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KDE Gear 24.01.95 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.01.95 from the git repositories.

  • Test: fix the value of QT_HASH_SEED. Commit.
  • Fix entitytreemodeltest. Commit.
  • Fix akrangestest. Commit.
  • Fix ItemCreateHandlerTest. Commit.
  • ItemCreateJob: throw error when server requests mismatched payload part. Commit.
  • PartStreamer: return error when client sent mismatched part data. Commit.
  • Fix xmldocumenttest on Windows. Commit.
  • Disable QCoreApplication quitLock in Akonadi tests. Commit.
  • ItemCreateHandler: avoid using RID/GID merge when only Silent flag is set. Commit.
  • Set QT_HASH_SEED to 0 instead of 1 and fix test. Commit.
  • Fix AkStandardDirsTest on Windows. Commit.
  • Make sure that icon is setting. Commit.
  • Fix layout when no item is selected. Commit.
  • Update ytmusicapi to 1.5.1. Commit.
  • Port to Kirigami Addons BottomDrawer. Commit.
  • Fix some QML warnings. Commit.
  • Add support for ytmusicapi 1.5.0. Commit.
  • Call signals instead of signal handlers. Commit.
  • SearchPage: Fix clicking on search history entries. Commit.
  • Fix position of the volume label. Commit.
  • Fix loading the "Systemabsturz" artist page. Commit.
  • Drop unused kconfigwidgets dependency. Commit.
  • Rolesupdater: set isExpandable to false when dir is empty. Commit.
  • Avoid sorting too frequently. Commit.
  • Dolphintabbar: only open tab on double left click. Commit. Fixes bug #480098.
  • Fix: "empty folder" placeholder text eating mouse events. Commit. Fixes bug #441070.
  • KItemListRoleEditor: Disable spellchecking. Commit. Fixes bug #477897.
  • Terminalpanel.cpp: Set m_konsolePart to nullptr during exit signal. Commit. Fixes bug #479596.
  • Fix crash when flicking mouse over rating star. Commit.
  • Fix mobile Show Playlist button in wide mode. Commit.
  • Refactor the playlist drawer handleVisible property. Commit.
  • Metadata model: ensure lyrics are always displayed at the bottom. Commit.
  • Fix double lyrics in metadata form when clicking modify and then cancel. Commit.
  • Agenda: fix timezone being lost when moving event by drag. Commit. See bug #448703.
  • Not necessary to install test apps. Commit.
  • Fix ktimezonecomboboxtest. Commit.
  • Fix CI test support. Commit.
  • Add test CI support. Commit.
  • Fix Android build, pt2. Commit.
  • Fix Android build. Commit.
  • Fix import file size check for itinerary backups on Android. Commit.
  • Fix "Add to calendar" sheet. Commit.
  • Fix saving edited or newly created program membership cards. Commit.
  • Fix dangling reference warning. Commit.
  • Add DB online ticket API response dumping script. Commit.
  • Use latest-kf6 branch for KHealthCertificate. Commit.
  • Try to fix path map touch interaction. Commit.
  • Make stop picker delegates accessible. Commit.
  • Bundle icon for attached emails. Commit.
  • Disable torch button if we don't have a camera. Commit.
  • Fix build with taglib 2. Commit.
  • Add check for invalid embedded images. Commit. Fixes bug #480263.
  • Fix the pause() method toggling pause state for VLC backend. Commit. Fixes bug #474432.
  • Fix SectionListHeaders on DownloadListPage. Commit.
  • Update dependencies in flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Fix lsp semantic tokens range request. Commit.
  • Fix Kate snippets: crash when editing a snippet repository. Commit. Fixes bug #478230.
  • Fix: terminal path automatically changes on launch even if the terminal setting is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #480080.
  • Check for version. Commit.
  • KateSaveModifiedDialog: Play warning message box sound. Commit.
  • Don't build ktexteditor, doesn't match the sdk anymore. Commit.
  • Remove character that wasn't supposed to be in the install command. Commit.
  • Make sure that icon is setting. Commit.
