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KDE Gear 24.02.0 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.02.0 from the git repositories.

  • Fix infinite recursion in NotificationCollector. Commit.
  • Monitor: restore Items from Ntf if we cannot fetch them. Commit.
  • NotificationCollector: ignore notification with invalid or empty item set. Commit.
  • Fix ChangeRecorder journal corruption due to qsizetype change in Qt6. Commit.
  • Ensure query size in search manager remains less than 1000. Commit. See bug #480543.
  • Optimize imap set. Commit.
  • Fix bug 481593: New Feed and Add Feed Buttons Do the Same Thing. Commit. Fixes bug #481593.
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.
  • WebApp: Fix not launching on Qt6. Commit.
  • Desktop: Fix switching tabs. Commit.
  • Cli7zplugin: improve compatibility with original 7-Zip. Commit.
  • Only mark KCM as changed when text was actually edited. Commit. Fixes bug #476669.
  • Search for Qt6 explicitly. Commit.
  • Adapt to API changes. Commit.
  • Never emit the fileMiddleClickActivated signal if isTabsForFilesEnabled is true. Commit.
  • Revert "DolphinView: merge update functions into set functions". Commit.
  • Fix 'Create sub-todo' action being always disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #479351.
  • Re-enable kimageannotator integration. Commit.
  • Thumbnailview: Check if thumbnail is actually visible when generating. Commit.
  • Thumbnailview: Don't execute thumbnail generation while we're still loading. Commit.
  • Rate limit how often we update PreviewItemDelegate when model rows change. Commit.
  • Update on window scale changes. Commit. Fixes bug #480659.
  • Tighten QML module dependency requirements. Commit.
  • Add developer_name tag to Appstream data. Commit.
  • Adapt Craft ignore list to renamed KMime translation catalog. Commit.
  • Add Craft ignore list from Craft's blueprint. Commit.
  • Add CD job for publishing on Google Play. Commit.
  • Disable the journey map on the live status page. Commit.
  • Fix check for displaying departure notes on train trips. Commit.
  • Improve display of notes sheet. Commit.
  • MapView: Improve mouse zooming behaviour. Commit.
  • Fix closing the journey replacement warning dialog. Commit.
  • When user performs Refresh Alarms, don't reload calendars twice. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.
  • Fix version number. Commit.
  • Remove X11 calls when using Wayland. Commit.
  • Bug 481132: Remove description of local directory calendars, which are no longer supported. Commit.
  • Bug 481053: Fix --name command line option not using its parameter. Commit.
  • Ensure that failing autotests are noticed. Commit.
  • Fix failing autotest on FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Fix sounds not playing. Commit.
  • Fix porting regression. Commit.
  • Remove Qt5 parts. Commit.
  • Add developer_name tag to the appdata file. Commit.
  • KF app templates: use non-development min dependency KF 6.0. Commit.
  • Non-simple KF app template: deploy ui.rc file as Qt resource. Commit.
  • Update date in KAboutData. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect colorscheme on startup. Commit.
  • Workaround for TapHandler+ColumnView issues. Commit.
  • Fix crash. Commit.
  • Documents: Fix row numbers not updated after dnd. Commit.
  • Fix diagnostic count when removing diagnostics from a doc with multiple providers. Commit.
  • Diag: Always allow diagnostics for active document. Commit.
  • Remove clock widget on time page. Commit.
  • Fix navbar icons not showing with qqc2-breeze-style. Commit.
  • Fix multitrack view not exiting for some reason on tool switch (Qt6). Commit.
  • Fix qml warnings. Commit.
  • Show blue audio/video usage icons in project Bin for all clip types. Commit.
  • Multiple fixes for downloaded effect templates: broken link in effect info, empty name, cannot edit/delete. Commit.
  • New splash for 24.02. Commit.
  • Subtitles: add session id to tmp files to ensure 2 concurrent versions of a project don't share the same tmp files. Commit. Fixes bug #481525.
  • Fix title clip font's weight lost between Qt5 and Qt6 projects. Commit.
  • Fix audio thumbnail not updated on replace clip in timeline. Commit.
  • Refactor mouse position in the timeline to fix multiple small bugs. Commit. Fixes bug #480977.
  • Subtitle import: disable ok button when no file is selected, only preview the 30 first lines. Commit.
  • Fix wrong clip dropped on timeline when subtitle track is visible. Commit. See bug #481325.
  • Fix track name text color on Qt6. Commit.
  • Ensure we don't mix title clips thumbnails (eg. in duplicated clips). Commit.
  • Fix scopes and titler bg on Win/Mac. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect item text. Commit.
  • Fix extract frame from video (fixes titler background, scopes, etc). Commit.
  • Make AVFilter average and gaussian blur keyframable. Commit.
