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KDE Gear 24.01.85 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 24.01.85 from the git repositories.

  • Add context object to connect(). Commit.
  • Don't duplicate buttons. Commit.
  • Fix bug. Don't duplicate buttons. Commit.
  • Text is overwrite after in method => not necessary here. Commit.
  • Update message. Commit.
  • Add timer. Commit.
  • Add test apps. Need for debugging bug. Commit.
  • Fix 478636: kaddressbook's locale magic ruins postal addresses. Commit. Fixes bug #478636.
  • Fix generating DBus service file from kcfg. Commit.
  • Use NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Remove extra margins. Commit.
  • Remove extra margins. Commit.
  • Fix drawer section header. Commit.
  • Fix feed switching. Commit.
  • Not necessary to use /Qt6 now. Commit.
  • Bump min Qt/KF versions to Qt6. Commit.
  • Revert "[arkviewer] Save and restore window geometry". Commit.
  • Format code with 4 spaces. Commit.
  • Don't allow user to submit with empty password. Commit. Fixes bug #422990.
  • Make ark qt6 only. Commit.
  • Bring back kdoctools_install. Commit.
  • [arkviewer] Save and restore window geometry. Commit.
  • Improve error handling. Commit.
  • Cmake: Bump QCoro minimum requirement to 0.10. Commit.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Fix segfault when deleting event or todo from associated lists. Commit.
  • Minor changes in the handbook. Commit.
  • DolphinView: Ensure to update the whole viewState after a job created files. Commit. Fixes bug #476670.
  • Resort directory size count after refreshing. Commit. Fixes bug #473999.
  • Change resortAllItemsInterval to 50ms. Commit.
  • Set dockAction enabled according to settings. Commit. Fixes bug #478117.
  • Dolphin: Remove unused code, fix clazy warnings. Commit.
  • Do not reset expandability when loading previews. Commit. Fixes bug #477607.
  • Do not cache indexes across async tasks. Commit.
  • Fix building with activities after the kactivities -> plasma-activities rename. Commit.
  • Set style to nullptr before painting listview. Commit. Fixes bug #477288.
  • Make it possible to override python implementation. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated event::pos(). Commit.
  • Display correct URL in urlBar after window restore. Commit.
  • Python: Port from Pyside2 to Pyside6. Commit. Fixes bug #477234.
  • MainApplication: Enable localStorage for private. Commit.
  • SBI: Fix "Proxy Manager" configuration dialog. Commit.
  • History: Store addresses with custom schemes. Commit. Fixes bug #406375.
  • SpeedDial: Fix tooltip on Reload button. Commit.
  • It's qt6 only. Commit.
  • Use renamed kdiagram lib. Commit.
  • Look for KF6TextWidgets explicitly. Commit.
  • Fix I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING error with the progress bar. Commit.
  • Handle file: URLs for SVG line logos as well. Commit.
  • Factor out the common setup code for QtLocation map views. Commit.
  • Request camera permissions when trying to scan a barcode. Commit.
  • Use ListSectionHeader in the platform sheet. Commit.
  • Add 23.08.4 release notes. Commit.
  • Ignore Poppler data package for Craft builds. Commit.
  • Use ECM master version for Craft. Commit.
  • Doc: Remove usage of obsolete XML entity. Commit.
  • Put all library types into KAccounts namespace. Commit.
  • Add version suffix to Qt6 build. Commit.
  • Require proper Qt/KF versions. Commit.
  • Make KCM work with Qt6. Commit.
  • Add build option for reduced KF5 compat build. Commit.
  • Adapt to KAccounts API change. Commit.
  • Port to KF6. Commit.
  • Port away from Kirigami.AbstractListItem. Commit.
  • Prepare to avoid to close apps in console when we edit it. Commit.
  • Remove spacing. Commit.
  • Use NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Adapt settings dialog spacing with new kf6 change. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Show correct calendar names when deleting. Commit.
  • Add search TextWidgets. Commit.
  • Remove license so that reuse pipeline passes. Commit.
  • Add license so that reuse pipeline passes. Commit.
  • Adjust function pad to match landscape pad rows/columns when window is wide enough. Commit.
  • Add configuration page. Commit.
  • Improve CMakePresets.json. Commit.
  • Fix warning about not defined molecule option. Commit.
  • Keep border when hovering over an element. Commit.
