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Plasma 5.27.3 Complete Changelog

  • Setting height before adding margins. Commit.
  • Calling expandSize in flat comboboxes too. Commit.
  • Gtk3, gtk4: apply searchbar styles to the box inside the revealer inside the searchbar. Commit.
  • Gtk3, gtk4: Make image-buttons have min-height. Commit.
  • Remove margins between linked buttons. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree/notifier: Setup a watcher to trigger reboot check. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree/notifier: Fix update/reboot notification logic. Commit.
  • ApplicationPage: Allow main app info column to grow with window. Commit.
  • ApplicationPage: off-by-one in stackedLayout calc. Commit.
  • ApplicationResouceButton: place icon side-by-side to the title. Commit.
  • ApplicationResourceButton: attribute the left/right padding. Commit.
  • ApplicationPage: drop the ternary operator for buttonWidth. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Use Downloading as the status for Flatpak transactions. Commit.
  • Pk: Finish porting away from runservices. Commit. Fixes bug #466742
  • Pk: Don't forget to finish streams. Commit. Fixes bug #466765
  • Flatpak: Fix spacing in permissions view. Commit.
  • Fwupd: Mark the backend as invalid if fwupd_client_connect() fails. Commit.
Dr Konqi
  • Add emoji picker to mappings. Commit.
Flatpak Permissions
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Mark permExists method as const. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Remove unused role DefaultValue. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Drop unused name parameter from constructor for dummy entries. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Turn if-else chain into proper switch-case. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Stop messing up with clang-format off/on. Commit.
  • Fix highlight states for permission items. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Optimize memory allocation: replace QVector with on-stack std::array. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Fix model index ranges in load & save. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Use const iterators and const-references. Commit.
  • Reorder roles to sync between the enum, roleNames mapping and data method. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Remove unused role IsBasic. Commit.
  • Doc: Fix typo. Commit.
  • Re-add default list item highlight. Commit. Fixes bug #465951
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Remove unused role Path. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Remove unused role Type / "valueType". Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Mandate enum name when referring to enum values. Commit.
  • KCM: Re-evaluate state of the standard KCM buttons when unloading permissions model. Commit.
  • Permissions: Move showAdvanced option inside FlatpakPermissionModel model. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Reorder implementation of methods closer to declarations. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Add missing const qualifier from ref getter. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Demote setReference from public slots. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Factor out initialization of dummy/advanced entries. Commit.
  • KCM: Initialize state of the standard "Defaults" button. Commit.
  • KCM: Fix refreshing state of the standard "Defaults" button. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Slightly simplify logical code for comprehension. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Reorder methods implementation to match declarations. Commit.
  • Use more const auto &references to avoid copies. Commit.
  • QML: Rename top level component id to something simpler and shorter. Commit.
  • Factor out index argument for dataChanged() calls. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Rename parameters of methods in implementation. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Report dummy section as always being at defaults. Commit.
  • Rename some variables for clarity. Commit.
  • Factor out QML module URI. Commit.
  • Rename system installation variable to systemInstallation. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermissionModel: Rename method setPerm to togglePermissionAtIndex. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Fix omitting dummy row for existing but empty groups. Commit.
  • Fix whitespaces. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Disable loading environment from user overrides as well. Commit. See bug #465502
  • FlatpakPermission: Change the way how we disable environment variables. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Rename members, so they make more sense (x2). Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Rename members, so they make more sense. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Add more docs. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Improve QString handling. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Mark second constructor as explicit. Commit.
  • QML: Drop non-existent argument. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Document enum and members, shuffle then in a better order. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Fix uninitialized enum variable. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Simplify constructors. Commit.
  • Rename one local variable for clarity. Commit.
  • FlatpakPermission: Drop unused enum value. Commit.
  • Unbreak i18n handling between section headers and backend code. Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "Environment". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "System Bus Policy". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "Session Bus Policy". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "features". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "devices". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "shared". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "sockets". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "filesystems". Commit.
  • Replace with named constants: "Context". Commit.
  • Add named constants from flatpak internals. Commit.
  • CMake: List header files in sources. Commit.
  • Doc: Add note about meaning of FlatpakPermission members. Commit.
  • Add missing i18n mappings for section headers. Commit.
  • Drop unused parameter in permIndex(). Commit.
  • Fix inappropriately localized permission name "per-app-dev-shm". Commit. See bug #465818
  • Fix GLib memory management issue. Commit.
  • Port from NULL to nullptr. Commit.
  • Avoid duplicating connections between ref and its ref model. Commit.
  • Expose FlatpakReferencesModel to QML. Commit.
  • Guard m_producer. Commit.
  • Stream: better fallback for BGR formats when downloading into a QImage. Commit.
  • Stream: Fix support of SPA_VIDEO_FORMAT_RGB. Commit.
