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Plasma 5.24.7 Complete Changelog

  • Kcm: Copy model data into the "Forget…" dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #459855
  • Kcm: Port TextField to onTextEdited signal to avoid recursive changes. Commit. Fixes bug #459853
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Kstyle: Fix class name to fix indeterminate progress bars animations. Commit.
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Request inhibiting sleep while transactions are on. Commit. Fixes bug #401304
  • Do not change the sorting among resources in the default backend. Commit. Fixes bug #451667
  • Fwupd: Make sure we don't crash trying to print an error. Commit. Fixes bug #455132
  • Kns: Make KNSReview aware of its possible lack of AtticaProvider. Commit. Fixes bug #457145
  • AppListPage: Make sure the PlaceholderMessage doesn't get in the way. Commit. Fixes bug #457029
  • Pk: Allow some error codes from offline updates. Commit. Fixes bug #443090
  • Odrs: Make sure we don't fail when the application page is opened early. Commit. Fixes bug #426270
  • Fix submitting usefulness. Commit.
Dr Konqi
Plasma Addons
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Applets/weather: Make desktop widget big enough to fit Configure button. Commit. Fixes bug #419591
  • [applets/comic] Disable most context menu actions when comic is not ready. Commit. Fixes bug #406991
  • Remove clipPath portion of SVG. Commit. Fixes bug #399568
Gamma Monitor Calibration Tool
KDE Hotkeys
Info Center
  • Kcm: reduce default height to make it fit on short screens. Commit.
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Kcm: Bring back accidentally removed function call. Commit.
  • Don't compute aspect ratio for empty screen geometries. Commit. Fixes bug #456235
  • [x11client] Remove duplicate activities check. Commit.
  • Sync activities after kwin restart. Commit. Fixes bug #438312
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Effects/colorpicker: Fix off-by-one error during coordinates conversion. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: fix blob updating. Commit. Fixes bug #449285
  • Effects/colorpicker: Fix picking colors. Commit. Fixes bug #454974
  • [kcm/kwindesktop] Emit rowsChanged signal to fix default state highlighting. Commit.
Plasma Browser Integration
Plasma Desktop
  • Remove the check for > 0. Commit.
  • Use relayout locking. Commit. Fixes bug #413645
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Desktoptoolbox: fix flickering on closing. Commit. Fixes bug #417849
  • Applets/kickoff: fix crash when dragging items not in favorite page on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #449426. Fixes bug #450215
  • Folderview: Fix grid overflow property so it properly reports overflow state. Commit. Fixes bug #419878
  • Toolboxes: set default position to topcenter. Commit. See bug #457814
  • Taskmanager: Use proper QUrls for recent document actions. Commit. Fixes bug #457685
  • [desktop/package] Fix inconsistent press-to-enter-edit-mode behavior. Commit. Fixes bug #456994
  • Fix mouse settings not being loaded when a mouse is connected. Commit. Fixes bug #435113
  • [applets/pager] Fix button group management on configuration page. Commit. Fixes bug #456525
  • [kcms/landingpage] Strip whitespace at the beginning of a telemetry description. Commit.
Plasma Firewall
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • Don't crash when the server doesn't respond. Commit. Fixes bug #454647. Fixes bug #437272
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • VolumeMonitor: Don't set stream on source output monitor. Commit.
Plasma SDK
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • Install po folder. Commit.
  • Avoid combining smart pointers and qobject parent ownership. Commit. Fixes bug #439192
Plasma Workspace
  • Introduce a lock that blocks relayouts and config writes. Commit. Fixes bug #413645
  • [dataengines/geolocation] Port from KIO::http_post to QNetworkAccessManager. Commit. Fixes bug #449984. Fixes bug #457341
  • [applets/systemtray] Don't manually destroy innerContainment. Commit. Fixes bug #420245
  • Set setInteractiveAuthorizationAllowed on SetPassword call. Commit. Fixes bug #459309
  • Notifications KCM: X-GNOME-UsesNotifications is a bool. Commit.
  • Revert "Revert "Prevent panel going out of screen boundaries"". Commit. See bug #353975. See bug #438114
  • Fonts: honor & present system defaults. Commit. Fixes bug #416140
  • Restore previous scope pointer. Commit.
  • Delay ksplash until after env is set up. Commit. Fixes bug #458865
  • Applets/kicker: use better API to determine apps' AppStream IDs. Commit. Fixes bug #458812
  • Kcms/users: don't let "Choose File…" text overflow. Commit. Fixes bug #458614
  • [kcms/style] Fix setting to default and apply button enablement. Commit.
  • Kcms/users : Fix focus for new user input. Commit. Fixes bug #458377
  • [kcms/style] Consider GTK theme setting when computing default state. Commit. Fixes bug #458292
  • Applets/kicker: fix app icon loading logic to better handle relative paths. Commit. Fixes bug #457965
  • Kcminit: Allow running modules by their name. Commit. See bug #435113
  • Applets/notifications: Fix displaying header progress indicator on different DPI. Commit. Fixes bug #435004
  • Lookandfeelmanager: Write colors before color scheme. Commit. Fixes bug #421745
  • Fix appstream runner results appearing before apps/kcms. Commit. Fixes bug #457600
  • [dataengines/weather/dwd] Check if jobs failed. Commit.
  • [dataengines/weather/dwd] Properly detect empty reply. Commit. Fixes bug #457606
  • Applets/clipboard: press Ctrl+S to save in the edit page. Commit.
  • KRunner: Set location before showing. Commit. Fixes bug #447096
  • [FIX] Unable to remove manually added wallpaper. Commit. Fixes bug #457019
  • [applet/{analog,digital}-clock] Use onPressed: wasExpanded = ... idiom. Commit.
Plymouth KControl Module
System Settings