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Plasma 5.24.2 Complete Changelog

  • [wizard] Don't set minimum size. Commit.
  • Kstyle: make MDI title buttons legible. Commit. Fixes bug #438964
  • Make sure the size of the menu title is big enough. Commit. Fixes bug #450333
  • Enable -DQT_NO_URL_CAST_FROM_STRING and fix compilation. Commit.
  • UpdatesPage: add elision property for size label. Commit. Fixes bug #450339
KDE Window Decoration Library
  • Hide tooltip when pressing button. Commit.
  • KCM: fix crash when editing disabled display output's refresh rate. Commit. Fixes bug #450265
  • Backends/drm: block input with the placeholder output. Commit.
  • Effects/blur: Avoid shrinking unrelated opaque regions. Commit.
  • Effects/contrast: Remove paint area tracking. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: ignore enabled state of outputs for the lifetime of surfaces. Commit. Fixes bug #450501. See bug #450358
  • Backends/drm: fix overscan. Commit.
  • Inputmethod: Fix read setting. Commit. Fixes bug #450430
  • Use the minimum of workspace area size and panel size for input method placement. Commit.
  • Check lockscreen status for fullscreen effects. Commit. Fixes bug #450331
  • Xwayland: Guard against offers arriving after leaving surface. Commit. Fixes bug #449644
Plasma Desktop
  • Applet/pager: Divide window size by devicePixelRatio on X11 when it's >1. Commit. Fixes bug #446627
  • Applet/pager: Properly adjust the icon size. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Only trust the expiration date if it's less than 24 hours. Commit.
  • Fix missing variable name. Commit.
  • Add a granular cache preference thing to attica-kde. Commit.
  • Taskmanager: Hide unneeded scrollbar. Commit. Fixes bug #450463
  • Emoji Selector: Use a more appropriate icon for the Symbols page. Commit. Fixes bug #450380
  • Applets/minimizeall: make active indicator line touch panel edges. Commit. Fixes bug #444810
  • Applets/showdesktop: Give it an active indicator line. Commit. Fixes bug #447998
  • Foldermodel: hide paste action when right-clicking on files. Commit. Fixes bug #448913
  • Folder View: hide additional settings not relevant to list view. Commit. Fixes bug #450063
  • Actiondrawer: Darken landscape drawer background to be easier to read. Commit.
  • Quicksettings: Ensure mobile data quick setting says not available if not available. Commit.
  • Ensure we have a default wallpaper. Commit.
  • Homescreen: Fix app drawer not interactable in empty space. Commit.
  • Taskpanel: Fix close action. Commit.
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
  • Kded: don't show "connection activated" notifications on launch/login. Commit. Fixes bug #399973
  • Don't use warning icon in notification when the user disconnects a VPN. Commit.
  • Use error icon for missing VPN plugin notification. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Applets/clipboard: Focus on the search field for the first time opening the applet. Commit. See bug #448811
  • Applets/clipboard: Make Up/Down arrow keys work in ClipboardPage. Commit. Fixes bug #448811. Fixes bug #450040
  • Applets/panelspacer: Fix optimal size calculation. Commit. Fixes bug #431668
  • Fix overdraw on Wayland. Commit.
  • PanelView: Do not crash when the state is transitioning. Commit. Fixes bug #373461
  • Fix launch kscreen kcm in font kcm. Commit.
  • Don't install two copies of kcm_fontinst. Commit.
  • Lock/login themes: stop adjusting shadows based on color scheme. Commit. Fixes bug #449985
  • Top-align lock/login/logout screen action buttons. Commit. Fixes bug #450238
  • [kcms/user] Set interactive auth flag for more calls. Commit. Fixes bug #450122
System Settings
  • Sidebar: Load placeHolderWidget only when needed. Commit. See bug #449853