  • Recording: Drop unnecessary conditional. Commit.
  • Recording: use "good" deadline rather than quality that is deprecated upstream. Commit.
  • Recording: Make bitrate depend on the stream size. Commit.
  • Kded/output: with duplicate edid hashes, use different global config files. Commit. Fixes bug #452614. Fixes bug #448599
  • Colordevice: default the simple transformations to 1. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: fail commits if nonexistent properties would be set. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: ignore opaque formats for the cursor plane. Commit.
  • Forward keymap and modifier change to input method keyboard grab when changed. Commit.
  • Inputmethod: Show the input method even if it was dismissed. Commit. Fixes bug #466969
  • Backends/drm: support CTM for simple color transformations. Commit. Fixes bug #455720
  • Xwayland: Prevent potential file descriptor leak. Commit.
  • Wayland: Prevent leaking --wayland-fd and --xwayland-fd to child processes. Commit.
  • Helper: Don't leak lock file to kwin_wayland. Commit.
  • Backends/wayland: Don't leak renderD128 fd. Commit.
  • Backends/wayland: Don't leak WaylandEventThread's pipe fds. Commit.
  • Fix text-input-v1 compatibility with 111.0.5563.64-1. Commit.
  • Input: Make sure input backends are initialised when the workspace is set up. Commit. Fixes bug #466721
  • Tabbox: Fix grouping windows by application. Commit.
  • Scene: Use correct scale when computing world transform. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix interactive resize of debug console. Commit.
  • Kscreenintegration: read global output data. Commit.
  • Workspace: move kscreen integration into separate files. Commit.
  • Screencast: Try harder to be compatible with the pipewire buffer format. Commit.
  • Screencasting: on memfd, skip the QImage step. Commit. Fixes bug #466655
  • TabBox: Avoid unnecesary resets of the client model. Commit. Fixes bug #466660
  • Wayland: Cancel selections if set without focus. Commit. See bug #459389
  • Windowitem: properly handle sub-subsurfaces. Commit. Fixes bug #466747
  • Tabletmodemanager: properly export properties. Commit.
  • Enable GLSL for Mali (Lima) / PinePhone devices. Commit.
  • Libdpms/wayland: Do not create dpms interfaces for placeholder QScreens. Commit. Fixes bug #466674
  • Dpms/xcb: Make sure we are setting it as unsupported when it is. Commit. Fixes bug #466181
  • Backends/wayland: Round passed scale. Commit. See bug #465850
Plasma Desktop
  • Revert "Divide minimum panel size by two when not floating". Commit.
  • Divide minimum panel size by two when not floating. Commit.
  • Partly revert "make sure screen numbers are consecutive". Commit. Fixes bug #464873
  • Revert "extend kio with portal-based open-with implementation". Commit. Fixes bug #460741. See bug #460985
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
  • Don't crash when importing VPN config with missing NetworkManager plugin. Commit. Fixes bug #465484
  • [kcm] Show VPN import error in the UI. Commit. See bug #466336
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Kcm: Fix visuals when testing non-standard channel names. Commit.
  • Kcm: Fix missing id and implicit parameter signal handler. Commit. Fixes bug #466075
Plasma Remotecontrollers
  • Fix registering CEC::cec_logical_address with Qt. Commit.
  • Improve recovery from missing input systems. Commit. Fixes bug #463325
  • Uinput: Fix initial init. Commit.
  • Set "ShouldShow=false" when quitting the app using amy method. Commit. Fixes bug #466475
Plasma Workspace
  • Klipper: remove duplicate items when loading from history. Commit. Fixes bug #466236. See bug #465225
  • Kcms/region_language: set LC_PAPER, not LC_PAGE. Commit. Fixes bug #467269. See bug #466861
  • Screenpool: avoid uniqueConnection with lambda. Commit. See bug #466312. See bug #466020
  • Kcms/fonts: Enable change notifications for base fonts settings (forceFontDPI). Commit.
  • Sddm-theme: Transfer the focus to the text field as we show the OSK. Commit. Fixes bug #466969
  • Appstreamtest: fix test failure. Commit.
  • Wallpapers/image: improve efficiency of ImageFinder. Commit.
  • Klipper: Make action menu Frameless. Commit. Fixes bug #466406
  • Dataengines/mpris2: tolerate non-standards compliant players like mpris-proxy. Commit. Fixes bug #466288
  • Klipper: History test passes now. Commit.
  • Klipper: Insert items before remove. Commit. Fixes bug #466041
  • Sddm: Focus something useful when switching between alternative login screens. Commit.
  • Suspend by default on AC profile. Commit.
  • Use correct tablet mode function to determine mobile-ness. Commit.
  • Fix cursor and borders selectors in screenshot dialog. Commit.