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Plasma 5.27.11 Complete Changelog

  • Flatpak: Fix up prompt to delete uninstalled app's data. Commit. Fixes bug #478704
  • Gitlab-ci: Port to new CI template. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree: Add more comments. Commit.
  • Rpm-ostree: Fix ostree container support. Commit.
  • Fix SteamOSBackend isValid check. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Round x11GlobalScaleFactor instead of flooring it. Commit. Fixes bug #480828
  • Tabbox: match Shift+Backtab against Shift+Tab. Commit. Fixes bug #438991
  • Backends/drm: Undo fade-out effect upon unsuccessful DPMS Off. Commit. Fixes bug #477916. See bug #481520
  • Autotests/integration/outputchanges: add geometry restore test. Commit.
  • Placementtracker: save geometry restores more explicitly. Commit.
  • Placementtracker: don't set geometry to geometry restores. Commit. Fixes bug #473602
  • Plugins/screencast: set frame timer to one shot. Commit. Fixes bug #469777
  • Wayland/textinput_v2: copy the data instead of assuming ownership. Commit. Fixes bug #481239
  • Window: use normal keyboard modifiers for triggering custom tiling. Commit. Fixes bug #465858
  • Input_event: remove modifiersRelevantForTabBox. Commit.
  • Xkb: caps lock is not shift lock. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: commit m_next state properly. Commit. Fixes bug #477451
  • Address licence of plugin.h. Commit.
  • Xdgshellwindow: make maxSize always >= minSize by enforcing the same minimum. Commit. Fixes bug #478269
  • Handle the translations for systemstats. Commit.
Plasma Browser Integration
  • 🍒🍒Download Job: Truncate excessively long URLs. Commit.
  • MPrisPlugin: Limit string and URL lengths in metadata. Commit.
  • MPrisPlugin: Rate-limit property changes. Commit.
Plasma Systemmonitor
Plasma Workspace
  • Notification: ensure arg is StructureType when decoding ImageHint. Commit. Fixes bug #481033
  • Dataengines/weather: Reset wind info when parsing new data (envcan). Commit. Fixes bug #481492
  • Handle previously ignored LC_* values. Commit. Fixes bug #480379
  • Klipper: Expose selected files through desktop portal. Commit. Fixes bug #476600
  • Kbd backlight: Fix double brightness restore on LidOpen-resume. Commit.