  • Remove borders from element of the main table. Commit.
  • Update background color on palette change. Commit.
  • Use html to create ordered list. Commit.
  • Use QTabWidget::setDocumentMode in settings. Commit.
  • Fix alignment in PlotSetupWidget. Commit.
  • Add some spacing between entries in the legend widget. Commit.
  • Use standard spacing for search field. Commit.
  • Use QTabWidget instead of QToolWidget. Commit.
  • Move color utils in a seperate file. Commit.
  • Remove gradient from detailedgraphicaloverview. Commit.
  • Remove gradient from table. Commit.
  • Port away from some foreach usage. Commit.
  • Make playPause() also work when player is in stopped state. Commit.
  • Fix app silently closing when minimized to tray. Commit.
  • Links: Fix links not highlighted when text removed or pasted. Commit.
  • Revert "diagnostic: Ensure filter line edit height is consistent". Commit.
  • Search: Use margins from style instead of hardcoding values. Commit.
  • Limit diagnostics to 12000. Commit.
  • Diagnostic: Ensure filter line edit height is consistent. Commit.
  • Build plugin: allow configuring automatic activation of output panel. Commit.
  • Build plugin: use named regex capture groups. Commit.
  • Fix mdi tab styling messed after drag reorder. Commit.
  • Dont show drop indicators for irrelevant drag events. Commit.
  • Simplify focusOut check logic. Commit.
  • Fix mouse click not working in quick open. Commit.
  • Improve lsp semanticTokens range highlighting. Commit.
  • Format: Use git to create patch with rustfmt. Commit.
  • Fix encoding. Commit.
  • Adds separator to terminal panel. Commit.
  • Xmltools: Use std::map instead of QMap. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded QMap includes. Commit.
  • Dont include kateapp.h unnecessarily. Commit.
  • Fix alarm time picker when switching between 12 and 24 hour time. Commit.
  • Optimize code readability regarding QString. Commit.
  • Fix spinbox size and text input behavior. Commit.
  • Remove Qt6 support not necessary now. Commit.
  • Add GitLab jobs to sign and optionally publish Microsoft APPX packages. Commit.
  • Notifications: Fix actions on kf6. Commit.
  • Test: restore orphaned smshelper test. Commit.
  • Reformat project with clang-format. Commit.
  • Disable clang-format for mdns header. Commit.
  • Plasmoid: Add port to KF6/Plasma 6 alongside the current KF5/Plasma 5 version. Commit. Fixes bug #476389.
  • Data/kvtml/eo/*.html : adapt DOCTYPE "kvtml2.dtd" to new URL, improve comments. Commit.
  • Add data/kvtml/eo/CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Add data/kvtml/eo. Commit.
  • Fix encoding of sv animals.kvtml file. Commit.
  • Helper: get callerUid from KAuth and then resolve the user. Commit.
  • Fix KNS KF6 include. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Refresh effects list after downloading an effect. Commit.
  • Fix crash searching for effect (recent regression). Commit.
  • Fix audio or video only drag of subclips. Commit. Fixes bug #478660.
  • Fix editing title clip duration breaks title (recent regression). Commit.
  • Glaxnimate animations: use rawr format instead of Lottie by default. Commit. Fixes bug #478685.
  • Effect Stack: remove color icons, fix mouse wheel seeking while scrolling. Commit.
  • Fix timeline focus lost when dropping an effect on a clip. Commit.
  • Disable check for removable devices on Mac. Commit.
  • [CD] Use Qt6 templates instead of custom magic. Commit.
  • Fix type in Purpose KF version check. Commit.
  • Fix dropping lots of clips in Bin can cause freeze on abort. Commit.
  • Right click on a mix now shows a mix menu (allowing deletion). Commit. Fixes bug #442088.
  • Don't add mixes to disabled tracks. Commit. See bug #442088.
  • Allow adding a mix without selection. Commit. See bug #442088.
  • Fix proxied playlist clips (like stabilized clips) rendered as interlaced. Commit. Fixes bug #476716.
  • Camcorder proxies: ensure we have the same count of audio streams and if not, create a new proxy with audio from original clip (Fixes Sony FX6 proxies). Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Qml warning fixes. Commit.
  • Add subtitle manager to project mneu. Commit.
  • Fix groups tests. Commit.
  • Fix transparency lost on rendering nested sequences. Commit. Fixes bug #477771.
