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KDE Gear 24.01.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.01.90 from the git repositories.

  • Translate string here too. Commit.
  • Use i18n here. Commit.
  • Fix minor typo (optmize -> optimize). Commit.
  • Extract message file name is akonadi-db-migrator. Commit.
  • Don't need to import moc here. Commit.
  • Add missing license identifier new files from db migrator. Commit.
  • Fix DataStore in tests not getting open() before use. Commit.
  • Fix MSVC/FreeBSD build with C++20. Commit.
  • Fix build on MSVC after enabling C++20. Commit.
  • DbMigrator: remove stop_token. Commit.
  • DbMigrator: stop Akonadi before migration and acquire DBus lock. Commit.
  • Make variantToDateTime() accept custom DataStore. Commit.
  • Add tool to seamlessly migrate Akonadi between database engines. Commit.
  • DbIntrospector: add queries to get and set next autoincrement PK value. Commit.
  • DbConfig: make dbPath configurable for all backends. Commit.
  • .clang-tidy: allow "db" as a variable name. Commit.
  • Enable C++20. Commit.
  • Transaction: fix mCommitted state tracking when using begin(). Commit.
  • DbConfig: implement FK check on/off for DB engines. Commit.
  • Simplify SchemaTypes code a little. Commit.
  • DataStore: allow lookup of DataStore* by DB connection name. Commit.
  • DataStore: allow passing a custom DbConfig. Commit.
  • Entities: add overloads that accept DataStore. Commit.
  • QueryBuilder: make it possible to pass a custom DataStore. Commit.
  • AkRanges: add enumerate view. Commit.
  • Make AttributeStorage explicitly shared. Commit.
  • Reapply "Use [[nodiscard]] instead of Q_REQUIRED_RESULT". Commit.
  • Reapply "Fix random crash in ItemPrivate copy ctor due to QHash rehashing". Commit.
  • Intercept return key. Commit.
  • Port deprecated method. Commit.
  • Use new qHash function with size_t and seed argument. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Remove old code. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • 0.14.2 was released. It has kwallet6 support. Commit.
  • Port deprecated QDateTime constructor. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Org.kde.akregator.appdata.xml improve appdata URLs. Commit.
  • Use more breeze like scrollbar in webview. Commit.
  • Disable QWebEngineSettings::NavigateOnDropEnabled. Commit.
  • Disable NavigateOnDropEnabled. Commit.
  • Remove extra space. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate header. Commit.
  • Snapcraft: Initial import snapcraft files. Commit.
  • Port to KIO/FileCopyJob. Commit.
  • Port deprecated methods. Commit.
  • Port deprecated method. Commit.
  • Prevent 3D plots from crashing on QML. Commit.
  • Org.kde.angelfish.metainfo.xml improve URLs. Commit.
  • Adapt to KConfig API change. Commit.
  • Fix: preserve archive metadata during operations. Commit. Fixes bug #435001.
  • Use KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain(QByteArrayLiteral. Commit.
  • Add parenthesize to avoid clang-format not properly formatting initializer lists. Commit.
  • ExtractTest: Create setupRow helper. Commit.
  • Improve formatting by adding trailing commas. Commit.
  • Include KDEClangFormat ECM module and add format target. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Disallow building with Qt5. Commit.
  • Fix displaying ListSectionHeaders after Kirigami changes. Commit.
  • Fix KOrganizer Todo printout and page-breaking. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Adapt to KConfig API change. Commit.
  • [R] added QtHelp files for R's manual. Commit.
  • DolphinView: merge update functions into set functions. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate KBookmarkManager call. Commit.
  • Use correct KIO include. Commit.
  • Fix using good baloo branch. Commit.
  • Add separator in Dolphin Status Bar. Commit.
  • Org.kde.dolphin.appdata.xml add launchable. Commit.
  • GeneralViewSettingsPage: Initialize variables in header, avoid unused variable depending on config. Commit.
  • Revert "Remove unused m_showToolTips variable". Commit.
  • Fix build with cmake >= 3.28. Commit.
  • Kfileitemmodeltest: Include KIO/SimpleJob header instead of relying on compat code. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Remove unused m_showToolTips variable. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded lambda capture. Commit.
  • Fix issues if QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII is defined. Commit.
  • Main.cpp about data: update homepage. Commit.
  • Add 38c34eeca to .git-blame-ignore-revs. Commit.
  • Set viewFocus when DolphinViewContainer state is consistent. Commit. Fixes bug #478724.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Check if ScrollView.background is null. Commit.
  • Set Label.verticalAlignment to Text.AlignVCenter. Commit.
  • Fix signal parameter injection warning. Commit.
  • Replace hardcoded sizes with ones from the theme. Commit.
  • Fix close to tray. Commit. Fixes bug #479411.
  • Metadata form: display dialog when closing with unsaved changes. Commit.
  • Mobile metadata view: re-work form actions. Commit.
  • Desktop metadata view: re-work form buttons. Commit.
  • Metadata model: Add undoChanges function. Commit.
  • Metadata model: don't overwrite changes immediately. Commit.
  • Metadata model: rename mTrackData to mDisplayData. Commit.
  • Metadata form: make these properties aliases to avoid destroying bindings. Commit.
  • Metadata delegate: add tooltip to delete button. Commit.
  • Metadata form: Make form labels bold on mobile read-only mode. Commit.
  • Metadata form: Use i18n for appending a colon character. Commit.
  • Metadata form: Correctly hide image for radios. Commit.
  • Mobile metadata form: fix radio delete button not closing form. Commit.
  • Desktop metadata view: use ScrollablePage. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate header. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Accept back and forward mouse button events. Commit. Fixes bug #479550.
  • Fix addressbar dropdown is compressed. Commit. Fixes bug #478748.
