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Plasma 5.20.3 Complete Changelog

  • Daemon: improve consistency of the lid behaviour. Commit.
  • Stop the daemon if we have no client. Commit. Fixes bug #427204
  • Do not load multiple versions of the same plugin. Commit.
  • Only look for libnl. Commit.
  • Don't use Qt::UniqueConnection on a lambda. Commit.
  • Only connect to BufferInterface::aboutToBeDestroyed once. Commit. See bug #428361
  • Restore empty filename check. Commit. Fixes bug #427979
  • Drm: Make sure the screens are turned on when we come from suspend. Commit. Fixes bug #428424
  • Move some connects from Scene::addToplevel() to Window constructor. Commit.
  • Scene: Stop monitoring changes for unmapped surfaces. Commit.
  • Effects/screenshot: fix the screenshot on GLES. Commit.
  • [scene] Fix segfault in KWin::WindowPixmap::shape (BUG: 426567). Commit.
  • Kwinrules: Limit hightlight scrolling duration. Commit. Fixes bug #428139
  • Transform a pending repaint into a workspace repaint before destroying Deleted. Commit.
  • Kimpanel: Fix action in menu. Commit.
  • Only allow multi key shortcuts for standard shortcuts. Commit.
  • Do not show absurdedly high speeds on first update. Commit.
  • Fix missing "Switch User" button on lockscreen with systemd 246. Commit. Fixes bug #427777
  • [applets/devicenotifier] Fix regression with expand. Commit. Fixes bug #428379
  • Fix edge case for tilde and ENV command. Commit.
  • [lookandfeel] Fix switching to a different user session. Commit. See bug #423526
  • [libkworkspace] Fix if getCurrentSeat needs to fallback to old approach. Commit. Fixes bug #423526
  • Fix SystemEntries not updating correctly. Commit. See bug #423526. Fixes bug #427779
  • [applets/icon] Handle non-Applications URLs again. Commit. Fixes bug #427797
  • [System Tray] Fall back to tool tip title if no title is set. Commit.
  • Save highlight default state. Commit. Fixes bug #427806
  • Fix highlight settings tool button use onToggled to prevent bad state. Commit. Fixes bug #427869
  • Fix call to KWorkSpace::detectPlatform. Commit. Fixes bug #428339