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Plasma 5.22.3 Complete Changelog

Dr Konqi
Info Center
  • Remove cell dimension setting. Commit.
  • Unbreak the refresh button. Commit.
  • Disable layout twinning in NIC kcm. Commit.
  • Don't move keyboard focus on button press. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: Port away from gbm_format_get_name(). Commit. Fixes bug #439152
  • Xdgshellclient: fix moveresize with touch and CSD. Commit. Fixes bug #438283. See bug #431489
  • Input: fix touch input getting borked on quick tile. Commit. See bug #430560
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Platforms/drm: don't crash if drmModeGetConnector fails. Commit. See bug #439208
  • Platforms/drm: don't create modeset dumb buffer for import gpu. Commit.
  • Wayland: Implement activities window rule. Commit. Fixes bug #439022
Plasma Desktop
  • Don't hide expanded representation if plasmoid is pinned. Commit. Fixes bug #439269
  • [Task Manager] Load album art background asynchronously. Commit. Fixes bug #439512
  • [kimpanel] Use window flag ToolTip on wayland to avoid grab focus from input method. Commit.
  • [keyboard layout applet] Fix auto-opening fullRepresentation on start. Commit. Fixes bug #438460
Plasma Audio Volume Control
Plasma Systemmonitor
  • Pass parent index when fetching selection data. Commit. Fixes bug #438626
Plasma Workspace
  • Background portal: avoid crash when allowing app to run in background. Commit. Fixes bug #438954
  • Pass the version to the project call. Commit.