  • Autotests fix locationBarTest.loadActionSearchTest. Commit.
  • Fix compilation against Qt 6.7. Commit. Fixes bug #478857.
  • Update CHANGELOG. Commit.
  • Fix loading of SpeedDial userscript. Commit.
  • Change kirigami-addons to git master build. Commit.
  • Build kirigami-addons with Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix double slash in homepage URL. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Remove qt5 code. Commit.
  • Use directly to KF6/QT6. Commit.
  • Make it Qt6-only. Commit.
  • Look for PlasmaActivities when building for Qt6. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Use correct KIO include. Commit.
  • Port to KIO/FileCopyJob. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Make public transport backend delegate accessible. Commit.
  • Don't use country emoji flags in screen reader information. Commit.
  • Handle intermediate stops without coordinates. Commit.
  • Bundle map icon used by the journey page map view. Commit.
  • Hide the decorative emoji titles in the a11y tree. Commit.
  • Fix activating the weather forecast page via the a11y interface. Commit.
  • Make passes & programs page accessible. Commit.
  • Trigger new location request when the country is changed after entering the query. Commit.
  • Fix broken seat section in train page. Commit.
  • We use kf6/qt6 now. Commit.
  • JourneySectionPage: Add average speed statistics. Commit.
  • Fix the deletion dialog background staying after deleting a trip. Commit.
  • Don't add file type filters for the input file dialog on Android. Commit.
  • Fix background color of search results. Commit.
  • Cleanup. Commit.
  • Use path. Commit.
  • Port to mapView. Commit.
  • Fix dots. Commit.
  • Add map view. Commit.
  • Remove duplucate headers from cpp/h files. Commit.
  • Request full paths on journey searches. Commit.
  • Add iCal to the list of importable file types. Commit.
  • Add a method to get a QtLocation compatible journey path. Commit.
  • Fix color of the live status map icon. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Merge onboard live data into the current live state when available. Commit.
  • Retain more information when merging onboard journey data. Commit.
  • PassPage: Fix importing a pass. Commit.
  • Make the standalone tests work again. Commit.
  • Fix barcode scan mode button not showing for Apple Wallet passes. Commit.
  • Fix binding loop and messed up layout for overlong barcode titles. Commit.
  • Adapt to KItinerary API changes. Commit.
  • Make welcome and settings pages loading lazzy. Commit.
  • Make loading of LiveStatusPage lazzy. Commit.
  • Make loading of OnlineImportPage lazzy. Commit.
  • Make loading of DevelopmentModePage lazzy. Commit.
  • Optimize startup of ProgramMembershipPage. Commit.
  • Fix manually selecting transfers from the timeline. Commit.
  • Pick a better default text color for pkass event tickets. Commit.
  • Use kf6. Commit.
  • Fix stacking order of the torch button. Commit.
  • Speed up CBOR to JSON conversion. Commit.
  • Fix statistics trend icon coloring on Android. Commit.
  • Fix Add restaurant action icon not showing up in the menu. Commit.
  • Use qmlcachegen. Commit.
  • KF6: Port away from manually closing Kirigami.MenuDialog. Commit.
  • Remove long dead code. Commit.
  • Rework RadioSelector layout/size logic. Commit.
  • Rework the rest of the transport icon uses. Commit.
  • Drop Qt 5 code. Commit.
  • Port date/time inputs. Commit.
  • Use Image rather than Icon for platform sheet line logos. Commit.
  • Fix Matrix room selection sheet. Commit.
  • Switch to Breeze style on Android. Commit.
  • Switch to Breeze style on Android. Commit.
  • Adapt icon bundling to KF6 changes. Commit.
  • Port APK build to Qt 6. Commit.
  • Port away from Qt.labs.platform. Commit.
  • Adapt to ListView behavior changes. Commit.
  • Update about data to reflect reality. Commit.
  • Fix pass/programs page section headers. Commit.
  • Fix QML type registration with Qt 6. Commit.
  • Fix public transport backend page section titles. Commit.
  • Implement input handling for QtLocation map manually. Commit.
  • Fix various map sheet layout/clipping/padding issues. Commit.
  • Adapt to Kirigami.ApplicationWindow API changes. Commit.
  • Adapt to floating button API changes. Commit.
  • Adapt barcode scanner to QtMultimedia API changes. Commit.
  • Adapt to KSortFilterProxyModel API changes. Commit.
  • Port away from QtGraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Adapt to Kirigami.OverlaySheet API changes. Commit.
  • Port to new icon name properties. Commit.
  • Port away from Kirigami.BasicListItem. Commit.
  • Port Kirigami page actions. Commit.
  • Port away from Kirigami.AbstractListItem. Commit.
  • Use versionless QML imports. Commit.
  • Bugfix to prevent JuK hang when new music items detected on startup. Commit.
  • Adapt to KIO source API change. Commit.
  • Forget about collection list items that have been deleted. Commit.
  • Playlistbox: Give indication of what Playlist JuK thinks is playing. Commit.
  • Sliders: Reduce power usage by receiving ticks only when visible. Commit.
  • Playlist: Use search results to drive next random track if search is active. Commit.
  • Window: Make closing to systray work on the second and later attempts. Commit.
  • Config: Save the actual SearchPlaylist, not a pointer to it. Commit.
  • Last bit of easy iterator cleanup. Commit.
  • Remove broken/needless CoverManager. Commit.
  • Svg: RAII-ify owning handle to SVG renderer. Commit.
  • More iterator cleanup. Commit.
  • Playlist: Clean up string on right-click menu. Commit.
  • Playlist: Iterator cleanup. Commit.
  • Build documentation. Commit.
  • Renamer: Correct default path so path expansion works. Commit.
