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Plasma 5.27.4 Complete Changelog

  • CheckBox,RadioButton: Fix RTL icon alignment. Commit.
  • CheckBox,RadioButton: Fix RTL focus frame positioning. Commit.
  • CheckBox,RadioButton: Extend focus line to cover an icon too. Commit. Fixes bug #467824
  • Fix RTL for SP_ToolBarHorizontalExtensionButton. Commit.
  • KStyle: make painted arrows more scalable, fix RTL delay menu arrows. Commit.
  • Gtk4/windowcontrols: reduce right margin of close button. Commit.
  • Gtk3/titlebutton: extend control area to window borders. Commit. See bug #414777
  • Gtk4/windowcontrols: extend control area to window borders. Commit. Fixes bug #414777
  • Iconhelper: Query size via CSS. Commit.
  • Gtk4/aboutdialog: set icon size for large icons. Commit.
  • Gtk4/theme: Use 0.5 opacity for disabled pictures. Commit.
  • Menus: make size react to fractional scaling. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree: Improve handling of externally started transactions. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree: Correctly set fetching and transaction state. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree: Unify transaction setup in a single function. Commit.
  • Pk: Clear the offline state before starting a new one. Commit. Fixes bug #467638
  • Notifier: Don't show updates notification if Discover is running. Commit.
  • Pk: Do not create a QSet unnecessarily for isPackageNameUpgradeable. Commit.
  • Pk: Group getUpdateDetail calls into one. Commit.
  • Pk: Group offline updates resource size notifications. Commit.
  • PackageKitNotifier: Do not refresh database if an offline update is pending. Commit.
Flatpak Permissions
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Refactor loops, use const auto more. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Mark FlatpakPermission argument as const where possible. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Refactor FlatpakPermission pointers to references. Commit.
  • QML: Remove var return type from QML method. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Don't translate strings that are part of config format. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Register FlatpakPolicy to fix std::variant to QVariant conversion. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Use std::variant and FlatpakPolicy to get rid of i18n strings. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Turn list of possible values into a model. Commit.
  • Tests: Add test for addUserEnteredPermission. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix adding/removing custom D-Bus permission entries. Commit.
  • Tests: Switch QStringList to explicit constructor call. Commit.
  • Tests: Improve override config comparison. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Set default value of custom added permission entries. Commit.
  • Guard flatpakcommon.h with #pragma once. Commit.
  • Nuke possibleValues data member and getter from FlatpakPermission class. Commit.
  • Add tests for filesystems entry (de-)serializer. Commit.
  • Implement filesystems entry (de-)serializer. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Remove valueType from stored members, infer it from section type. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Move "Add New" button's tooltip text to model. Commit.
  • Delegate possibleValues generation using valueListForSectionType function. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Rewrite permission editing if-else chain using new section types. Commit.
  • Revert ellipsis strings changes due to string freeze on stable branch. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Use enum for list section headers, move i18n to QML. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Split read and write access to a counter variable. Commit.
  • Don't allow unchecking D-Bus entries which are provided by default. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Expose default enabled and value as model roles. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Sort out enabled state for D-Bus entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Add D-Bus "none" policy to the possible values list. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix D-Bus "none" policy's i18n, capitalization and loading/saving. Commit.
  • Cherry-pick FlatpakReference constructor from master branch for use in tests. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Replace KDesktopFile with simpler KConfig. Commit.
  • Require passing tests on Linux. Commit.
  • CI: Add required kdeclarative dependency. Commit.
  • CI: Sort dependencies. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix off-by-one insertion index of custom filesystems. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Add back no-args default constructor. Commit. Fixes bug #467399
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Stop shuffling list of possible values for entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Rename IsGranted role into IsEffectiveEnabled. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Rename CurrentValue role into EffectiveValue. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix failing overrides test. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Kded: provide org.gtk.Settings when GTK_USE_PORTAL is not set on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #421745
  • Gtkconfig: set color-scheme when current color scheme changes. Commit.
  • Gsettings: check param exists before setting value. Commit.
  • Beside monitor scaling factors, a user may specify a preferred. Commit. Fixes bug #466463. Fixes bug #461106
Plasma Addons
  • Wallpapers/potd: replace anchor.{left,right} with Layout.fillWidth. Commit.