  • Ensure we always load the latest xml definitions for effects. Commit.
  • Fix composition paste not correctly keeping a_track. Commit.
  • Ensure custom keyboard shortcuts are not deleted on config reset. Commit.
  • Fix crash after changing toolbar config: ensure all factory()->container actions are rebuild. Commit.
  • Try to fix white monitor on undock/fullscreen on Windows / Mac. Commit.
  • Fix sequence copy. Commit. See bug #481064.
  • Fix pasting of sequence clips to another document messing clip ids. Commit.
  • Fix python package detection, install in venv. Commit.
  • Another pip fix. Commit.
  • Fix typos in venv pip. Commit.
  • Venv: ensure the python process are correctly started. Commit.
  • Add avfilter dblur xml description to fix param range. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Correctly ensure pip is installed in venv. Commit.
  • Fix undocked widgets don't have a title bar to allow moving / re-docking. Commit.
  • Ensure pip is installed inside our venv. Commit.
  • Fix Qt6 dragging clips with subtitle track visible. Commit. Fixes bug #480829.
  • Subtitle items don't have a grouped property - fixes resize bug. Commit. See bug #480383.
  • Fix Shift + resize subtitle affecting other clips. Commit.
  • Speech to text : switch to importlib instead of deprecated pkg_resources. Commit.
  • Multi guides export: replace slash and backslash in section names to fix rendering. Commit. Fixes bug #480845.
  • Fix moving grouped subtitles can corrupt timeline if doing an invalid move. Commit.
  • Fix sequence corruption on project load. Commit. Fixes bug #480776.
  • Fix sort order not correctly restored, store it in project file. Commit.
  • Ensure closed timeline sequences have a transparent background on opening. Commit. Fixes bug #480734.
  • Fix Arrow down cannot move to lower track if subtitles track is active. Commit.
  • Enforce refresh on monitor fullscreen switch (fixes incorrectly placed image). Commit.
  • Fix audio lost when replacing clip in timeline with speed change. Commit.
  • Fix duplicated filenames or multiple uses not correctly handled in archiving. Commit. Fixes bug #421567. Fixes bug #456346.
  • Fix multiple archiving issues. Commit. Fixes bug #456346.
  • Do not hide info message on render start. Commit.
  • Fix Nvidia transcoding. Commit.
  • Fix possible sequence corruption. Commit. Fixes bug #480398.
  • Fix sequences folder id not correctly restored on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix EWS config dialog. Commit.
  • Ews: Handle KIO::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED error. Commit.
  • Ews: Use http1 for ews requests. Commit. See bug #480770.
  • Move checkbox on top. Commit.
  • Fix start service. Commit.
  • Comment this assert. we need to investigate more. But it breaks my. Commit.
  • Missing -o => we didn't extract string from qml. Commit.
  • Afc: Adjust Solid action to new URL format. Commit.
  • Afc: Drop pretty name handling. Commit. Fixes bug #462381.
  • Sftp: unbreak gcc compat. Commit.
  • Handle time quadruples in the generic boarding pass extractor. Commit. Fixes bug #481281.
  • Support the horizontally split double ticket layout for PV/Vivi. Commit.
  • Extract seat information from Elron tickets. Commit.
  • Make LTG Link extractor more robust against slight layout variations. Commit.
  • Force-disable unity builds. Commit.
  • Handle Carte Advantage with multiple validity periods. Commit.
  • Don't set reservationNumber for Thalys ERA SSB barcodes to TCN. Commit.
  • Use UTC for test value setup to be independent of local time. Commit.
  • Use new folder-edit-sign-encrypt icon. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.
  • Fix crash on close. Commit.
  • Fix showMail when kmail is not started. Commit.
  • Fix separator being displayed while below element is not. Commit.
  • Fix disconnect mode not visible. Commit.
  • We really need to have kolab support. Commit.
  • Fix qCWarning. Commit.
  • This check is not necessary now. Commit.
  • Debug--. Commit.
  • Fix QML name. Commit.
  • Fix triggered nextAction. Commit.
  • I18n: Add more context to password string. Commit.
  • Backport change from master. Commit.
  • MAccountConfigurationImpl will allow to create account. => rename method. Commit.
  • Rename variable. Commit.
  • Rename files. Commit.
  • Rename this class to accountconfigurationbase. Commit.
  • Add UseTLS. Commit.
  • Add more autotest. Commit.
  • Use QStandardPath. Commit.
  • Remove not necessary this->. Commit.
  • Continue to implement autotest. Commit.
  • Prepare to autotest it. Commit.
  • Export symbol. Commit.
  • Move to target_sources. Commit.
  • Prepare to test create resource. Commit.
  • Remove TODO. Commit.
  • Store as info. Commit.