  • Renamer: Some loop cleanups. Commit.
  • Remove remaining uses of Qt foreach. Commit.
  • Tageditor: Remove deprecated code and more cleanup. Commit.
  • Tageditor: Simplify how U/I is managed for multiple item selection. Commit.
  • Migrate some legacy loops to use range-for. Commit.
  • Taglib: Intercept debug messages to mention offending filename. Commit.
  • Qt: Remove usage of deprecated Qt and Taglib methods. Commit.
  • About: Credit Carl Schwan for doing the Qt6 porting. Commit.
  • Tagguesser: Account for QRegularExpression semantics to pass autotests. Commit.
  • Player: Default volume to 100% before config is applied. Commit.
  • Gui: Use popupMenu(), Qt's menu() is null until set. Commit.
  • Cmake: Have Qt6 preferred over Qt5 if both exist. Commit.
  • Fix unit tests. Commit.
  • Adapt ci definition. Commit.
  • Qt6 port misc change. Commit.
  • Port to new phonon header. Commit.
  • Port away from defining connections in ui files. Commit.
  • Port to QRegularExpression. Commit.
  • Adapt cmake for qt6. Commit.
  • Fix bookmarkmanager api. Commit.
  • Fix loading plugin KCMs. Commit. Fixes bug #253768.
  • Add explicit KIO/JobTracker include. Commit.
  • Drop unused kdeclarative dependency. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Fix: add explicit arguments to qml signal handlers. Commit.
  • Fix mobile volume button size. Commit.
  • Fix taphandler on touchscreen. Commit.
  • Improve clippy tool. Commit.
  • Lsp: Dont assume we always have percentage in progress notification. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate KBookmarkManager call. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • RainbowParens: Improve performance when text is folded. Commit.
  • Avoid install of kauth helpers. Commit.
  • Try with more recent ktexteditor. Commit.
  • Remove unused var. Commit.
  • Less includes. Commit.
  • Better activation change handling. Commit.
  • Simplify session search. Commit.
  • Better session listing. Commit.
  • Remove unused api. Commit.
  • Simplify startup more. Commit.
  • Remove no longer used code. Commit.
  • Pick the last used instance. Commit.
  • Keep track when we got activated last time. Commit.
  • Fix search result paths if file is in "baseDir". Commit.
  • Use qHashMulti. Commit.
  • Make quickopen styling consistent with kcommandbar. Commit.
  • Collapse url changed events. Commit.
  • Lsp: remove rootIndicationFileNames for rust. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Fix bad connections. Commit.
  • Fix KSelectAction porting. Commit.
  • Fix kio include. Commit.
  • Require newer KF_MIN_VERSION. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Add donation url. Commit.
  • Ensure that add timezone listview is clipped in dialog. Commit.
  • Optimize code readability regarding strings in QML. Commit.
  • Remove version suffix from doc translation template. Commit.
  • Improvements in the handling of crontab comments. Commit. Fixes bug #432679.
  • Add myself to Commit.
  • Drop support for Qt5/KF5. Commit.
  • Start building Windows app packages. Commit.
  • [app] Fix plugin list. Commit.
  • Improve display of devices in the drawer. Commit. Fixes bug #474453.
  • Use pkg-configs imported target to link against DBus. Commit.
  • Reenable craft pipeline. Commit.
  • Remove no longer needed kpeoplevcard dependency. Commit.
  • Drop obsolete QT_VERSION_CHECK ifdefs from code. Commit.
  • Cleanup all occurences of QT_MAJOR_VERSION in cmake. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Fix displaying names in smsapp. Commit.
  • Fix start dir for file dialog. Commit.
  • Port to ecm_add_qml_module. Commit.
  • [app] Undo Qt5 compatibility hacks and fix QML code. Commit.
  • [app] Remove QML import versions. Commit.
  • [app] Fix ListSectionHeader width. Commit.
  • Port away from Kirigami BasicListItem. Commit.
  • Remove KF5 plasmoid. Commit.
  • Fully port to Qt6. Commit.
  • Require tests to pass on Linux. Commit.
  • [plasmoid] Make device list items non-interactive. Commit.
  • Fix opening runcommand settings. Commit.
  • Mention in description Blender and Mobipocket file format support. Commit.
  • Fix editing title clip with a mix can mess up the track. Commit. Fixes bug #478686.
  • Use Qt6 by default, fallback to Qt5. Commit.
  • Fix audio mixer cannot enter precise values with keyboard. Commit.
  • Apply i18n to percent values. Commit.
  • Show GPU in debug info. Commit.
  • Prevent, detect and possibly fix corrupted project files, fix feedback not displayed in project notes. Commit. See bug #472849.
  • Don't crash on first run. Commit.
  • Get rid of dropped QtGraphicalEffects. Commit.
  • Fix qml warnings. Commit.
  • Qt6: fix subtitle editing in timeline. Commit.
  • Fix subtitles crashing on project load (incorrectly setting in/out snap points). Commit.
  • Test project's active timeline is not always the first sequence. Commit.
  • Ensure secondary timelines are added to the project before being loaded. Commit.
  • Ensure autosave is not triggered when project is still loading. Commit.
  • Show GPU name in Wizard. Commit.
  • Avoid converting bin icons to/from QVariant. Commit.
  • Fix Qt6 audio / video only clip drag broken from clip monitor. Commit.
  • Fix rubber select incorrectly moving selected items when scrolling the view. Commit.
  • Port away from jobclasses KIO header. Commit.
  • Fix variable name shadowing. Commit.
  • When switching timeline tab without timeline selection, don't clear effect stack if it was showing a bin clip. Commit.
  • Fix crash pressing del in empty effect stack. Commit.
  • Ensure check for HW accel is also performed if some non essential MLT module is missing. Commit.
