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KDE Gear 24.02.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.02.1 from the git repositories.

  • Disable akonadi-db-migrator in 24.02. Commit.
  • Fix bug 482737: KAddressbook crash editing entry. Commit. Fixes bug #482737.
  • Fix appstream developer tag id. Commit.
  • Fix appstream file. Commit.
  • Improve appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Fix crash on shutdown. Commit.
  • Analitza6Config: Add Qt6Core5Compat to dependencies. Commit.
  • Fix download list page having uninteractable action buttons. Commit.
  • Fix downloads not being prompted and starting. Commit.
  • Fix history clearing not working. Commit. See bug #478890.
  • Fix desktop tabs. Commit.
  • UrlDelegate: Fix deleting entries. Commit.
  • Fix remove button. Commit.
  • Fix bookmarks and history page not working on mobile. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Don't rely on qtpaths for kconf_update scripts. Commit.
  • Specify umask for permission tests. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Disable requiring tests failing on FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Save 'Open Archives as Folders' setting. Commit. Fixes bug #474500.
  • Sync Dolphin icon with Breeze system-file-manager. Commit. Fixes bug #482581.
  • Remove unneeded code for toggeling dockwidget visibility. Commit. Fixes bug #481952.
  • Open KFind with current dir. Commit. Fixes bug #482343.
  • Fix compile with Qt 6.7. Commit.
  • Fix a crash in DolphinSearchBox::hideEvent(). Commit. Fixes bug #481553.
  • Use ConfigGui not XmlGui in git and subversion plugins. Commit.
  • Improve DurationSlider and VolumeSlider keyboard accessibility. Commit.
  • Fix favorite filter and exit fullscreen buttons not activating on Enter/Return. Commit.
  • Refactor FlatButton to support checkable buttons. Commit.
  • Fix items taking focus when they aren't visible. Commit.
  • Fix mobile playlist entry menu buttons taking focus when parent isn't selected. Commit.
  • Fix mobile playlist Show Current button not highlighting current entry. Commit.
  • Fix IME position when window is wider than editor width. Commit. Fixes bug #478960.
  • Only set slider range when there is a valid media object. Commit. Fixes bug #483242.
  • Don't crash on unsupported fits images. Commit. Fixes bug #482615.
  • Adapt build options for KF6. Commit.
  • Add enough space at the end for the floating button. Commit.
  • Filter implausible geo coder results. Commit.
  • [kcm] Rework account rename and removal popups. Commit. Fixes bug #482307.
  • Apply i18n to percent values. Commit.
  • Revert unintentional change in d54151cfa72457e85f3013b54bf39971137d5433. Commit.
  • Allow playing of remote audio files. Commit.
  • Remove X11 calls when using Wayland. Commit.
  • In Edit Alarm dialogue, allow save if Set Volume checkbox is toggled. Commit.
  • Use libcanberra instead of Phonon for all audio output. Commit.
  • Bug 381334: Use libcanberra instead of Phonon to play sounds. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • [kcm] Pass metadata to KCModule constructor. Commit. See bug #478091.
  • Fix build, add missing QPointer includes. Commit.
  • Fix tooltip not hiding after context menu was opened. Commit.
  • Diag: Trying to match cursor position instead of just line. Commit.
  • Diag: Match severity when trying to find item for line. Commit.
  • Diag: Fix severity filter. Commit.
  • Diag: Fix relatedInfo and fix items are hidden after applying filter. Commit.
  • Share code for url handling. Commit.
  • Don't acces member without checking. Commit. Fixes bug #482946.
  • Improve safefty, don't crash on non arrays. Commit. Fixes bug #482152.
  • Fix rainbow highlighting breaks on bracket removal. Commit.
  • Tabswitcher: Do not emit if we're adding no documents. Commit.
  • Fix tabswitcher performance when large of docs are opened. Commit.
  • Avoid many proxy invalidations on close. Commit.
  • Fix crash on close other with active widget. Commit. Fixes bug #481625.
  • Drop outdated pre-kf5 kconfig update rules. Commit.
  • Appstream demands continue... Commit.
  • Fix usage of no longer existing signal QComboBox::currentIndexChanged(QString). Commit.
  • Fix usage of no longer existing signal QComboBox::activated(QString). Commit.
  • Fix usage of no longer existing signal QProcess::error(ProcessError). Commit.
  • Appdata: add & tags. Commit.
  • Fix setting key shortcuts for Reload action. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Port timer to play ringing sound through custom alarmplayer, rather than knotification. Commit. Fixes bug #483824.
  • Fix soundpicker page entries not selectable due to type error. Commit. Fixes bug #483453.
  • Appstream: Fix developer name. Commit.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Add a homepage to appdata to satisfy CI. Commit.
  • Fix crash on group cut. Commit.
  • Fix possible startup crash. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Fix appstream release notes formatting. Commit.
  • Add release notes to AppData. Commit.