  • Fix guides categories not applied on new document. Commit. Fixes bug #477617.
  • Fix selecting several individual items in a group. Commit.
  • Add import/export to subtitle track manager. Commit.
  • Use KLineEditEventHandler. Commit.
  • Remove unused qtcreator-template. Commit.
  • Prepare kllm plugins. Commit.
  • Prepare for the future plugin which use IA local. Commit.
  • Use KLineEditEventHandler::catchReturnKey. Commit.
  • Add Q_ASSERT. Commit.
  • Call Q_ASSERT before to use it... otherwise it will crash before checking it with Q_ASSERT. Commit.
  • Add debug output. Commit.
  • Add default ews base url. Commit.
  • Correctly reload configuration. Commit. Fixes bug #473897.
  • Don't destroy save password job before closing the save dialog. Commit.
  • Do not read google password from wallet when account is not configured. Commit.
  • Fix reading DAV provider properties. Commit.
  • Fix kpimtextedit dependency. Commit.
  • Actually start job to read secret key. Commit. Fixes bug #470820.
  • Revert "Revert "Fix race condition when building"". Commit.
  • Revert "Revert "Use config plugin instead of out of process config dialog"". Commit.
  • SourceFileTemplate: fail when cannot open the archive. Commit.
  • TemplatesModel: print KArchive::errorString() on error. Commit.
  • FileManagerListJob: simplify waiting for worker thread. Commit.
  • Port away from undocumented Q_REQUIRED_RESULT. Commit.
  • FileManagerListJob: improve killing behavior. Commit.
  • Optimize ProjectBaseItem::takeRow. Commit.
  • Revert "Quick Open: QVector => std::vector of project files". Commit.
  • Add some benchmarks for bad performance when excluding large folders. Commit.
  • Debuggee_qlistcontainer: build and test deprecated QLinkedList. Commit.
  • CMakeManager: remove unused ProjectFilterManager. Commit.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Mark SVG files binary, to help KDE VCS tools deal with loooong text lines. Commit.
  • Use qqc2-breeze-style on Android. Commit.
  • Port Android APK build to Qt6. Commit.
  • Kfindtreeview fix issue "Static member accessed through instance". Commit.
  • Port away from KXMLGui/KHelpMenu. Commit.
  • Cleanup khangman.cpp. Commit.
  • Add type annotation in functions. Commit.
  • Use reuse license header where possible. Commit.
  • Change the index of the dialog you're click on, not a different one. Commit.
  • Close dialogs on selection like in the Qt5 version. Commit.
  • Load levels on game start. Commit.
  • QML: Use proper variable. Commit.
  • Fix switch Theme. Commit.
  • Don't force special character files to not end in a new line. Commit.
  • README.languages : address review comment. Commit.
  • README.languages : Mention adding languages/??/CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Add languages/eo, update README.languages. Commit.
  • Fix icon of play button. Commit.
  • Rewrite setting dialog using KirigamiAddons.FormCard. Commit.
  • Move to declarative type registration. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami.ApplicationWindow. Commit.
  • Fix qml issues. Commit.
  • Unify Qt5 and Qt6 code. Commit.
  • Register QML types in a way compatible with Qt6. Commit.
  • Theme resources: add version, website, copyright, license, bugReportUrl. Commit.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Remove unused config variables. Commit.
  • Thumbnail: make nice support mandatory. Commit. Fixes bug #478457.
  • Increase KF6 min version. Commit.
  • Add 6 postfix to kioarchive library. Commit.
  • Adapt to KAccounts API change. Commit.
  • Open kcm_kaccounts using kcmshell6. Commit.
  • Fix using Qt6-based KAccounts. Commit.
  • Remove one frame from the display config. Commit.
  • Remove one frame from the configuration dialog. Commit.
  • Appdata.xml appdata validation summary summary-has-dot-suffix. Commit.
  • Extract order numbers from DB Next PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Make the Accor extractor more robust against HTML structure variations. Commit.
  • Add CCC pass identifier to the Pretix filter pattern. Commit.
  • Fix parsing RCT2 arrival times across the end-of-year boundary. Commit.
  • Fix static OpenSSL build. Commit.
  • Use release versions rather than branches/master for dependencies. Commit.
  • Use built-in ISO 3166 code caches. Commit.