  • Fix closed sequences losing properties, add more tests. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to load timeline sequences more than once. Commit.
  • Fix "Sequence from selection" with single track. Commit.
  • Refactor code for paste. Commit.
  • Fix timeline groups lost after recent commit on project save. Commit.
  • Ensure we always use the correct timeline uuid on some clip operations. Commit.
  • Qt6: fix monitor image vertical offset. Commit.
  • Always keep all timeline models opened. Commit. See bug #478745.
  • Add animation: remember last used folder. Commit. See bug #478688.
  • Add debug. Commit.
  • Fix show list. Commit.
  • Use public method. Commit.
  • Refresh list when we changed settings. Commit.
  • Don't add same list. Commit.
  • Add operator==/operator!=. Commit.
  • Fix save list of adblock. Commit.
  • Add setFilterText here too. Commit.
  • Store/load size here too. Commit.
  • Save/load dialog size. Commit.
  • Add dialog. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Improve autotests. Commit.
  • Prepare to show list. Commit.
  • Fix list of files. Commit.
  • Insert action in menu. Commit.
  • Allow to update lists. Commit.
  • Create scamconfiguresettingstreewidget. Commit.
  • Prepare to fill list. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Add more autotest. Commit.
  • Add export symbol. Commit.
  • Use TextCustomEditor::RichTextBrowser. Commit.
  • Continue to implement adblockviewfilter dialog. Commit.
  • Prepare to show filter list. Commit.
  • Continue to implement scamconfiguresettingswidget. Commit.
  • Show headers in qtc. Commit.
  • Don't export private methods. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Use mkpath. Commit.
  • Add option for building scamsettings. Off by default at the moment as not finished. Commit.
  • Fix debug info. Commit.
  • Rename Quick Test to Snippet. Commit.
  • Use qCWarning. Commit.
  • Remove one list is enough. Commit.
  • Fix icon. Commit.
  • Rename role. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Add autotests. Commit.
  • Export symbol + add nodiscard. Commit.
  • Restore default settings. Commit.
  • Implement utils methods. Commit.
  • Prepare to add adblocklistsutil. Commit.
  • Minor optimization. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Warning--. Commit.
  • Don't emit configureChanged each time that we call saveSettings + remove const. Commit.
  • Don't save all the time, and inform when settings changed. Commit.
  • Add clear button enabled. Commit.
  • Add focus to lineedit. Commit.
  • Allow to modify list. Commit.
  • Allow to remove list. Commit.
  • Fix insert element. Commit.
  • Fix AdBlockListInfo::isValid(). Commit.
  • Enable sorting list. Commit.
  • Fix modify dialog infos. Commit.
  • Rename as AdblockFilterTreeView. Commit.
  • Prepare to modify adblock list. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Add autotest. Commit.
  • Hide decoration. Commit.
  • Fix data(). Commit.
  • Reactivate code. Commit.
  • Fix test apps. Commit.
  • Allow to loadSettings. Commit.
  • Use treeview directly. Commit.
  • Add missing nodiscard. Commit.
  • USe isEmpty here. Commit.
  • Make the adblock plugin optional again. Commit.
  • Download filter list. Commit.
  • Save and load adblock filter list. Commit.
  • Fix TRANSLATION_DOMAIN name. Commit.
  • Add folderarchivesettings_private_export.h + add more autotests. Commit.
  • Add more autotest. Commit.
  • Remove it. Commit.
  • Start to implement use date from message. Commit.
  • Add missing include moc. Commit.
  • Extract code. Commit.
  • Use nodiscard + fix no export method. Commit.
  • Fix includes. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate header. Commit.
  • 0.14.2 was released. It has kwallet6 support. Commit.
  • Unbreak compile with Unix Makefile and newer CMake. Commit.
  • Remove unused LanguageControllerPrivate::m_controller. Commit.
  • Support --attach under Wayland. Commit.
  • Hide "embed" option from help. Commit.
  • Fix "appstreamcli validate org.kde.kdialog.metainfo.xml" issue. Commit.
  • Remove unused caller arg from KBookmarkManager::changed. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate call. Not called, doesn't really do anything. Commit.
  • Remove unused function. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Start building Windows app packages. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kfind.appdata.xml add appstream launchable. Commit.
  • Org.kde.kfind.appdata.xml project_license "GPL-2.0+" -> "GPL-2.0-or-later". Commit.
  • Port away from some old-style connects. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot here too. Commit.
  • Use markAsChanged. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Remove qt5 support. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Don't export generated settings object from the transfer plugins. Commit.
  • Drop unused dependencies. Commit.
  • Finish Qt6 port of bittorrent plugin. Commit.
  • Use own export macro for plugins instead of reusing Qt's one. Commit.
  • Ifdef linux specific code on linux. Commit.
  • Fix windows ci. Commit.
  • Add missing KCMUtils dependency in mms plugin. Commit.
  • There's no tips in KF6-land. Commit.
  • Remove qt5 code. Commit.
  • Now we are qt6 only. Commit.
  • Fix KF/Qt version (it's qt6 only now). Commit.
  • Use required KIO header. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QScopedPointer::take. Commit.
  • Port away from KIO::statDetails. Commit.
  • Create window handles before accessing. Commit.
  • Cleanup from qt6 port. Commit.
  • Adapt ci script. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QVariant api. Commit.
  • Port away from tips of day. Commit.
  • Port away from last questionYesNo and QTextCodec usage. Commit.
  • Port away from QNetworkConfigurationManager. Commit.
  • Port from qAsConst to std::as_const. Commit.
  • Port to Qt6. Commit.
  • Build libkeduvocdocument with qt6 support. Commit.
  • Use correct KIO include. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Adapt to KConfig API change. Commit.
  • Fix indent. Commit.
