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KDE Gear 24.05.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.05.1 from the git repositories.

  • Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against Qt::DBus. Commit.
  • Update ytmusicapi to 1.7.0. Commit.
  • Baloo Widgets and kio-extras are both part of KDE Gear - which is also what Dolphin is part of. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against Qt::DBus. Commit.
  • Fix running on Windows (QtWinExtras no longer exists). Commit.
  • Fix potential crash when enqueueing from empty files view. Commit. Fixes bug #441525. See bug #484972.
  • Fix DBus service activation. Commit. Fixes bug #487905.
  • Remove unneeded function. Commit.
  • Fix 1px padding between playlist panel and right edge of window. Commit.
  • Adapt to source incompatible changes in Qt's 6.7 JNI API. Commit.
  • Disable the context menu on fake shapes. Commit. Fixes bug #487930.
  • Manually position tooltip so it's correct. Commit. Fixes bug #487339.
  • Use a better name than object. Commit.
  • Assert or continue. Commit.
  • Repair action icons after qt6 port. Commit.
  • Windows: remove unused kdewin dep. Commit.
  • Style++. Commit.
  • Windows: treat unpinned files as compressed. Commit. Fixes bug #486549.
  • Avoid Qt warning about QPixmap::scaled used with a null pixmap. Commit.
  • Arena selector: use default theme info from themeProvider, not own lookup. Commit.
  • Player rendering cache: use KGameTheme-compatible theme id. Commit.
  • Fix disabling development mode. Commit.
  • Fix storing the arrival time when editing a ferry reservation. Commit. Fixes bug #487885.
  • Fix notifyrc qrc path. Commit.
  • Less eagerly continue trip group searching after finding a loop. Commit.
  • Make sure we only show arrival delays if we show the arrival time. Commit.
  • Work around Kirigami Addons now having a QtWidgets dependency. Commit.
  • Add Google Play publishing job template. Commit.
  • Work around Emoji fonts configuration being broken in Flatpak. Commit. See bug #487245.
  • Fix FreeBSD asserts due to QCoreApplication being used during teardown. Commit.
  • Fix invalid XML in SVG icons. Commit.
  • Fix: remove duplicate entry. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • Fix Appstream for new release. Commit.
  • Guard more dbus headers. Commit.
  • Add missing KWindowSystem include. Commit.
  • Guard fillinRunningKateAppInstances. Commit.
  • Guard dbus header. Commit.
  • Guard dbus app adaptor. Commit.
  • Fix support for themes packaged in subdirs, find sound files again. Commit.
  • Add edge case handler for stack reduction. Commit. Fixes bug #487614.
  • Fix unit test with KF 6.3 embedded Breeze icons. Commit.
  • Allow dbus processing in qt-base to enable color-picking via portal. Commit. Fixes bug #479406.
  • Make clang-format happy. Commit.
  • Add Qt::DBus dependency to kdeconnect_runcommand_config. Commit.
  • Don't try renaming sequence on double click in empty area of timeline tab bar. Commit.
  • Fix deletion of wrong effect wihh multiple instances of an effect and group effects enabled. Commit.
  • Fix single selected clip disappearing from timeline when dragging a new clip in timeline. Commit.
  • [cmd rendering] Ensure proper kdenlive_render path for AppImage. Commit.
  • Fix freeze/crash on undo/redo track insertion. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo/redo multiple track insertion. Commit.
  • Project settings: don't list embedded title clips as empty files in the project files tab. Commit.
  • Fix undo move effect up/down. On effect move, also move the active index, increase margins between effects. Commit.
  • Fix removing a composition from favorites. Commit.
  • Properly activate effect when added to a timeline clip. Commit.
  • Fix spacer tool can move backwards and overlap existing clips. Commit.
  • Fix crash deleting subtitle when the file url was selected. Commit. Fixes bug #487872.
  • Fix build when using openGLES. Commit. Fixes bug #483425.
  • Fix possible crash on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix extra dash added to custom clip job output. Commit. See bug #487115.
  • Fix usage of QUrl for LUT lists. Commit. See bug #487375.
  • Fix default keyframe type referencing the old deprecated smooth type. Commit.
  • Be more clever splitting custom ffmpeg commands around quotes. Commit. See bug #487115.
  • Fix effect name focus in save effect. Commit. See bug #486310.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix selection when cutting an unselected clip under mouse. Commit.
  • Fix loading timeline clip with disabled stack should be disabled. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to save effect with slash in name. Commit. Fixes bug #487224.
  • Remove quotes in custom clip jobe, fix progress display. Commit. See bug #487115.
  • Fix setting sequence thumbnail from clip monitor. Commit.
  • Fix locked track items don't have red background on project open. Commit.