  • [plugins/mousepad]: Add support for the persistence feature of the RemoteDesktop portal. Commit. Fixes bug #479013.
  • [plugins/telephony] Clear actions before creating new notification action. Commit. Fixes bug #479904.
  • Call signals instead of signal handlers. Commit.
  • Fix loading settings. Commit.
  • Fix duplicate sequence not creating undo entry. Commit. See bug #480398.
  • Fix drag clip at beginning of timeline sometimes loses focus. Commit.
  • Fix luma files not correctly checked on document open, resulting in change to luma transitions. Commit. Fixes bug #480343.
  • [CD] Run macOS Qt5 only on manual trigger. Commit.
  • Fix group move corrupting undo. Commit. Fixes bug #480348.
  • Add FFv1 render preset to replace non working utvideo. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash on layout switch (with Qt in debug mode), fix mixer label overlap. Commit.
  • Hide timeline clip effect button on low zoom. Commit.
  • Fix subtitles not covering transparent zones. Commit. Fixes bug #480350.
  • Group resize: don't allow resizing a clip to length < 1. Commit. Fixes bug #480348.
  • Luma fixes: silently autofix luma paths for AppImage projects. Try harder to find matching luma in list, create thumbs in another thread so we don't block the ui. Commit.
  • Fix crash cutting grouped overlapping subtitles. Don't allow the cut anymore, add test. Commit. Fixes bug #480316.
  • Remove unused var. Commit.
  • Effect stack: don't show drop marker if drop doesn't change effect order. Commit.
  • Try to fix crash dragging effect on Mac. Commit.
  • Another try to fix monitor offset on Mac. Commit.
  • Optimize some of the timeline qml code. Commit.
  • Fix DocumentChecker model directly setting items and incorrect call to columnCount() in index causing freeze in Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix clip monitor not updating when clicking in a bin column like date or description. Commit. Fixes bug #480148.
  • Ensure we also check "consumer" producers on doc opening (playlist with a different fps). Commit.
  • Fix glaxnimate animation not parsed by documentchecker, resulting in empty animations without warn if file is not found. Commit.
  • Fix NVidia encoding with recent FFmpeg. Commit.
  • Fix clip name offset in timeline for clips with mixes. Commit.
  • Better way to disable building lumas in tests. Commit.
  • Don't build lumas for tests. Commit.
  • Fix Mac compilation. Commit.
  • Fix data install path on Windows with Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix ridiculously slow recursive search. Commit.
  • Fix start playing at end of timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #479994.
  • Try to fix mac monitor vertical offset. Commit.
  • Don't display useless link when effect category is selected. Commit.
  • Fix save clip zone from timeline adding an extra frame. Commit. Fixes bug #480005.
  • Fix clips with mix cannot be cut, add test. Commit. See bug #479875.
  • Fix cmd line rendering. Commit.
  • Windows: fix monitor image vertical offset. Commit.
  • Fix project monitor loop clip. Commit.
  • Add test for recent sequence effect bug. Commit. See bug #479788.
  • Fix tests (ensure we don't try to discard a task twice). Commit.
  • Blacklist MLT Qt5 module when building against Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix monitor offset when zooming back to 1:1. Commit.
  • Fix sequence effects lost. Commit. Fixes bug #479788.
  • Avoid white bg label in status bar on startup. Commit.
  • Fix qml warnings. Commit.
  • Fix clicking on clip fade indicator sometimes creating a 2 frames fade instead of defined duration. Commit.
  • Improved fix for center crop issue. Commit.
  • Fix center crop adjust not covering full image. Commit. Fixes bug #464974.
  • Fix various Qt6 mouse click issues in monitors. Commit.
  • Disable Movit until it's stable (should have done that a long time ago). Commit.
  • Fix Qt5 startup crash. Commit.
  • Add time to undo action text. Commit.
  • Fix cannot save list of project files. Commit. Fixes bug #479370.
  • Add missing license info. Commit.
  • [Nightly Flatpak] Replace Intel Media SDK by OneVPL Runtime. Commit.
  • [Nightly Flatpak] Fix and update python deps. Commit.
  • [Nightly Flatpak] Switch to Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix url + mark as optional. Commit.
