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Plasma 5.24.1 Complete Changelog

  • Kded/devicemonitor: Check BlueDevilDaemon exists when calling login1PrepareForSleep. Commit. Fixes bug #450195
  • Fix "Blue Ocean" styling of QCommandLinkButtons. Commit.
  • Assets: uncircle the close button's idle state. Commit. Fixes bug #449876
  • Notifier: Don't trigger updates while busy. Commit.
  • Notifier: Update lastUnattendedTrigger before checking for updates again. Commit.
  • Notifier: Actually save LastUnattendedTrigger. Commit.
  • Notifier: Use KIdleTime properly. Commit.
  • Use C++17. Commit.
  • Don't display critical packages/apps in the UI. Commit. See bug #449260
  • Update: Ensure we never have two update processes running in parallel. Commit.
  • Implement Kirigami.CheckableListItem properly. Commit. Fixes bug #449766
  • Fix unattended update interval check. Commit.
  • Plasma-open-settings: systemsettings5 is now systemsettings. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • [applets/notes] Fix drag-and-drop focus stealing. Commit. Fixes bug #449711
Info Center
  • Search in /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin as fallback. Commit. Fixes bug #449792
  • KCM: Workaround unknown Qt issue that causes the revert dialog to be invisible. Commit. Fixes bug #449560
  • [kcm] Only enable revert action when revert sheet is open. Commit. Fixes bug #449931
  • CPU Plugin: Prevent integer overflow of total usage. Commit. Fixes bug #448626
  • Add missing errno.h include. Commit.
  • Backends/drm: fix legacy dpms. Commit.
  • Utils/serviceutils: compare executablePath against canonical path of exec fields in .desktops. Commit.
  • X11: Fix shrinking window size after toggling no border multiple times. Commit. Fixes bug #449988
  • Wayland: Fix maximize mode propagation to decoration. Commit. Fixes bug #450053
  • Effects/overview: Add translation domain. Commit.
  • Effects: Extract messages from QML files. Commit.
  • Inputmethod: Also open the inputm method panel with a pen. Commit. Fixes bug #449888
  • Implement services in our QPA. Commit. Fixes bug #446144
  • Don't force QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #450000
  • Schedule workspace repaint when window leaves current desktop. Commit. Fixes bug #444172
  • Initialize the KSldApp after we connect. Commit.
  • Fix loading of effect if plugin defined X-KDE-Library. Commit. Fixes bug #449881
  • Wayland: Fix mispositioned decoration tooltips. Commit. Fixes bug #432860
  • Make openGL context current when recording frame triggered by cursor move. Commit. Fixes bug #448162
  • Effects/DesktopGrid: use delta, not absolute time for MotionManager. Commit. Fixes bug #443971
  • Fix window decoration quads in OpenGL scene. Commit.
  • Wayland: Make the launcher not restart kwin_wayland if it crashes at shutdown. Commit.
  • Add missing errno.h include. Commit.
  • Avoid mixing current and next state. Commit. Fixes bug #449541
  • Effects/overview: Hide selection rect during dnd. Commit. Fixes bug #448573
  • Effects/overview: Don't show minimized windows in desktop thumbnails. Commit. Fixes bug #448850
  • Fix mouse pointer disappearing after using zoom effect on X11. Commit. Fixes bug #448537
  • Effects/fallapart: Avoid animating windows while there's a fullscreen effect. Commit. Fixes bug #449844
  • Effects/scale: Make it not grab open and close roles. Commit. Fixes bug #449832
  • Backends/drm: ignore modifier env var if modifiers are not supported. Commit.
  • Kcm/screenedge: Fix default value for TabBox.BorderActivate option. Commit. Fixes bug #449720
  • Fix showing icons in KSysguard. Commit.
  • Avoid sorting old results based on new query input string. Commit. See bug #427672
Plasma Desktop
  • Attica-kde: Allow it to use HTTP2. Commit.
  • Gracefully handle invalid color scheme setting. Commit. Fixes bug #449613
  • Mmplugin: Use NM autoconnect instead of wwanEnabled for mobile data. Commit.
  • Revert "Bump KF5 requirement to 5.90". Commit.
  • Ci: Add networkmanager-qt. Commit.
  • Bump KF5 requirement to 5.90. Commit.
  • Quicksettings: Make mobile data quick setting use NM API directly. Commit.
  • Taskswitcher: Ensure window is in maximized state when activating. Commit.
  • Taskswitcher: Remove global variable calls. Commit.
  • Mmplugin: Fix SIM being reported as locked when no sim is inserted. Commit.
  • Applets/activities & applets/krunner: Remove from repo. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Move to runtime check of valid font DPI. Commit. Fixes bug #449918
  • Applets/battery: adjust show/hide conditions for charge limits. Commit. Fixes bug #435931
  • Applets/systemtray: fix SNI context menu usage without libappindicator. Commit. Fixes bug #449870
  • Applets/notifications: Increase implicit size of standalone popup. Commit. Fixes bug #448383
  • Applets-digital/clock: Add workaround for QTBUG-83890. Commit. Fixes bug #448387
  • Clean up "empty" mimeType containg only whitespaces. Commit.
  • Dataengines/apps: Use KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob for starting KService. Commit.
  • [containmentactions/applauncher] Use ApplicationLauncherJob instead of. Commit. Fixes bug #449900
  • Desktop: Still show services with nodisplay=true set. Commit. Fixes bug #449243
  • Appstream runner: De-duplicate results from multiple sources. Commit. Fixes bug #448619
  • Fix ksplash always using default theme. Commit. Fixes bug #446966
  • Kcms/users: Fix missing template arguments before reply in FingerprintModel. Commit.
  • De-duplicate 'Uninstall or manage addons' option in the context menu of Kickoff. Commit. Fixes bug #448564
  • Support hardware with only one charging threshold, not both. Commit. Fixes bug #449997
  • Use correct DBus signal for listening for font changes. Commit.
  • Avoid needlessly reading font settings. Commit.
  • Use raw pointer instead of QPointer to track watchers. Commit.
System Settings
  • Fixup! app/SettingsBase: Only load current view on startup. Commit.
  • App/SettingsBase: Show the main window before QML component is loaded. Commit.
  • App/SettingsBase: Only load current view on startup. Commit.
  • [screencast] Fall back to monitor if no type is given. Commit. Fixes bug #450206