  • Allow to compile or not quick support (necessary for flatpak). Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Update metainfo. Commit.
  • AppStream metainfo: Change legacy extension .appdata.xml to .metainfo.xml. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Remove fish copytester. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Add BUILD_ACTIVITIES option (default=ON). Commit.
  • Use the new QML name for accounts-qml-module. Commit.
  • Add explicit QIODevice include. Commit.
  • Handle one other boarding time variant of LH boarding passes. Commit.
  • Port away from deperecated QRegularExpression API. Commit.
  • Remove leftover debug output. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QDateTime API. Commit.
  • Use the timezone lookup cache in one more place. Commit.
  • Make the datatype implementation macros externally usable. Commit.
  • Fix equality comparison between data types with Qt6. Commit.
  • Cache QTimeZone by IANA id when deserializing. Commit.
  • Use correct KIO include. Commit.
  • 0.14.2 was released. It has kwallet6 support. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Add donation url. Commit.
  • Remove unused file. Commit.
  • Use frameless style for QTabWidget. Commit.
  • Update spacing of configuration widgets. Commit.
  • Add kmbox. Commit.
  • Disable quick support. Commit.
  • Add missing kgapi. Commit.
  • Add ksmtp. Commit.
  • Add missing akonadi dep. Commit.
  • Add missing dependencies. Commit.
  • Add sha256. Commit.
  • We need a gpgme version which support qt6. Commit.
  • Add missing parameter. Commit.
  • Add -DBUILD_WITH_QT6. Commit.
  • Add qtkeychain. Commit.
  • Fix order. Build ktextaddons first. Commit.
  • Add ktextaddons. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Use new signal/connect methods. Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Remove extra margins. Commit.
  • Use pragma once. Commit.
  • Use KSharedConfig::openStateConfig() here too. Commit.
  • Sync with kdepim-runtime. Commit.
  • Use same setting for reading and writing spellcheckerconfigdialog size. Commit.
  • Fix use-after-free in ConfigureAppearancePage. Commit.
  • Port to not deprecated headers. Commit.
  • Fix font size. Commit.
  • Use QByteArrayLiteral. Commit.
  • Fix includes. Commit.
  • Remove entry in menu when we open mail. Commit.
  • Fix separator. Commit.
  • Use QFormLayout. Commit.
  • Move widget to addarchivemailwidget. Commit.
  • Add include moc. Commit.
  • Add addarchivemailwidget. Commit.
  • Remove charset selection. Commit.
  • Snapcraft: Initial import snapcraft files. Commit.
  • 0.14.2 was released. It has kwallet6 support. Commit.
  • Use appendContent. Commit.
  • Create identity. Commit.
  • Fix clear config. Commit.
  • Remove identity if we didn't create account. Commit.
  • Remove unused Q_INVOKABLE. Commit.
  • Fix protocol. Commit.
  • Clean up + add FIXME. Commit.
  • Change port (from testserver result). Commit.
  • Return identityId. Commit.
  • Prepare to implement server test support. Commit.
  • Add FINAL. Commit.
  • Fix signal argument. Commit.
  • It's a boolean. Commit.
  • Use QLabel here. Commit.
  • Add warning about impossible to load main.qml. Commit.
  • Kwallet6 is in 0.14.2. Commit.
  • When we change email we need to reset explicitManualConfiguration too. Commit.
  • Implement convertOutgoingAuthenticationProtocol. Commit.
  • Prepare to convert protocol. Commit.
  • Add debug category. Commit.
  • Add space. Commit.
  • Fix manualIncomingUserName/manualOutgoingUserName values. Commit.
  • Disable check button when it's in progress. Commit.
  • Identity id is an int. Commit.
  • Port has as argument an uint. Commit.
  • Fix host names not getting updated when email change. Commit.
  • Simplify switching from preconfigured conf to manual. Commit.
  • Port to newer FormCard syntax. Commit.
  • Remove qml version import. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Call test. Commit.
  • Remove unused KLocalizedString. Commit.
  • Add debug. Commit.
  • Prepare to user serverTest. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Add servertest to cmakelists.txt. Commit.
  • Assign settings. Commit.
  • Remove slot + comment kmessagebox. Commit.
  • Exclude legacy subdirectory. Commit.
  • Add servertest. Commit.
  • Add debug. Commit.
  • Fix logic. Commit.
  • TODO--. Commit.
  • Add \n. Commit.
  • Prepare to show details. Commit.
  • Fix show/hide details info. Commit.
  • Add details support. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Port qHash api. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Fix test for placing a ship vertically. Commit.
  • Add donation url. Commit.
  • Intercept signal => avoid to lose data. Commit.
  • Update copyright. Commit.
  • Snapcraft: Initial import snapcraft files. Commit.
  • Use modern slot syntax. Commit.
  • AA_EnableHighDpiScaling is deprecated. High-DPI scaling is always enabled. Commit.
  • Add missing NOTIFY to properties. Commit.
  • QAsConst -> std::as_const. Commit.
  • Delete unused variables. Commit.
  • Pass a context object as 3rd connect parameter. Commit.
  • Add missing const reference. Commit.
  • Add purpose dependency. Commit.
  • Update file org.kde.kollision.appdata.xml. Commit.
  • Don't show the user the path files temporarily downloaded by WebEnginePart. Commit.
  • Load correctly split views and refactor. Commit.
  • Pass the URL to open to createNewWindow signal. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to freeze visible pages. Commit.
  • Improve handling of executables. Commit.
  • Force WebEnginePage to ask the browser to open remote: and trash: protocols. Commit.
  • Make WebEnginePart respect the locked status of a view. Commit.
  • Ignore toggable views when filling the View Mode menu. Commit.
  • Improve handling of "Save link as" and "Save as" by WebEnginePart. Commit.
