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Plasma 5.20.4 Complete Changelog

  • Fix incorrect usage of units on ApplicationDelegate. Commit.
  • Fix sidebar header/toolbar sizing and height. Commit.
  • Display title in application page. Commit.
  • Pk: Set the Daemon locale at start. Commit. See bug #424862
  • Fix installation of local packages. Commit. Fixes bug #428125
  • Xwl: No need to delete the source immediately. Commit.
  • Xwl: No need to create createX11Source twice consecutively. Commit.
  • Xwl: Do not refresh the x11 Clipboard while fetching. Commit. Fixes bug #424754. See bug #412350
  • Xwl: Include errors and warnings. Commit.
  • Screencating: query for dmabuf availability before we start streaming. Commit.
  • Wayland: Fix clipped thumbnails of client-side decorated apps. Commit. Fixes bug #428595
  • Fixed Toggle Night Color global shortcut, which used i18n in object name, leading to erratic behavior e.g. when system locale or translations changed. Commit. Fixes bug #428024
  • Set setMoveResize(true) after stopping fullscreen and quick tiling. Commit. Fixes bug #427848
  • Screencasting: don't crash if the cursor is too big for our buffer. Commit.
  • Fix: magiclamp effect wrong direction. Commit.
  • Kcm/decorations: Fix border size updating for thumbnails. Commit.
  • Remove cmake checks for breeze decoration. Commit.
  • There is no Q_FALLTHROUGH in qml or js. Commit. Fixes bug #429574
  • Fix translation extraction. Commit. Fixes bug #429466
  • [kcms/users]: Fix 429313. Commit. Fixes bug #429313
  • Use plasma theme icons in kickoff leave view. Commit. See bug #429280
  • Don't use visible property in procedural code to determine state. Commit. Fixes bug #408116
  • [panel] Fix dragging panel to resize for top and right panels. Commit. Fixes bug #429063
  • Remove count property from PulseObjectFilterModel. Commit. Fixes bug #427978
  • Fix Environment Canada weather domain. Commit.
  • Fix build with newer Qt. Commit.
  • Fix: Font files, kfontview and thumbnailer crash on Wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #401031
  • Readd searching for breeze decoration. Commit. Fixes bug #429298
  • [Notifications] Check pause button when job is paused. Commit.
  • The cursor previews are in a layout. Commit.
  • Revert "Use new simpler way to disable session management in services". Commit. See bug #424408
  • [Tab switcher] Fix binding loop that spams the log. Commit. Fixes bug #410984
  • Also load category when opening startup module in icon mode. Commit. Fixes bug #429306