  • Add icon + don't show dialog. Commit.
  • Fix translate currentDateTime. Commit.
  • Qt6Core5Compat is required to build. Commit.
  • Remove broken entry from CI metadata. Commit.
  • [fish] Use QByteArray for outBuf everywhere. Commit. Fixes bug #479707.
  • Add picture of the kanji browser. Commit.
  • Extract IRCTC departure/arrival times as well. Commit.
  • Ns: Only return one of the possible station names. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for IRCTC QR tickets. Commit.
  • Also normalize the seating type field. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for international NS tickets with reservations. Commit.
  • Handle more text variants. Commit.
  • Stop the static extractor build job from triggering automatically. Commit.
  • Fix Appstream validation error during Flatpak build. Commit.
  • Also extract Egencia PDF hotel bookings. Commit.
  • Add Egencia iCal extractor script. Commit.
  • Correctly handle ambiguous phone number prefixes. Commit.
  • Expand string-based address fields to PostalAddress objects. Commit.
  • Also search for terminals after IATA codes. Commit.
  • Update blablacar-bus station list. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Meininger booking confirmations. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Hilton hotel bookings. Commit.
  • Handle another SNCB from address. Commit.
  • Deal with an existing single potentialAction when migrating legacy actions. Commit.
  • Export full day events as such to iCal. Commit.
  • Convert full day event end dates to end-of-day date/times. Commit.
  • Support repeated properties in Microdata. Commit.
  • Don't crash on missing PDF link actions. Commit.
  • Support https URIs. Commit.
  • Switch static extractor build to the stable Gear branch. Commit.
  • Fix extracting B&B Hotel confirmations with breakfast. Commit.
  • Use release branches for the Flatpak. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with Clang 16. Commit.
  • Prepare autotest. Commit.
  • It's already implemented in impl class. Commit.
  • Prepare new autotest. Commit.
  • Add debug (for future autotests). Commit.
  • Use implement class. Commit.
  • Add manualconfigurationimpl. Commit.
  • Add identityimpl. Commit.
  • Add virtual method. Commit.
  • Rename as identitybase too. Commit.
  • Rename as manualconfigurationbase => we will able to debug it. Commit.
  • Use a locale for the tests that also works on FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Add missing CC-BY-SA-4.0 license text copy. Commit.
  • Add missing dependencies. Commit.
  • Disable slideshow on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix image actions on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix broken section header in conferences view. Commit.
  • Fix broken section header in schedule view. Commit.
  • Don't check for QtWebEngineWidgets_VERSION in KF6. Commit.
  • Only set the forcesNewWindow flag of BrowserArguments for WebBrowserWindow type. Commit.
  • Correctly set the needSave flag. Commit.
  • Fix the paths for the proxy and web shortcuts KCM in KF6. Commit.
  • Use QWebEnginePage::isVisible from WebEnginePage::changeLifecycleState. Commit.
  • Check if the value passed to runJavascript callbacks are valid. Commit.
  • Use the suggested file name when downloading a file. Commit.
  • Ensure that requested URL is set correctly when restoring a view from history. Commit.
  • Don't ask to save settings when nothing has changed in Performance KCM. Commit.
  • Remove dolphinnavigation KCM from configuration dialog. Commit.
  • Remove qDebug() calls. Commit.
  • Fix flatpak build. Commit.
  • Implemented DBus methods for reading displayed text. Commit. Fixes bug #238032.
  • Support Arch Linux names for the lrzsz executables. Commit.
  • Make sure that icon is setting. Commit.
  • Make sure that icon is setting. Commit.
  • Fix Kirigami Addons dependency version. Commit.
  • Attempt to fix the static kitinerary extractor build. Commit.
  • Work around yet another protobuf undefined define use issue. Commit.
  • Add ŽPCG backend (Passenger trains in Montenegro). Commit.
  • Add error reporting to ltg and pv backend. Commit.
  • Fix occasional crash when downloading station data. Commit.
  • Port to new CI template syntax. Commit.
  • Rdp: fix mouse double click. Commit.