  • Switch to OpenSSL 3. Commit.
  • Port static build to Qt6/KF6. Commit.
  • Minor performance optiomizations for the static build. Commit.
  • Update build options to newer Poppler. Commit.
  • Build without Qt::Network. Commit.
  • Fix Motel One checkin time when running in a different timezone. Commit.
  • Add Motel One pkpass extractor script. Commit.
  • Add explicit fetch operations. Commit.
  • Fix fetchMore and endResetModel race in QAbstractItemModelTester. Commit.
  • ExtractVersionNumber is necessary only in Windows => compile warning--. Commit.
  • Qt-cxx20-compat.h is not necessary now we depend against qt6.5. Commit.
  • We can't depend against qt5/kf5. Commit.
  • Fix build with Qt 6.7 and QT_NO_CONTEXTLESS_CONNECT. Commit.
  • Fix typo that makes akonadi support to never be built. Commit.
  • Simplify usage of KFontChooser. Commit.
  • Update most of the files to use spdx headers. Commit.
  • Remove AUTHORS file. Commit.
  • Update readme. Commit.
  • Remove obsolete todo. Commit.
  • Fix casing issue in mRichTextEditorWidget. Commit.
  • Intercept signal from term. Commit.
  • Remove debug. Commit.
  • Fix update menu when we remove email. Commit.
  • Debug--. Commit.
  • Don't create it if not necessary. Commit.
  • Use NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Remove commented cmake code. Commit.
  • Add include moc. Commit.
  • Fix bug about applying filter in folder. Commit.
  • Fix test apps. We need to use qRegisterMetaType in qt6. Commit.
  • Add test apps (bug still here). Commit.
  • Create mini apps for testing dbus. Commit.
  • Try to fix apply filters. Commit.
  • Improve test apps (bug is still here). Commit.
  • Add dbus interface. Commit.
  • Continue to implement test apps. Commit.
  • Remove unused file. Commit.
  • Continue to implement mailagentdbus_gui. Commit.
  • Add mailagentdbus_gui. Commit.
  • Minor fix. Commit.
  • Prepare mailfilteragentdbus test. Commit.
  • Move in own directory. Commit.
  • Assign boolean when we load settings. Commit.
  • Remove extra margins. Commit.
  • Adapt to new api. Commit.
  • Allow to show info. Commit.
  • Remove unused setErrorOccured. Commit.
  • Prepare to show info. Commit.
  • Remove unused argument. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Prepare to convert authentication/security protocol. Commit.
  • Add Encryption/AuthenticationType type. Commit.
  • Generate name. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Add generateUniqueAccountName(). Commit.
  • Use debug category. Commit.
  • Prepare to implement kolab resource. Commit.
  • Create identity. Commit.
  • Rename method. Commit.
  • Add missing override keyword. Commit.
  • Rename variable + prepare to create convert method. Commit.
  • Assign mTransportId. Commit.
  • Return transport id. Commit.
  • Improve. Commit.
  • Continue to implement create resource. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Use directly Kirigami.PasswordField. Commit.
  • Remove unused includes. Commit.
  • Don't use onEditingFinished signal otherwise when lose focus we restart check server. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Fix set username. Commit.
  • Make visible or not "use offline message". Commit.
  • Add option. Commit.
  • Prepare to add disconnectedMode support. Commit.
  • Continue to implement create resource. Commit.
  • Const'ify. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Mark as maintainer. Commit.
  • Add more todo. Commit.
  • Create resource. Commit.
  • Make TransportInfo Q_RELOCATABLE_TYPE. Commit.
  • Don't export private method. Commit.
  • Fix bug 478381: kmail-account-wizard generates a version-less .so file. Commit. Fixes bug #478381.
  • Use resource info. Commit.
  • Create Resource::ResourceInfo. Commit.
  • Use switch directory. Commit.
  • Start to implement "manual configuration". Commit.
  • Debug--. Commit.
  • Fix change port. Commit.
  • Fix variable. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 478178: QT6 missing qml module ( installed ) for the account wizard. Commit. Fixes bug #478178.
  • Drop unused dependencies. Commit.
  • Remove the now unused extractFirstHeader() method. Commit.
  • Add new API for adding/removing child nodes to/from KMime::Content. Commit.
  • De-virtualize NonMimeParser. Commit.
  • Add a copy-free replacement for extractFirstHeader(). Commit.