  • Better cmake definition. Commit.
  • More kbookmark api changes. Commit.
  • Adapt to KBookmark api changes. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Don't rely on sender() but explicitly pass the view. Commit.
  • Apply i18n. Commit.
  • Use KToolBarPopupAction::popupMenu() instead of menu(). Commit.
  • Ensure action is toggled off when a toggle view is removed. Commit.
  • Don't mark KCMs as needing saving after loading them. Commit.
  • Use parent action collection when creating a bookmark submenu. Commit.
  • Fix mimetype check to decide whether to force the Open action. Commit.
  • Fix BrowserExtension::browserOpenUrlRequest. Commit.
  • Don't delay loading of views which aren't in the tab container. Commit. Fixes bug #478255.
  • Allow the user to reduce the size of the location bar. Commit.
  • Use the correct directory when looking for parts. Commit.
  • Use KIO::stat instead of KIO::statDetails. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate KBookmarkManager call. Commit.
  • Add comments on how to use 'ai' and 'ad' in dbus calls. Commit.
  • Implemented DBus methods for copying input to other sessions. Commit. Fixes bug #307089.
  • Remove unneeded QOverload or casts for signals/slots. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Start building Windows app packages. Commit.
  • Implements DBus methods for manipulation of splits. Commit. Fixes bug #465448.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Adjust to change in KStatusNotifierItem. Commit.
  • Remove windows temporarely. Commit.
  • Adapt to API changes on KF6. Commit.
  • Remove flatpal-qt6. Commit.
  • Adapt to new api. Commit.
  • Fix bad rebase. Commit.
  • Remove many deprecated warnings. Commit.
  • Adapt to KNotification change. Commit.
  • Adapt to KF6 API change. Commit.
  • Move KWindowInfo to X11. Commit.
  • Adapt to new API. Commit.
  • Use std::as_const. Commit.
  • Try to fix windows build. Commit.
  • Ifdef KStartupInfo from out of X11. Commit.
  • Removed KF5, the program is now KF6 only. Commit.
  • Qt5/6 Buildability. Commit.
  • Add if-guards for Qt5/Qf6. Commit.
  • Fix build on Qt5. Commit.
  • Be more explicit of the issue with missing codec. Commit.
  • Use KBookmarkWidgets. Commit.
  • Add missing check for Qt5/6. Commit.
  • KF5/KF6 Buildability. Commit.
  • Fix spacing on .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Move StatusNotifierItem to Qt6/KF6 only. Commit.
  • Port konsole loading to kf6. Commit.
  • Fix trayIcon integration. Commit.
  • Fix API Call. Commit.
  • Fix calls to KNotification. Commit.
  • Update X11 code to KX11Extras. Commit.
  • Revert to default Qt6 for deprecated KF5 code. Commit.
  • Fix API Call. Commit.
  • Link directly to Codecs. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Braces around if. Commit.
  • Move CMake to Qt6. Commit.
  • Turn MapCSSResult into proper public API. Commit.
  • Break out MapCSS property enum into its own enum class/file. Commit.
  • Add support for MapCSS extrusion properties. Commit.
  • Use qualified property access in QML. Commit.
  • Use declarative QML type registration. Commit.
  • Autogenerate qmldir and bundle QML files. Commit.
  • Use version-less QML imports. Commit.
  • Drop Qt5 support. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Cache pass image assets internally. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QDateTime API. Commit.
  • Expose the QImage accessors to QML as well. Commit.
  • Ltglink: Add missing logging. Commit.
  • LTG Link: Use locale existing detection infrastructore. Commit.
  • Pasazieruvilciens: Enforce forward running time. Commit.
  • Ltglink: Add support for fetching intermediate stops. Commit.
  • Ensure not to start station download multiple times. Commit.
  • Ltglink: Add time filter code based on pv backend. Commit.
  • Apply learnings from the ltg link backend to the pv backend. Commit.
  • Add LTG Link backend (trains in Lithuania). Commit.
  • Pasazieruvilciens: Add support for parsing platforms (in some cases). Commit.
  • Pasazieruvilciens: Implement support for joined routes. Commit.
  • Add backend for Pasazieru vilciens (trains in Latvia). Commit.
  • Use declarative QML type registration for the vehicle layout UI plugin. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QDateTime API. Commit.
  • Remove Qt5 support. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary word in Commit.
  • Cache QTimeZone lookup by IANA id. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate KBookmarkManager call. Commit.
  • Use QStringLiteral in place of QString::fromLatin1. Commit.
  • Fix qt6 pipeline. Commit.
  • Add recording animation. Commit.
  • Remove qt5 folder. Commit.
  • Fix audio input settings and player controls. Commit.
  • WIP. Commit.
  • UpdateFormats. Commit.
  • Recorder properties. Commit.
  • Implement Qt6 related multimedia logic. Commit.
  • Introduce both KF5 and KF6 support. Commit.
  • Check is not necessary now. Commit.
  • Fix minimum versionx. Commit.
  • Remove module from KPipeWire includes. Commit.
  • Adapt to KConfigGroup API change. Commit.
  • Port ServerManager away from QDesktopWidget. Commit.
  • Port X11EventHandler away from QDesktopWidget. Commit.
  • Fix nativeEventFilter signature for Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix includes for QX11Info when using Qt6. Commit.
  • Adapt build system for building against Qt6. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Port framebuffers away from deprecated QDesktopWidget. Commit.
  • Drop qt framebuffer. Commit.
  • Config: Improve consistency of spacing. Commit.
  • Readd flatpack qt6. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (5->6). Commit.
  • Improve search plugin. Commit.
  • Fix backwards compatibility with enabled plugins from the KF5 build. Commit.
