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Plasma 5.25.1 Complete Changelog

  • Properly center align the compact application delegate. Commit.
  • Drop no longer necessary KF5ItemModels dependency. Commit.
  • Drop no longer necessary Qt5X11Extras/Qt6GuiPrivate dependency. Commit.
Dr Konqi
  • Drop bogus KConfigWidgets dep, add explicit KConfig dep. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • Wallpapers/potd: fix multimonitor support. Commit. Fixes bug #454333
  • Wallpapers/potd: move providers to providers folder. Commit.
  • Drop no longer necessary KF5WindowSystem dependency. Commit.
  • [applets/userswitcher] Fix illegal property value. Commit.
  • [applets/userswitcher] Use onPressed: wasExpanded... idiom. Commit.
  • Add repaintNeeded to fix warning. Commit.
  • Effects/desktopgrid: Allow switching between desktops using digit and function keys. Commit. Fixes bug #455292
  • Unvirtualize Scene::paintWindow(). Commit.
  • Fix computation of effective opaque region of SurfaceItemX11. Commit. Fixes bug #455617
  • Fix dragging especially by touch. Commit. Fixes bug #455268
  • Fix typo in qml margin. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: do cross-gpu imports again for test commits. Commit. Fixes bug #454086
  • Effects/windowview: Search on all screens. Commit. Fixes bug #455353
  • Effects: Improve gesture handling in some effects. Commit.
  • Qpa: Fix a crash in EGLPlatformContext::swapBuffers(). Commit. Fixes bug #455435
  • Backends/drm: use GBM_BO_USE_SCANOUT when importing buffers for multi gpu. Commit. See bug #454086
  • Don't use the plasma theme for icons in overview. Commit. Fixes bug #455368
  • Fix windows dragging in desktop grid. Commit. Fixes bug #455268
  • Effects/windowview: Redirect key events to search field. Commit. Fixes bug #455100
  • [xwl] Restart xwayland regardless of exit value. Commit.
  • Effects/slide: Ensure that there's only one visibility ref per window. Commit. Fixes bug #455237
  • Remove redundant initializeX11() in Compositor. Commit. See bug #455167
  • Always send a done after commit for text input v3. Commit.
  • Core: Make screen area safer in Workspace::clientArea(). Commit.
  • Scripting: Handle bad output and desktop ids gracefully. Commit. See bug #449957
  • Effects/windowview: do close animation after gesture ended. Commit.
  • Disable screen edge approach area if the edge is blocked. Commit. Fixes bug #454503
  • Wayland: Explicitly initialize surface size to 0. Commit. Fixes bug #454535
  • Fix KWin scripts KCM not writing it's pending states to config. Commit. Fixes bug #455015
  • ResultDelegate: Fix action buttons fully expanding on height. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Add missing i18n. Commit.
  • Desktoppackage: fix unable to apply wallpaper settings after switching layout. Commit. Fixes bug #407619
Plasma Workspace
  • Fix checkbox not switching when choosing an accent color using color picker. Commit.
  • Kcms/fonts: Fix font hinting preview. Commit. Fixes bug #413673
  • Colorsapplicator: make accent-coloured titlebars more robust/foolproof. Commit.
  • Klipper (classic widget): Fix a system tray menu memory leak. Commit.
  • Shell/scripting: call flushPendingConstraintsEvents in setLocation. Commit.
  • Fix missing index validity check for cursortheme. Commit. Fixes bug #454829
  • [KSystemActivityDialog] Fix loading default settings. Commit. Fixes bug #454566
  • Kcms/colors: Fix alternateBackgroundColor for Button not having accents. Commit.
  • Kcms/colors: Ensure that accent color dots always fit on narrow screens. Commit.
  • Upower: Prevent integer overflow during new brightness computation. Commit. Fixes bug #454161
  • Connect visibleChanged signal to syncColors. Commit.
  • Revert "PlasmaDesktopTheme: Do not compute the colors for invisible items". Commit.
  • Only show delete button for themes that were manually or through KNS installed. Commit. Fixes bug #454874
System Settings
  • Systemsettingsrunner: Fix drag and drop for KCMs using embedded json metadata. Commit.
  • IconMode: Switch to the selected KCM. Commit. Fixes bug #444565