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Plasma 5.23.4 Complete Changelog

  • Reduce groove opacity for greater contrast with scrollbar/slider/etc. Commit. Fixes bug #444203
  • Gtk3, gtk4: refactor buttons heavily, make look near-identical to breeze qstyle. Commit. Fixes bug #426557. Fixes bug #438185. See bug #443919
  • Gtk3, gtk4: format with prettier. Commit.
  • Gtk3, gtk4: improve build times. Commit.
  • Fixed toolbar buttons style, removing unneeded outline. Commit. Fixes bug #443626
  • Reverse screenshots arrows when in RTL mode. Commit. See bug #440650
  • Flatpak: Do not discard remotes with different installations as duplicates. Commit. Fixes bug #443745
  • Flatpak: Do not call flatpak function with a nullptr. Commit. Fixes bug #445819
  • Flatpak: Check for errors before using the value. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Do not include the resource type in the FlatpakResource::Id. Commit.
Plasma Addons
  • Applets/weather: Make cursor a pointing hand when hovering over source link. Commit.
  • [mediaframe] Make files added from paths into URLs. Commit. Fixes bug #445071
KDE Hotkeys
  • When deleting an entry, also delete the widgets. Commit. Fixes bug #443656
  • Wayland: Enable window rules for all xdg-toplevel. Commit.
  • Revert "wayland: Check workspace position when preferred deco mode changes". Commit. Fixes bug #445444
  • Fix XWayland abstract socket address. Commit. Fixes bug #442362
  • Don't update SensorsFeatureSensor if it is not subscribed. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Kickoff: Do not reset action for KickoffItemDelegate in Places tab. Commit. Fixes bug #446269
  • Applets/taskmanager: Always show album art for single non-browser windows. Commit.
  • Kcms/touchpad: make applet read-only. Commit. See bug #445095
  • Revert "Delete the Touchpad applet". Commit. Fixes bug #445095
Plasma Phone Components
  • Homescreen: Fix silly type name error. Commit.
  • Fix broken reset homescreen position signal, and minor refactor. Commit.
  • Rework app drawer layout and open/close behaviour logic. Commit.
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • Don't make right click popup modal. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Lock & login screens: Use RTL-friendly arrows when in RTL mode. Commit. See bug #440650
  • [logout-greeter] Set window class name. Commit. Fixes bug #444898. Fixes bug #444899
  • Systemtray: Connect to StatusNotifierWatcher before initializing QDBusPendingReply. Commit.
  • Systemtray: Check if a service is already added before processing QDBusReply. Commit. Fixes bug #443961
  • Baloosearchruner: Emit DBus error when baloo is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #445342
  • Always dismiss critical battery notification. Commit. Fixes bug #445171