  • Fix: some sequence properties incorrectly saved, like subtitles list, timeline zone. Commit. Fixes bug #483516.
  • Fix: Windows crash clicking fullscreen button. Commit. Fixes bug #483441.
  • Fix: cannot revert letter spacing to 0 in title clips. Commit. Fixes bug #483710.
  • Fix: font corruption on Qt6/Wayland. Commit.
  • Fix: Fix pan timeline with middle mouse button. Commit. Fixes bug #483244.
  • Minor cleanup. Commit.
  • When file fails to open, display MLT's warning to help debugging. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to recover a backup after opening a corrupted file. Commit.
  • Fix multiple subtitles issues: several tracks not correctly saved, sequence copy not suplicating subs, crash on adding new subtitle track. Commit. Fixes bug #482434.
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Update file org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Add .desktop file. Commit.
  • Updated icons and appdata info for Flathub. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kdenlive.appdata: Add developer_name. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kdenlive.appdata.xml use Commit.
  • Fix bin thumbnails for missing clips have an incorrect aspect ratio. Commit.
  • On sequence change, recursively update each sequence that embedded it. Commit. Fixes bug #482949.
  • When using multiple timeline sequences, fix change in a sequence resulting in effect loss if the tab was not changed. Commit.
  • Fix crash on spacer tool with grouped subtitle. Commit. Fixes bug #482510.
  • Fix crash moving single item in a group. Commit.
  • Block Qt5 MLT plugins in thumbnailer when building with Qt6. Commit. Fixes bug #482335.
  • [CD] Disable Qt5 jobs. Commit.
  • Don't allow autosave when the document is closing. Commit.
  • Fix deleting single item in a group not working. Commit.
  • Fix moving a single item in a group with alt not always working and breaks on undo. Commit.
  • Fix another case of clips with mixes allowed to resize over another clip, add tests. Commit.
  • Fix adding a mix to an AV clit that already had a mix on one of its components moving existing mix. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Fix for Qt6's behavior change in QVariant::isNull() (fixes speech to text). Commit.
  • Fix crash on invalid gradient data. Commit. Fixes bug #482134.
  • Enforce proper styling for Qml dialogs. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect Bin clip video usage count and initialization, spotted by Ondrej Popp. Commit.
  • Bring back etesync support. Commit. Fixes bug #482600.
  • Support NTLMv2. Commit.
  • Port EWS resource away from KIO Http. Commit.
  • Fix endless sync loop with some remote iCal sources. Commit. Fixes bug #384309.
  • Drop stale Phonon reference. Commit.
  • Handle German language European Sleeper seat reservations. Commit.
  • Fix typo in include guard. Commit.
  • Fix SNCF Carte Advantage token type. Commit.
  • Fix instructions on how to get the continous Flatpak build. Commit.
  • Check whether ERA FCB first name fields are set before using them. Commit.
  • Update dependency versions for static builds. Commit.
  • Improve extractor: address extraction from text. Commit.
  • Add tour reservation extractor. Commit.
  • Significantly increase thresholds for PDF vector graphics barcodes. Commit.
  • Normalize geo coordinate Place properties. Commit.
  • Handle emails with iCal attachments correctly. Commit.
  • Correctly update search offset for multi-leg National Express tickets. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Leo Express. Commit.
  • Eventim: Drop debug output. Commit.
  • Eventim: Also read event name from KEY_EVENTLINE. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Eckerö Line ferry tickets. Commit. Fixes bug #481739.
  • Handle PDF tickets as well. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for pkpass files. Commit.
  • Extract DB reservation iCal events. Commit.
  • Added Flibco parser in the bundled extractors list. Commit.
  • Added Flibco parser. Commit.
  • Handle another DB regional ERA TLB ticket variant with PLAI layout. Commit.
  • Fix config loading and saving. Commit.
  • Adjust descriptions to try to fix Appstream validation. Commit.
  • Fix 483844: kontact segfaults on startup. Commit. Fixes bug #483844.
  • Add debug info. Commit.
  • Load info to widget. Commit.
  • Add debug operator. Commit.
  • Add appstream release information. Commit.
  • Fix HTML injection in externally added warning widget. Commit. See bug #480193.
  • Add support for creating google resource automatically. Commit.
  • Set hostname during automatic configuration of outgoing server. Commit.
  • Use list initialiazer constructor. Commit.
  • Remove code duplication. Commit.
  • Save mail transport and then add it to the manager. Commit.
  • Fix saving mail transport. Commit.
  • Use correct slot name. Commit.
  • Don't rely on qtpaths for kconf_update scripts. Commit.
  • Fix Qt 6 assert on QChar outside BMP. Commit.
  • Support non-BMP codepoints in HTMLDecoder. Commit. Fixes bug #479983.
  • TerminalDisplay/TerminalFonts: fix checking if emojiFont is set. Commit. Fixes bug #481211.