  • Test signal. Commit.
  • We need QString info for testing it. Commit.
  • Improve supprot. Commit.
  • Improve autotests. Commit.
  • Improve debug. Commit.
  • Save after adding a new mail transport. Commit.
  • Don't use alias in meta object definition. Commit.
  • Fix: use proper CMakeLists variable name and fix versions. Commit.
  • Ensure WebEngineView receives focus after pressing return from the URL bar. Commit.
  • Ensure that GUI is correctly hidden and restored when toggling complete full screen. Commit.
  • Save and read cookies on disk. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with KF5 when DontUseKCookieJar is enabled. Commit.
  • Provide scripts with an env var to find qdbus. Commit. Fixes bug #349675.
  • Scripts/sysinfo: Add support for Plasma 6. Commit.
  • Add error handling and modernize kpart loading. Commit.
  • Fix the embedded Konsole. Commit. Fixes bug #480452.
  • Set correct link for custompages handbook. Commit.
  • Use correct timezone when creating recurrence exception. Commit. Fixes bug #481305.
  • Formats/translations kcm modules were merged in kcm_regionandlang. Commit.
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.
  • In opensuse designer apps was renamed to designer6. => fix search designer. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash during teardown/shutdown. Commit.
  • Ensure audio prober is not loaded. Commit.
  • Update build.gradle. Commit.
  • Fix android build. Commit.
  • Don't search for non-existant Qt6XkbCommonSupport. Commit.
  • Drop unused kcrash dependency. Commit.
  • Pw: Keep alternative for KPipeWire 6.0 and 6.1. Commit.
  • Correct icon and text positions in game chooser for HiDPI mode. Commit.
  • Fix 25x25 letter markers not showing up for ksudoku_scrible.svg. Commit.
  • Fix destroying down ProgressDialog. Commit.
  • People API: handle EXPIRED_SYNC_TOKEN error properly. Commit.
  • Calendar API: implement support for Event.eventType. Commit.
  • Fix Calendar API test data. Commit.
  • Add developer name in Appstream to fix Flathub builds. Commit.
  • Add possibility to format for KDE PO summit. Commit.
  • Normalize polygon winding order for 3D buildings. Commit.
  • Add back no display in mail desktop file. Commit.
  • Convert datetime to locale. Commit.
  • Fix bug 479932: Mail display eat spaces after quote characters. Commit. Fixes bug #479932.
  • Messageviewerdialog: Set window title. Commit.
  • Add feature flag for reply in thread. Commit.
  • Fix reaction update event when the event is not there anymore. Commit.
  • Fix reaction delegate sizing for text reaction. Commit.
  • Skip Welcome screen when there's only one connection and it's loaded. Commit.
  • Allow dropping connections from the welcome page. Commit.
  • Show custom emoji reactions as per MSC4027. Commit.
  • Fix AudioDelegate playback. Commit.
  • Presentationwidget: Invalidate pixmaps on dpr change. Commit. Fixes bug #479141.
  • Better user strings for signature settings. Commit. See bug #481262.
  • Org.kde.okular.appdata: Add developer_name. Commit.
  • Fix window updates on wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #468591.
  • Port PracticeSummaryComponent to be a QWidget. Commit.
  • Port PracticeMainWindow to be a QWidget. Commit.
  • Port Editor to be a QWidget. Commit.
  • Port StatisticsMainWindow to be a QWidget. Commit.
  • Port Dashboard to be a QWidget. Commit.
  • Add missing new setting: Override Encryption Defaults=true. Commit.
  • Use release/24.02 branch. Commit.
  • Remove click to toggle play/pause. Commit.
  • Fix right-clicking items with mouse or touchpad not working. Commit.
  • Show vkbd when a terminal page is created. Commit.
  • Fix drawing with touchscreen. Commit.
  • ViewerWindow: Check if s_viewerWindowInstance points to this when destroying. Commit. Fixes bug #469502.
  • Fix always recording the screen at (0,0) with screen recording. Commit. Fixes bug #480599.
  • Do not loop video player and pause on playback stopped. Commit.
  • Recording: Play the video after it has recorded. Commit.
  • Fix invalid timestamp when opening config dialog before screen capture. Commit.
  • Recording: Do not leak node ids. Commit.
  • Fix unclickable buttons on dialog window after startSystemMove() is called. Commit.
  • Disable boosting private (followers-only) posts. Commit.
  • Remove image attachment captions. Commit.
  • Fix bottom margin on settings button in sidebar. Commit.
  • Refresh the thread if we reply to it. Commit. Fixes bug #480695. See bug #467724.
  • Hide actions on mobile that are already present in the bottom bar. Commit. See bug #479247.
  • TapHandler fixes to hopefully solve page switching woes. Commit.