  • Fix group view not being loaded after ktorrent is exited when closed to tray. Commit.
  • Fix behaviour when closing KTorrent to system tray. Commit.
  • Fix issue single-argument constructors must be marked explicit. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Fix spacing of shutdown plugin configuration. Commit.
  • Scanforlostfiles: Fix spacing. Commit.
  • Adapt to KConfig API change. Commit.
  • Adjust to change in KStatusNotifierItem. Commit.
  • Port away from I18N_NOOP* macros in plugin load functions. Commit.
  • Libkwave/TypesMap.h and its users: use KLazyLocalizedString for description. Commit.
  • Libkwave/GenreType: change I18N_NOOP macro to kli18n. Commit.
  • Libkwave/Compression: change I18N_NOOP macro to kli18n. Commit.
  • Codec_ogg: fix for gain handling. Commit.
  • Some more cppcheck fixes. Commit.
  • Fixed several cppcheck warnings. Commit.
  • Convert plugin desktop files to json. Commit.
  • Fixed some signed integer overflows. Commit.
  • Update AboutContainer.cpp. Commit.
  • Finish porting away from API deprecated at Qt 5.15. Commit.
  • Libkwave/Utils.cpp: port string2date to use QLocale methods for locale dates. Commit.
  • Libkwave: add test for Utils string2date function. Commit.
  • Change layout margins to contentsMargins. Commit.
  • Apply missing i18n. Commit.
  • Ensure that weather hour delegates are of consistent height. Commit.
  • Fix temperature chart margins being inconsistent with other cards. Commit.
  • Round temperature to 1 decimal for Celsius, and 0 for fahrenheit. Commit.
  • Port from Card to AbstractCard to not have to override padding, and use proper icon units. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Use size_t in qhash function. Commit.
  • Do not rely on KIO source-code compat code. Commit.
  • Avoid to crash when list is empty. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Load i18n catalog. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers. Commit.
  • Use libkgapi6_qt. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Port deprecated QDateTime api. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Fix unity build. Commit.
  • Use not deprecated QDateTime api. Commit.
  • Fix crash due to m_codec being nullptr. Commit.
  • Add missing includes. Commit.
  • Disable QWebEngineSettings::NavigateOnDropEnabled. Commit.
  • Fix font size. Commit.
  • Remove unused KIO/Job. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Use size_t and provide a seed in qHash declarations. Commit.
  • Fix HTTP webseeds. Commit. Fixes bug #474558.
  • Remove source code compat includes. Commit.
  • Add missing Core5Compat dependency to cmake config. Commit.
  • Correct showFileSearchAction() comment. Commit.
  • Convert implicit QString contructions to explicit conversion. Commit.
  • Minor cleanups. Commit.
  • Port to QRegularExpression. Commit.
  • Introduce SPDX conform copyright statements. Commit.
  • Introduce tests for copyright updates. Commit.
  • Introduce GetTextHeaderParser and initial unit test infrastructure. Commit.
  • Store size settings in KSharedConfig::openStateConfig(). Commit.
  • Port snippetwidget fully to QFormLayout. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Remove old code. Commit.
  • Use const static QRegularExpression. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Src/lib/marble/MapWizard.ui : In checkBoxWmsMultipleSelections toolTip use Ctrl in place of Strg. Commit.
  • Save settings. Commit.
  • Merge private area. Commit.
  • Add method for set/get ScamDetectionInfo. Commit.
  • Improve autotests. Commit.
  • Add space. Commit.
  • Disable QWebEngineSettings::NavigateOnDropEnabled. Commit.
  • Remove compat kio includes. Commit.
  • Remove spacing between viewer and search bar. Commit.
  • Fix include. Commit.
  • Bump minor version. Commit.
  • Remove charset preference. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Fix qhash api. Commit.
  • Fix explicit signal argument. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • Expose toolbar of messageviewerdialog. Commit.
  • Rename org.kde.minuet.appdata.xml to org.kde.minuet.metainfo.xml. Commit.
  • Org.kde.minuet.appdata.xml use Commit.
  • Remove broken network error checks. Commit.
  • Remove unused includes. Commit.
  • Stop log spam because subtitleText was called without a valid event. Commit.
  • Remove activeConnection from Config. Commit.
  • Remove another comment. Commit.
  • Remove comment. Commit.
  • Mark ReactionModel as uncreatable. Commit.
  • Move userConsentRequired to NeoChatConnection. Commit.
  • Port away from Controller::saveWindowGeometry. Commit.
  • Refactor LinkPreviewer. Commit.
  • Don't always html-escape user-specified input when serializing a state event body. Commit.
  • Fix by allowing RoomPage to access the interactive property of the timeline. Commit.
  • Remove useless interactive set when maximizing images. Commit.
  • Refactor reactions. Commit.
  • Ensure that only one RoomManager exists. Commit.
  • Slightly fix QML formatting. Commit.
  • Remove stray console log. Commit.
  • Show user display names as plaintext in InviteUserPage. Commit.
  • Use Plaintext for user displaynames in startchatpage. Commit.
  • Fix crash when accepting/declining already accepted/declined invite. Commit. Fixes bug #475502.
  • Fix Android build. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Refactor PollHandler. Commit.
  • Don't HTML-escape invite notification title. Commit.
  • Move all the enums for push rules into their own header file. Commit.
  • Clear the emoji picker search when the dialog is closed. Commit. Fixes bug #472873.
  • Improve the unread marker behaviour. Commit. Fixes bug #465300.
  • Fix showing stickers. Commit.
  • WindowController test. Commit.
  • Move Controller::toggleWindow to WindowController. Commit.
  • Port away from and remove Controller::initiated. Commit.
  • Don't crash when invited room doesn't have member state for the current room. Commit. Fixes bug #478903.
