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Plasma 5.22.4 Complete Changelog

  • [applet] Give FullRepresentation an implicit size. Commit. Fixes bug #439981
  • Kns: Use ksplash.knsrc for the test. Commit.
  • Address the keyboard shortcut tooltip. Commit. Fixes bug #438916
Plasma Addons
  • Use dynamic sorting to support different locales. Commit.
  • Sort Unsplash POTD image categories alphabetically. Commit. Fixes bug #422971
Info Center
  • Unbreak about CPU value when solid is missing a product string. Commit. Fixes bug #439464
  • Handle ConvPutAuthAbort as an authentication failure. Commit. Fixes bug #438099
  • Emit the committed() signal after the state is applied. Commit.
  • Wayland: Force decoration update. Commit.
  • Scripting: Make QTimer constructible. Commit. Fixes bug #439630
  • Platforms/drm: don't delete connectors in DrmGpu::removeOutput. Commit. Fixes bug #438789
  • Platforms/drm: always populate atomic req with connector props. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: only show cursor on dpms on if not hidden. Commit.
Plasma Browser Integration
  • [History Runner] Request favicon with device pixel ratio. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • [panel] When in adaptive transparency go transparent when in show desktop mode. Commit. Fixes bug #439209
  • Kcms/keys: Use storageId instead of desktopEntryName. Commit. Fixes bug #438204
  • Kcm/keys: Always try looking up services by storageId. Commit.
  • Fix shift-action modifier in context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #425997
  • [kcms/keyboard] Fix translations of OSD config. Commit. Fixes bug #439394
Plasma Audio Volume Control
  • [ListItemBase] Open menu on press. Commit.
Plasma Phone Components
  • Make sure the closed signal is emitted upon close. Commit.
Plasma Workspace
  • Systemtray: Let plasmashell handle visibility when configuring. Commit. Fixes bug #440263
  • [applets/clipboard] Fix the alignment of delegate buttons. Commit. Fixes bug #437044
  • Allow plasmashell to use both screenshot and screenshot2. Commit.
  • [Notifications] Set Plasma linkColor on notification label. Commit. Fixes bug #438366
  • Add kde-baloo.service to Wants=. Commit.
  • Prevent fractional positioning in systray HiddenItemsView. Commit.
  • Set GDK scale explictily on wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #438971