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Plasma 5.27.2 Complete Changelog

  • Don't claim 3rd-party repos are part of the OS on Debian derivatives. Commit.
  • Flatpak: correctly check for the appstream-qt version. Commit.
  • ApplicationPage: Improve narrow layout with lots of buttons. Commit.
  • Pk: Properly check for AppStream versions. Commit.
  • Fwupd: do fwupd_client_connect before setting user agent. Commit.
  • Fix rendering Missing Backends. Commit.
  • Pk: Fix searching by state. Commit.
  • Screenshots: Only use AnimatedImage if we think there's a chance. Commit.
  • Always show distro name for PackageKit apps. Commit. Fixes bug #465204
Dr Konqi
Flatpak Permissions
  • Adjust popup modals for the footer padding in KCM. Commit.
  • UI: Adapt "Apply / Discard" dialog to narrow screens: turn row layout into column. Commit.
  • Plasma/5.27: Revert partially last commit due to string freeze. Commit.
  • UI: Add changed app's name & icon to the "Apply / Discard" dialog. Commit.
  • UI: Reparent app switching dialog, so that it is centered to the whole view. Commit.
  • Use standard QQC2 namespace for Dialog constants. Commit.
  • UI: Dynamically create "Apply / Discard" dialog when switching apps. Commit.
  • Move app changing logic out of delegate, fetch ref directly from model. Commit.
  • UI: Don't try to reload app when clicking on the current one. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Fix crash when cutting an item that was dragged to the root. Commit. Fixes bug #466242
  • PipewireSourceItem: Expose stream state. Commit.
  • Finish the recording when the last frame has arrived. Commit.
  • Export logging categories where they belong. Commit.
  • Sourcestream: Allocate the buffer outside together with the pods. Commit.
  • Kcm: Guard against config being null in checkConfig(). Commit. Fixes bug #464707
  • Kcm: use onRejected to handle reject button click. Commit.
  • X11: Fix client area lookup with pending move resize. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix xdg-toplevel and xdg-popup window initialization. Commit. Fixes bug #466530
  • Screencasting: Choose the correct GL type to download into an image. Commit. Fixes bug #466299
  • Screencasting: Close streams when the output is disabled. Commit.
  • Wayland: Setup compositing for internal window when it's mapped. Commit. Fixes bug #466313
  • Remove no longer relevant case in Workspace::replaceInStack(). Commit.
  • Effects/zoom: Fix crash on X11. Commit. Fixes bug #466376
  • Fix edid serial parsing. Commit. Fixes bug #466136
  • Effects/zoom: Fix rendering with mixed scale factors. Commit.
  • Effects/magnifier: Reduce the number of heap allocations. Commit.
  • Effects/magnifier: Fix rendering on multi screen setups. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: Make sure attributes are always initialized. Commit.
  • Backends/wayland: fall back to qpainter when there's no render node. Commit. Fixes bug #466302
  • Backends/x11: explicitly free the outputs. Commit. Fixes bug #466183
  • Backends/libinput: Fix crash upon receiving motion absolute events. Commit. Fixes bug #449317. Fixes bug #465456
  • Pointer input: always confine pointer to screens. Commit. Fixes bug #461911
  • Effects: Fix selecting hidden windows using keyboard. Commit. Fixes bug #466120
  • Feat: allow VT switching even with global shortcuts disabled. Commit.
  • Scene: Ensure there's current opengl context when DecorationItem is repainted for last time. Commit. Fixes bug #466186
  • Use the QScreen of the QWindow as default output. Commit.
  • Revert "fix(randr): screen is dirty when switching display modes". Commit. Fixes bug #462725
  • Dpms/wayland: properly manage org_kde_kwin_dpms instances. Commit.
  • Dpms/wayland: Explicitly set as unsupported if addRegistryListener didn't find the interface. Commit. Fixes bug #466181
  • Do not run match automatically when query string changed. Commit. Fixes bug #459859
Plasma Desktop
  • Kcms/keys: Don't show visual feedback on press for sole delegates. Commit.
  • Folder View: fix scrollbar overlapping list view items. Commit. Fixes bug #465980
  • Add an ui to remove desktop containments. Commit.
  • Fix exporting window id on Wayland. Commit.
  • Codify runtime dependency on xdg-desktop-portal-kde. Commit. Fixes bug #466148
Plasma Workspace
  • Sddm: Focus something useful when switching between alternative login screens. Commit.
  • Applets/systemtray: add test for xembed tray icon. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: consider current activity when computing first task index. Commit. See bug #386055
  • Libtaskmanager: test invalid preferred launchers are filtered out. Commit. See bug #436667
  • Libtaskmanager: use icon name directly when icon value does not contain period. Commit.
  • Kcms/users: Fallback to show username in title when real name isn't set. Commit.
  • Kcms/users: Limit connection scope to this. Commit.
  • Add an action to remove the containments of a screen. Commit.
  • Libtaskmanager: filter out invalid preferred launcher tasks. Commit. Fixes bug #436667
  • Shell: Have the DesktopView::title include which output it should be on. Commit.
  • Kcms/color: Add highlight outline for color dots. Commit. Fixes bug #465800
  • Lock screen: Prevent Escape key from displaying UI if it's currently hidden. Commit. Fixes bug #465920
  • Cmake: Fix capitalisation in the find_package_handle_standard_args() call. Commit.
  • Ddc: Fix cleaning up handles when we are redetecting screens. Commit.
System Settings
  • Sidebar: Replace OpacityAnimator with NumberAnimation for proper fade in. Commit.
  • Sidebar: Prevent placeholder empty search results from jumping as it fades out. Commit.