  • Cleanup leftover issues from moving ReplyComponent away from GridLayout. Commit.
  • Remove more unused signals. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Remove unused signal. Commit.
  • Org.kde.neochat.appdata.xml use Commit.
  • Prevent KUnifiedPush-activated daemon from sticking around forever. Commit.
  • Remove leftover desktop files. The generators is now with json files. Commit.
  • Fix last deprecated qvariant type. Commit.
  • Communicate our plugin namespace to consumers. Commit. Fixes bug #479122.
  • Don't put slashes in plugin prefix. Commit.
  • Install parts into the right folder. Commit. See bug #479122.
  • Fix android build. Commit.
  • FORCE_NOT_REQUIRED_DEPENDENCIES is a string(list), not a boolean. Commit.
  • Fix warning: QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout to PixmapPreviewSelector , which already has a layout. Commit.
  • Remove unused caller arg from KBookmarkManager::changed. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate call; it doesn't do anything. Commit.
  • Port deprecated event positions. Commit.
  • Fix zoom select. Commit. Fixes bug #479108.
  • Org.kde.okular.appdata.xml add appstream launchable. Commit.
  • Remove unused includes and avoid Qt module include. Commit.
  • Explicitly add includes for used KIO jobs. Commit.
  • Remove deprecated functions. Porting is needed anyways. Commit.
  • Fix qHash(NormalizedRect). Commit.
  • Org.kde.okular.appdata.xml add Commit.
  • Port from deprecated parentWidget. Commit.
  • Port from deprecated QGuiApplication::paletteChanged. Commit.
  • Tests: slotMouseNormalToggled was renamed. Commit.
  • Document diff; port from deprecated. Commit.
  • Port from deprecated QVariant type. Commit.
  • Fixup config group porting. Commit.
  • Shortcuts: Operator+ is deprecated. use operator| instead. Commit.
  • Port from removed KConfigGroup keys api. Commit.
  • Port deprecated filter. Commit.
  • Remove a few unused headers. Commit.
  • Remove 'embedded in khtml' option. KHTML is kind of dead. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated associatedWidgets. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Switch to Qt6, set X11 to fallback, remove old KF5 dependencies that no longer exists. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Remove setUpdate KBookmarkManager call. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers. Commit.
  • Fix reuse lint. Commit.
  • We need own icon for flatpak. Copy kmail as we already used it. Commit.
  • 0.14.2 was released. It has kwallet6 support. Commit.
  • Don't add spacing/margins in customtoolswidgetng. Commit.
  • Fix the translation template version number (add 6 for kf6). Commit.
  • These libs were moved in ktextaddons. Commit.
  • Add video thumbnail placeholder. Commit.
  • Fix HTML comments not being escaped properly, and spacing between them. Commit.
  • Add a video menu item to navigate straight to the channel page. Commit.
  • Protect against currentPlayer being null more. Commit.
  • Fix missing fetchSubscriptions call that prevented subs from working. Commit.
  • Implement search for peertube backend. Commit.
  • Fix terminal keys not working. Commit.
  • Simplify resource loading. Commit.
  • Fix reuse. Commit.
  • Ignore clang format change in git blames. Commit.
  • Fix reuse compliance. Commit.
  • Fix loading color schemes. Commit.
  • Fix loading libkonsoleqml. Commit.
  • Ci: depend on kpty. Commit.
  • Import libkonsoleqml here. Commit.
  • Avoid deprecated QFontDatabase constructor. Commit.
  • Port to libkonsoleqml. Commit.
  • Fix clicking on tab bar to switch tabs not working. Commit.
  • Fix saved commands feature. Commit.
  • Fix settings page not loading. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Org.kde.skanlite.appdata.xml URLs. Commit.
  • Add donation url. Commit.
  • Enable clipping on DocumentList and OptionsPanel. Commit.
  • Use KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain(QByteArrayLiteral. Commit.
  • Add include moc. Commit.
  • ImageCaptureOverlay: Fix toolbar disapparing after starting annotations. Commit.
  • Fix type of vspacing. Commit.
  • Improve the visual spacing in saving settings pages. Commit.
  • Add support for extra placeholders. Commit.
  • Improve the layout of filename placeholder instructions. Commit.
  • Migrate %H to . Commit.
  • Use QLocale::toString instead of QDateTime::toString. Commit.
  • Prevent implicitWidth recalculation loop in attachment grid. Commit.
  • Stop menus from taking space in posts. Commit.
  • Bump minimum width to a more sensible value. Commit.
  • Disable hover for user info fields. Commit.
  • Don't show bio card for user profiles that have empty bios. Commit.
  • Fix image menu save dialog not having correct parent. Commit.
  • Fix fullscreen image viewer saving not providing a filename. Commit.
  • Switch to non-filled favourite icon in left sidebar. Commit.
  • Disable reusing items on the timeline, again. Commit.
  • Header and Avatar upload: Add "filename" to Content-Disposition. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Switch Kirigami Addonos to git master, add MpvQt and QtWebView. Commit.
  • Build kirigami-addons with Qt6. Commit.
  • Move to ffpmeg extension instead of in-manifest build as we've done on stable in flathub. Commit.
  • Use setApplicationDomain(QByteArrayLiteral(...)). Commit.
  • Remove compile warning. Commit.
  • Fix "[CodeImportingWizard] Impossible to select first file in file selection dialog". Commit. Fixes bug #479224.
  • Remove KDE4 leftover. Commit.
  • Make BUILD_UNITTESTS an actual option. Commit.
  • Add Open Age Rating (and releases). Commit.
  • Remove duplicate header from .h/.cpp. Commit.
  • Use -DTRANSLATION_DOMAIN=... otherwise it will not translate when embedded in kontact. Commit.