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Plasma 5.23.1 Complete Changelog

  • Flatpak: Don't reuse GError instances. Commit. Fixes bug #426565
  • Flatpak: Set the real value of the remotes. Commit. Fixes bug #443455
  • SourcesPage: Address how we show the checked state. Commit. Fixes bug #406295
  • Suggest correct words in the search field. Commit. Fixes bug #443945
  • SourcesPage: Use ItemIsUserCheckable to check if a source is checkable. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Do not crash when a source is disabled. Commit.
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
  • Remove pointless tooltip from Labelbackground. Commit.
  • Fix build by lowering KDE_COMPILERSETTINGS_LEVEL. Commit.
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
  • Fix algorithm for common sizes in Generator::cloneScreens. Commit. Fixes bug #442822
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
  • Fix sleep and hibernate actions. Commit.
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
  • Fix: Kicker's sub-menus are covered up by Plasma panels. Commit. Fixes bug #378694
  • Platforms/drm: fix disabled outputs with legacy drivers. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: reverse output creation order. Commit.
  • X11: Properly unredirect windows if compositing is not possible. Commit. Fixes bug #443953
  • Restore old behavior of Workspace::clientArea(clientOpt, Toplevel). Commit. Fixes bug #443787
  • Do not ask for decoration settings without guarding. Commit.
  • Scripting: Guard against nullptr m_client in WindowThumbnailItem. Commit. Fixes bug #443765
  • Properly update parent item's bounding rect when moving item. Commit. Fixes bug #443756
  • Fix AbstractClient::adjustedSize() for wayland windows with no committed buffer. Commit. Fixes bug #443705
  • Pipewire: Fix downloading software-rotated textures. Commit.
  • [wayland] fix crash on startup with lv3:ralt_alt XKB option. Commit. Fixes bug #440027
Plasma Desktop
  • Fix "clear emoji history" action. Commit. Fixes bug #443974
  • Kickoff: Replace Kicker DragHelper with Qt Quick Drag. Commit. Fixes bug #443708
  • Make tooltip interactive when there is a player but no window is present. Commit. Fixes bug #443425
  • Taskmanager: Disconnect from backend.showAllPlaces on destruction. Commit. Fixes bug #443820
  • Add systemsettings runner to hardcoded list of allowed runners for kicker. Commit. Fixes bug #443776
  • Folder View: Don't cancel multi-selection with right-click. Commit. Fixes bug #443743
  • [applets/kicker] Explicitly set visible property when opacity is 0. Commit.
Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)
  • Openconnect widget: Default to "anyconnect" when protocol is not set. Commit.
  • Openconnect: Make FSID passphrase + empty private key combination work. Commit. Fixes bug #443770
  • Only include mobileproviderstest with ModemManager. Commit.
Plasma Phone Components
  • Panel: Fix quicksetting delegate width not getting enforced on label. Commit.
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • [freespacenotifier] impr: no notification for ro filesystems. Commit.
  • Kcms/colors: Don't apply header accent colors to non-Header color schemes. Commit. Fixes bug #443786
  • [kcms/colors] Notify global settings change after saving. Commit.
  • Krdb: Fix removal of Xft.dpi from Xresources. Commit. Fixes bug #350039. See bug #376406
  • Sddm-theme: fix missing password field on "Other" page. Commit. Fixes bug #443737
  • Update kf5 version requirement to 5.86. Commit.
  • Pipewire: Report DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID when no modifiers are offered. Commit.
  • [digital-clock] Do not assign undefined when agenda is not visible. Commit. Fixes bug #443380