  • Fix: Issue with focus setting on wdg after relocating to a new splitter. Commit. Fixes bug #479858.
  • Delay tray setup until mainwindow state restored. Commit. Fixes bug #482316.
  • Adapt test data to KHolidays changes. Commit.
  • Include ECMQmlModule only when needed. Commit. Fixes bug #483400.
  • Move Craft ignore file here. Commit.
  • Improve coach background color on incomplete coach type information. Commit.
  • Actually check the results of the Hafas vehicle result parsing tests. Commit.
  • Check car type before deriving class from UIC coach number. Commit.
  • Add support for Hafas rtMode TripSearch configuration parameter. Commit.
  • Increase DB Hafas API and extension versions. Commit.
  • Fix locale overriding in request unit tests. Commit. Fixes bug #482357.
  • Fix copy/paste mistake in caching negative journey query results. Commit.
  • Don't modify the request after we used it for a cache lookup. Commit.
  • Close rdp session after receiving an error. Commit.
  • Fix HiDPI rendering in game views. Commit.
  • Set associated window for tray icon after showing main window. Commit. Fixes bug #483899.
  • Fix listview section headers not being visible. Commit.
  • Don't create main window on the stack. Commit. Fixes bug #482499.
  • Appstream: Update developer name. Commit.
  • Apply i18n to percent values. Commit.
  • Use KWallet in KF6 build. Commit.
  • Sort list when we create item. Commit.
  • Fix update color. Commit.
  • Fix update DkimWidgetInfo color. Commit.
  • Fix update color when we change theme. Commit.
  • Fix bug 483283: KMail unexpectedly trying to connect to Commit. Fixes bug #483283.
  • Fix the quick format bar not actually doing anything. Commit.
  • Exclude lonely question marks from the linkify regex. Commit.
  • Don't destroy formatting when editing previous messages. Commit.
  • Prevent collision between KUnifiedPush DBus and KRunner DBus. Commit.
  • This is no longer needed now that ECM 6.0.0 is available. Commit.
  • Remove manual window toggling for system tray icon. Commit. Fixes bug #479721. Fixes bug #482779.
  • Don't link KDBusAddons on windows. Commit.
  • Don't require kirigami-addons master. Commit.
  • Fix (un)ignoring unknown users. Commit.
  • Fix saving images from maximize component. Commit.
  • Fix loading okular preview part. Commit. Fixes bug #483109.
  • Fix configure web shortcuts popup in kcmshell6. Commit.
  • Fix multiline selection. Commit. Fixes bug #482249.
  • Fix crash when in embedded dummy mode. Commit. Fixes bug #476207.
  • Newer clazy: More potential detaching temporary. Commit.
  • Newer clazy: More PMF. Commit.
  • Newer clazy: Use PMF for actions. Commit.
  • Newer clazy: More QListery. Commit.
  • Newer clazy: Add a few std::as_const. Commit.
  • Newer clazy: QList changes. Commit.
  • Provide option to disable browser integration. Commit.
  • Appdata: Add homepage URL. Commit.
  • Revert "Fix keyboard toggle button always opening keyboard". Commit.
  • Fix keyboard toggle button always opening keyboard. Commit.
  • Properly implement showing keyboard on launch. Commit.
  • Finish recording instead of activating when activated from shortcut while recording. Commit. Fixes bug #481471.
  • Ensure region recording outline stays out of recording. Commit.
  • Set layer-shell exclusive zone for capture region overlay. Commit. Fixes bug #481391.
  • Fix selection tool. Commit.
  • Use KConfigDialogManager system instead of directly setting video format. Commit. Fixes bug #481390.
  • Fix filename template label buddies. Commit.
  • Fix code quality. Commit.
  • Fix QString handling. Commit.
  • AppStream: do not translate developer name. Commit.
  • AppStream: specify supported input devices. Commit.
  • Remove minimum window size on mobile. Commit. Fixes bug #482844.
  • Use since_id instead of min_id in grabbing push notifications. Commit.
  • Post push notifications in reverse order. Commit.
  • Reimplement an early exit when there's no accounts with no notifications. Commit.
  • Add NotificationHandler::lastNotificationClosed signal. Commit.
  • Create only one NotificationHandler and put it in AccountManager. Commit.
  • Fix keyboard navigatin in the Sidebar. Commit.
  • Add margins to the video player controls. Commit.
  • Don't allow opening a context menu for an image if it's hidden. Commit.
  • Fix spacing on post info that has an application. Commit.
  • Disable interactivity of the alt and other attachment chip. Commit.
  • Hide embed action for private posts. Commit.
  • Fix z order of the link indicator. Commit.
  • Hide interaction buttons on most notifications except for mentions. Commit.
  • Prevent crash when grouped notifications are used on initialization. Commit.
  • Enable grouping notifications by default. Commit.
  • Fix focusing new sessions. Commit. Fixes bug #482119.
  • Fix startup crash with some skins. Commit.