  • RDP: Fix resolution scaling and initial resolution settings. Commit.
  • Also disconnect the cliprdr channel. Commit.
  • Fix missing break in mouse event handler. Commit.
  • Fix disconnection on session init due to missing clipboard struct init; BUG: 478580. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Fix builds, freerdp 2.x is needed. Commit.
  • Drop unused kwindowsystem dependency. Commit.
  • Revert "wayland: Adapt to change in kpipewire". Commit.
  • Wayland: Adapt to change in kpipewire. Commit.
  • Introduce a BUILD_SASL_PLUGIN option for co-installability. Commit.
  • Minor optimization. Commit.
  • Move text block here. Commit.
  • Finish to implement expiremovejob. Commit.
  • Return error. Commit.
  • Continue to implement it. Commit.
  • Continue to implement expiremovejob. Commit.
  • Cache srcFolderName. Commit.
  • Prepare to fix expire mail by moving them. Commit.
  • Don't try to change "seen" status if we already have error. Commit.
  • Const'ify variable. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Add TODO. Commit.
  • Fix expire a lot of items. Commit.
  • Use add_mailcommon_filter_akonadi_test here. Commit.
  • Fix invalid parent collection error when creating new contact. Commit.
  • Use new icons from Helden Hoierman. Commit.
  • Fix switch mode in the week view. Commit.
  • Fix wrong weekday label of Chinese locale when length set to letter only (M). Commit. Fixes bug #450571.
  • Fix replystrategytest. Commit.
  • Move to @same for products that are on the same release cycle. Commit.
  • Fix message viewer dialog test. Commit.
  • Fix copying selected text from a message. Commit.
  • Cherrypick 24.02 Clip QuickSwitcher. Commit.
  • Require master of ECM. Commit.
  • Make the search message dialog header way prettier, like it is in KCMs. Commit.
  • Add missing thread roles in SearchModel. Commit.
  • Cherrypick 24.02 Readonly Room. Commit. Fixes bug #479590.
  • Call signals instead of signal handlers. Commit.
  • Update copyright year. Commit.
  • Use craft default targets. Commit.
  • Add craft ci targets. Commit.
  • Button groups can span multiple pages. Commit. Fixes bug #479942.
  • Reset SOVERSION. We changed the library name. Commit.
  • Fix ci by not requesting cross-group targets. Commit.
  • Also fix compile path. Commit.
  • Fix loading okularpart. Commit.
  • Compile time option to not enable version checker. Commit.
  • Fix tests and require passing. Commit.
  • Fix touch on recommended video items. Commit.
  • Fix video controls not showing up on tap. Commit.
  • Fix context menu activating too easily on touch input. Commit.
  • Don't enable hover for grid items on touch input. Commit.
  • .kde-ci.yml remove qmltermwidget. Commit.
  • Backport fix for 246484. Commit.
  • Add icons to the send button in the composer. Commit.
  • Move DropArea to the composer TextArea. Commit.
  • Make the composer use the same flex column maximum width as posts. Commit.
  • Use correct spacing value in status preview. Commit.
  • Fix vertical alignment of time text in composer. Commit.
  • Fix alignment of character limit label in composer. Commit.
  • Use Loaders in StatusPreview to get rid of some unnecessary spacing. Commit.
  • Fix missing viewportWidth in StatusPreview. Commit.
  • PostContent: assorted bidirectionality fixes. Commit. Fixes bug #475043.
  • MastoPage: don't mirror the elephant. Commit.
  • Handle yet more edge cases where the standalone tags fail. Commit.
  • Add a bit of padding to the post search results. Commit.
  • Clear search result before doing a new search. Commit.
  • Fix search section delegate having a 0px width. Commit.
  • Clip search field content. Commit.
  • Prevent visible error when the account doesn't have push scope. Commit.
  • Call signals instead of signal handlers. Commit.
  • Improve login error message with icons. Commit.
  • Visually separate the active account from the list in the switcher. Commit. Fixes bug #479528.
  • Org.kde.yakuake.appdata.xml add donation URL and launchable. Commit.
  • Make sure that icon is setting. Commit.