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Plasma 5.20.2 Complete Changelog

BreezeRemove the shadow in widgetDestroyed(). Commit.
KDE Plasma Addons
  • Daemon: improve consistency of the lid behaviour. Commit.
  • Provide cursor geometry in device-independent pixels. Commit.
  • Platform/drm: Fix clipped HiDPI hardware cursors. Commit. See bug #424589
  • Clip software cursors. Commit.
  • Mark the cursor as rendered after performing compositing. Commit.
  • [kwinrules] Allow negative numbers in position. Commit. Fixes bug #428083
  • Screencast: Handle the case where pipewire is not installed. Commit. Fixes bug #427949
  • Scenes/opengl: Properly render cursors with hidpi. Commit. See bug #424589
  • Wayland: Fix drag-and-drop cursors with hidpi. Commit. See bug #424589
  • Platforms/drm: Use a heuristic to determine if EGLDevice backend can be used. Commit.
  • ScreenshotEffect: don't expect authorization for interactive screenshots. Commit.
  • [desktoppackage] Don't set a widget on an item in a layout. Commit. Fixes bug #428214
  • [Widget Explorer] Don't set the list index to something random on mouse exit. Commit. Fixes bug #428174
  • Fix bug: Some user profile fields won't apply unless they all have unique new values. Commit. Fixes bug #427348
  • [kcms/activities] Port to QQuickWidget from nested QQuickWindows. Commit. Fixes bug #394899. Fixes bug #423682. Fixes bug #416253
  • Fix bug: plasmashell high cpu usage. Commit.
  • [applet] Remove unnecessary separator over menu section header. Commit. Fixes bug #427804
  • FileChooser: escape slash character in user visible filter name. Commit. Fixes bug #427306