  • Fix spacer tool doing fake moves with clips in locked tracks. Commit.
  • Hide timeline clip status tooltip when mouse leaves. Commit.
  • Make D-Bus dependency explicit. Commit.
  • FreeBSD Qt 6.7 seems to need a QCoreApplication for accessing TLS features. Commit.
  • Don't build filenamesearch on Windows/macOS. Commit.
  • [filenamesearch] Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • [kcms/webshortcuts] Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • [kcms/proxy] Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • Deal with Flixbus disruption notes. Commit.
  • Fix wrong results for Flixbus multi-column seat information. Commit.
  • Handle more Flixbus ticket token variants in JSON-LD data. Commit.
  • Loosen the Flixbus extractor trigger pattern a bit. Commit.
  • Special-case comparing Flixbus ticket tokens. Commit.
  • Handle Air Asia booking email with departure terminals. Commit.
  • Add generic extractor for ERA FCB customer card data. Commit.
  • Decode ERA FCB CustomerCardData validity time ranges. Commit.
  • Support Amadeus Cytric booking confirmations. Commit.
  • Handle German language variants of Trenitalia tickets. Commit.
  • Remove implausible time zones during post-processing. Commit.
  • Fix filtering of invalid IATA BCBP child nodes. Commit.
  • Make the Eurostar PDF extractor more robust against layout variations. Commit.
  • Remove unused kcfg_* name from settings.ui QGroupBox item. Commit.
  • Prefer -symbolic momochrome system tray icon if exists. Commit.
  • Revert "Add config option for adding a designated revoker for all new keys". Commit.
  • Fix bonus for hidden preview not being conserved after new game. Commit. Fixes bug #487737.
  • Egyptian theme: remove broken from SVG referring to non-existing id. Commit.
  • SVG app icon: drop broken entries href'ing to non-existing id. Commit.
  • Graveyard Mayhem theme: remove left-over empty from SVG. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against Qt::DBus. Commit.
  • Remove left-over debug output for background key. Commit.
  • Skip updating graphics if there is no scene size yet. Commit.
  • Fix frameworks detection. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • Search Qt6DBus. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against QtDBus. Commit.
  • Provide scripts with an env var to find qdbus. Commit. Fixes bug #349675.
  • Update python package version. Commit.
  • Backport fix handling of nested lists. Commit.
  • Fix detection of MBR partition table with zeroed signature. Commit. Fixes bug #487650.
  • Update DB and ÖBB coverage data from Transport API repository. Commit.
  • VNC: replace m_stopped with QThread's interruptionRequested. Commit. Fixes bug #486178.
  • Wayland: Add support for the persistence feature of the remote desktop portal. Commit.
  • Avoid runtime warning about missing argument in strings from ui file. Commit.
  • Explicitly link against Qt::DBus. Commit.
  • Settings dialog: fix layout parenting accidentally to child widget. Commit.
  • Add missing KF::DBusAddons dependency. Commit.
  • Fix KGameThemeProvider to also deal with uninstalled/removed themes. Commit.
  • Fix keyboard navigation on search pages. Commit.
  • Fix the tooltips for the two drawer buttons at the top. Commit.
  • Fix keyboard navigation in space drawer. Commit.
  • Add keyboard navigation for server selection in room search dialog. Commit.
  • Remove room member highlight on click. Commit.
  • Use Qt.alpha in ThemeRadioButton. Commit.
  • Add focus border for the theme radio button, used on the Appearance page. Commit.
  • Fix QR code not showing when tapping the button under account settings. Commit.
  • Fix map copyright link activation. Commit.
  • Don't show the map if there's no locations available. Commit.
  • Fixup AttachDialog. Commit.
  • CreateRoomDialog: Add missing formcard separators. Commit.
  • Fix if X11 on apple. Commit.
  • Cleanup quick switcher. Commit.
  • Fix spacing of HiddenDelegate. Commit.
  • Fix micro spacing inconsistency in SpaceHierarchyDelegate. Commit.
  • Dvi: Add another check for index to glyphtable being in range. Commit.
  • Work around wrong warning of KWidgetItemDelegate about deleted widgets. Commit.
  • Avoid Qt warnings about removing items from a QGraphicsScene not part of. Commit.
  • AnnotationDocument: Fix highlighter tool not blending with base image. Commit. Fixes bug #488025.
  • Fix Appstream for new release. Commit.
  • Support PageUp/PageDown keys to quickly navigate the timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #487507.
  • 🍒 Fix possible segfault after logout on timeline pages. Commit.
  • Only clear page stack if authentication was successful. Commit.
  • Don't allow continuing without inputting an authorization code. Commit.
  • 🍒 Fix non-functional authorization link. Commit.
  • Fix wrong "%1 boosted" label on certain posts. Commit. Fixes bug #485637.