  • ProfilesModel: Add placeholder for option "Start Kate (no arguments)". Commit. Fixes bug #464724
Info Center
  • Energy: Use text colour for the grid lines. Commit.
  • Source: Handle BGRA buffers gracefully. Commit.
  • Record: Only create the sws_context when necessary. Commit.
  • Record: Use a good amount of threads as recommended by QThread. Commit.
  • Record: Make sure we process all the frames before leaving. Commit.
  • Record: Improve packet fetching. Commit.
  • Use a different API call to make importing DmaBufs work on Nvidia. Commit. Fixes bug #448839
  • Options to disable motion estimation and in-loop filtering. Commit.
  • Record: Refactor thread distribution. Commit.
  • Record: Allocate SwsContext only when necessary. Commit.
  • Recording: Allocate frames when we render. Commit.
  • Recording: Extend the encoders API. Commit.
  • OSD: Do not connect to member QObject's destroyed signal. Commit. Fixes bug #466914
  • Display connector name instead of type name when serial number is identical. Commit. Fixes bug #466046
  • Exit early if the target user is root. Commit.
  • Don't do anything if the password is empty. Commit.
  • Verify that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is usable. Commit.
  • Implement SkipSwitcher state for plasma surfaces. Commit. See bug #465303
  • Revert "backends/libinput: don't multiply v120 value by scroll speed". Commit. Fixes bug #464592
  • Improve Workspace::outputAt(). Commit.
  • Workspace: prevent dangling pointers in output order list. Commit.
  • Dpms: Make sure we are not calling the interface after the output is gone. Commit. Fixes bug #466346
  • Backends/drm: restrict common mode generation to drivers that support scaling. Commit.
  • Kcms/rules: Make Comboboxes bordered again. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: consider color property changes as failed when the output is off. Commit.
  • Wayland: Handle xdg_wm_base being destroyed before surface role. Commit.
  • Avoid accidental creation of backing stores for offscreen surfaces. Commit. Fixes bug #465790
  • Inputmethod: Properly report that it's not visible. Commit.
  • Wayland: Truncate strings sent via plasmawindowmanager interface. Commit. Fixes bug #465775
  • Simplify tile dismissal. Commit. Fixes bug #465740
  • Fix picking drag target. Commit.
  • Screencast: avoid using DMABufs exclusively to allow renegotiation. Commit.
  • Add translation domain before diving in subdirectories. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Applets/taskmanager: don't refresh virtual desktop info when menu item is not enabled. Commit.
  • Applets/taskmanager: skip updating tooltip when it's disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #467709. See bug #452187
  • Divide minimum panel size by two when not floating. Commit. Fixes bug #466098
  • Applets/taskmanager: press menu key to open task menu. Commit.
  • Applets/kicker: Hide separators when sorted alphabetically. Commit. Fixes bug #465865
  • Activate Emoji Selector using emoji key. Commit.
  • Actiondrawer: Smoothen the brightness slider so that it doesn't jump when sending events. Commit.
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Kcm: stop setting sourceSize in avatar. Commit.
  • Kcm/DeviceListItem: Set width for comboboxes, with correctly sized popup. Commit.
  • Applet: add missing function for "Show virtual devices" menu item. Commit. Fixes bug #465996
Plasma Workspace
  • Applets/systemtray: press and hold to open context menu for plasmoids. Commit.
  • Applets/digital-clock: reload timezone after saving in Datetime KCM. Commit. Fixes bug #467494
  • Components/keyboardlayout: Fix forced activation of vkbd. Commit. See bug #466948
  • Create directory before installing session-local. Commit.
  • Applets/systemtray: fix menu key not working in SNI. Commit.
  • Find PkgConfig before first call to pkg_check_modules. Commit.
  • Sddm-theme: Populate keyboard layouts menu only on first show. Commit.
  • [dashboard] Skip task switcher. Commit. See bug #465303
  • Klipper: test bug 465225. Commit. See bug #465225
  • Systemtraytest: take screenshot only when test fails. Commit.
  • Kcms/nightcolor: fix timing strings with narrow window widths. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: simplify test_openCloseWindow. Commit.
  • Fix font rendering on android. Commit.
System Settings
  • Cancel pending resolveChanges dialog when a new one is started. Commit. Fixes bug #465510
  • Include version number in bug report URL. Commit. Fixes bug #466881