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Plasma 5.18.8 Complete Changelog

  • Fix informing the underlying widget when leaving SplitterProxy. Commit. Fixes bug #436473
  • Fix SplitterProxy not clearing when above another QSplitterHandle. Commit. Fixes bug #431921
  • Fix logic error in SplitterProxy::setEnabled. Commit.
KDE GTK Config
  • Make sure to actually commit GSettings changes. Commit.
Plasma Desktop
  • Fix renaming shortcut for files selected via selection button and popup. Commit. Fixes bug #425436
Plasma Workspace
  • [libcolorcorrect] Sync night colour default values. Commit. Fixes bug #442253
  • [Notifications] Don't generate previews of zero size. Commit. See bug #430862
  • Revert "[lookandfeel] Fix wake existing screensaver mode with key presses". Commit. Fixes bug #435233