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Plasma 5.23.3 Complete Changelog

  • Kstyle: Add QFocusFrame to non-view/delegate interactive widget. Commit. Fixes bug #443469
  • Correctly apply initial xdg-shell double buffered state. Commit.
  • Fix ownership of SlideInterface. Commit.
  • Emit DataOfferInterface::dragAndDropActionsChanged() only if dnd actions change. Commit.
  • Wayland: Check workspace position when preferred deco mode changes. Commit.
  • DecorationItem: Prevent crash. Commit.
  • Fixup! [wayland] fix ignored keyboard RepeatRate. Commit. Fixes bug #443721
  • RenderLoop: restrict repaint scheduling with fullscreen windows. Commit. Fixes bug #443872
  • Wayland: Fix wayland windows growing after toggling decorations. Commit. Fixes bug #444119
  • Use QScopedPointer to store decoration object. Commit.
  • Scripts/minimizeall: Try to preserve last active window. Commit.
  • Screencasting: Do not crash when the platform cannot provide textures. Commit. Fixes bug #442711
  • Effects/slidingpopups: Reload slide data after restarting compositing. Commit. See bug #443711
  • Effects/slidingpopups: Schedule workspace repaints. Commit. Fixes bug #444502
  • Platforms/drm: only use glDrawBuffer with desktop GL. Commit.
  • [keyboard kcm] fix lost Locks state on keymap reconfigure. Commit. Fixes bug #443739
  • Fix ksgrd_network_helper crash on exit afer a failure. Commit. Fixes bug #444921
  • Fix incorrect string termination in ConnectionMapping. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Keyboardlayout: Fix missing Esperanto flag icon in the menu. Commit. Fixes bug #445077
  • Kickoff: Do not accept stylus in TapHandler. Commit. Fixes bug #445111
  • DRAFT: Fix issues with LayoutManager.insertAtCoordinates. Commit. Fixes bug #444071
  • Revert "taskmanager: Show highlight before ToolTipInstance starts loading for grouped tooltips". Commit. Fixes bug #444633
  • Do not unnecessarily reset panel opacity when starting an animation. Commit. Fixes bug #437093
  • Foldermodel: Drop overlay(s) to icons in plasma folder view. Commit. Fixes bug #444514
  • Plasma-desktop runner: Fix showing interactive plasma/kwin console. Commit. Fixes bug #444366
  • Kickoff: Fix drag and drop causing delegates to reset to a 0 X position and overlap. Commit. Fixes bug #443975
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
Plasma Workspace
  • Fixed size hints to the osd. Commit.
  • Use implicit size to not cause binding loops. Commit. Fixes bug #422072
  • Wayland: don't create DesktopView for placeholder screen. Commit. Fixes bug #438839. Fixes bug #444801
  • [startplasma] Detect systemd service in linked state. Commit.
  • [Notifications] Fix grouping container side line. Commit.
  • Disconnect watcher for xdgActivationTokenArrived. Commit. Fixes bug #444385
  • Interactiveconsole: Allow specifying mode from command line parameter. Commit. See bug #444366
  • On FreeBSD do not try to execute powerdevil.backlighthelper.syspath action. Commit.
System Settings
  • Use handlers in sub category header. Commit.