update org.kde.plasma.remotecontrollers.CEC.xml. Commit.
  • Remove unused signals. Commit.
Plasma SDK
  • Cuttlefish: Set window decoration icon. Commit. Fixes bug #409956
  • IconGrid: Fix JavaScript/QML code style, use strict equality operator. Commit.
  • IconGrid: Redo highlight style similar to Plasma Breeze. Commit.
  • IconGrid: Fix sizing issues. Commit.
  • Add icontheme when creating new global theme. Commit. Fixes bug #465817
  • Make runCommand() with only one argument work as intended. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Fix Klipper empty prevention on wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #468422
  • Don't read default wallpaper multiple times. Commit.
  • Users kcm: hack around indexing confusion in swipeview. Commit. Fixes bug #439081
  • Krunner: Fix query with clipboard contents on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #451747
  • Applets/notification: fix history view vertical lines. Commit. Fixes bug #416386
  • Applets/notifications: Set text color to ensure visibility with all color themes. Commit.
  • Kcms/nightcolor: fix wrong height for timings view. Commit. Fixes bug #468747
  • Applets/kicker,kcm/fonts,lookandfeel: Guard adding autotest subdirectory with BUILD_TESTING. Commit.
  • Applets/notifications: Handle the case of the finish date being in the future. Commit. Fixes bug #464803
  • Applets/systemtray: add workaround for QTBUG-59044. Commit.
  • Applets/devicenotifier: don't show "Mount" action for MTP devices. Commit. Fixes bug #446278
  • Applets/digital-clock: Fix broken binding in the list of calendar plugins. Commit. See bug #468712
  • Reset "show password" status on lock and login screens when fading in. Commit. Fixes bug #449034
  • Kcms/autostart: Correctly handle spaces in a script file path. Commit.
  • Applets/digital-clock: Fix sizing and layouts of CalendarView full representation. Commit.
  • Kcms/style: Add i18n support for percent value. Commit.
  • Outputorderwatcher: rely on QMap for ordering of outputs. Commit.
  • Screenpool: don't race with orderwatcher. Commit.
  • Improve dbus session-local hack. Commit.
  • Applets/notifications: Fix NotificationItem label alignment when in group. Commit.
  • Calendar: don't anchor daydelegate contentItem. Commit. Fixes bug #463080
  • Applets/notifications: Fix NotificationHeader spacing and padding. Commit.
  • Dataengines/mpris2: don't recreate PlayerControl for the same container. Commit. See bug #465454
  • Libtaskmanager: add activityIcon getter. Commit. See bug #419225
  • Outputorderwatcher: ignore outputs without crtc. Commit. Fixes bug #466362
  • Outputorderwatcher: don't leak replies. Commit. See bug #466362
  • Kcms/icons: find larger icons and fall back to svg if there is none. Commit.
  • Applets/panelspacer: Use height values for vertical panel in spacers. Commit. Fixes bug #467416
  • Kcms/colors: remove custom change notifier for accentColorFromWallpaper. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: fix flaky test. Commit.
  • Runners/calculator: set timeout to prevent allocating huge memory. Commit. Fixes bug #468084
  • Libtaskmanager: fix flaky test. Commit.
  • Lookandfeel/osd: Explicitely add the translation domain. Commit. Fixes bug #468013
  • Appmenu: fix crash when there is no matched menu item. Commit. Fixes bug #467979
  • Fix for screen backlight not working on Planet Computers Astro Slide PDA. Commit.
  • Fix and consolidate discharge rate and remaining time calculation. Commit. See bug #434432
  • Remove unused "BatteryState" from backend interface. Commit.
  • Fix possible race between DeviceAdded signal and device enumeration. Commit.
  • Remove support for UPower < 0.99.0. Commit.
  • [notifications] Set proper value for x-kde-xdgTokenAppId. Commit.
  • Screenshot: fix flameshot #3164 by using native resolution. Commit.
  • Screencast: Don't try to screencast nullptr. Commit. See bug #467622