  • Add clean blue kmines themes. Commit.
  • Reset game dialog: avoid Yes/No buttons. Commit.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Set the difficulty level correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #472817.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Add explicit to single param constructors. Commit.
  • Q_DECL_OVERRIDE -> override. Commit.
  • Mark some classes correctly as non copyable. Commit.
  • Mark constructors with 1 param as explicit. Commit.
  • KpCommandHistoryBase::trimCommandList: Erase from the correct list. Commit.
  • Add missing icons on Android. Commit.
  • Use qqc2-breeze-style on Android, not Material. Commit.
  • Fix toggling "restore last session" option only being applied after a restart. Commit.
  • Don't use an empty list as default value for the activities entry. Commit.
  • Consider windows visible in all activities when looking for an existing window... Commit.
  • Intercept SIGINT/SIGTERM. Commit.
  • Port to new connect signal/slot. Commit.
  • Fix homepage. Commit.
  • Use NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Bundle icons needed by the about page. Commit.
  • Bundle help-contents icon used in the main menu as well. Commit.
  • Try fixing apk build. Commit.
  • Remove ministro strings. Commit.
  • Tell Craft that we need Qt 6 and master of the dependencies. Commit.
  • Adapt android build to qt6. Commit.
  • Don't install logging categories file on Android. Commit.
  • Make QML test work with KF6. Commit.
  • Remove QT_VERSION_CHECK check. Commit.
  • Use new NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Remove spacing/margins. Commit.
  • Fix infinite loop in mEventViewer->setIncidence due to invalid date. Commit.
  • Attempt to unbreak the Qt 5 Itinerary build. Commit.
  • Port the static tools build to Qt 6. Commit.
  • Port standalone test application to Qt6/KF6. Commit.
  • Add context objects to connect(). Commit.
  • Fix crash when undoing. Commit. Fixes bug #477925.
  • Store theme files as SVG in repo, compress to SVGZ only on installation. Commit.
  • Mark SVG files binary, to help KDE VCS tools deal with loooong text lines. Commit.
  • Remove no longer necessary QVariantList conversion for QML. Commit.
  • Mark findTrustedCommand as [[maybe_unused]]. Commit.
  • Do not allow setting zero alignment. Commit. See bug #478224.
  • Search trusted prefixes for filesystem commands. Commit.
  • Return file: URLs for line and product logos. Commit.
  • Onboard: Support EuroWings Wings Connect. Commit.
  • Onboard/lufthansa: Extract distance and calculate expected times. Commit.
  • Port QML tests to Qt6/KF6. Commit.
  • Adapt to KActivities renaming. Commit.
  • Link against Threads. Commit.
  • Don't use a pixel ratio of 1 for Wayland. Commit.
  • Install Qt6-based version as KSaneCore6. Commit.
  • Add namespace prefix to headers. Commit.
  • Force X11 on Linux. Commit.
  • "Pisteen jälkeen on aina välilyönti." -> added space after ".". Commit.
  • Port to ecm_add_qml_module. Commit.
  • Fix infinite loop in Kirigami Card padding computation. Commit.
  • Remove frame in Inspector widget. Commit.
  • Update maintainer information. Commit.
  • Improve folder app icons, try to locate them from desktop file. Commit.
  • Add explicit. Commit.
  • Use new connect signal/slot. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Fix small alignment issue when showing binary data. Commit.
  • Const'ify pointer/variables. Commit.
  • Const'ify pointer + const method. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Remove implicitHeight in WeatherStrip. Commit.
  • Remove all QML import version numbers. Commit.
  • Fix ClearDay. Commit.
  • Require location permissions. Commit.
  • Install app icon into the correct location on Android. Commit.
  • Fixup initialization on Android. Commit.
  • Port APK packaging to Qt6. Commit.
  • Use kweathercore updated for kf6. Commit.
  • Update Kirigami dependency for KF 5.246.0. Commit.
  • Port away from QTextCodec. Commit.
  • Avoid i18n warning. Commit.
  • Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s). Commit.
  • Improve KeyResovler::Solution api doc. Commit.
  • KMahjonggTileset: move protected methods to internal p-impl class. Commit.
  • Use raw pixmap size with cache id, as the rendering is done dpr-ignorant. Commit.
  • Avoid duplicated pixmap cache name estimations. Commit.
  • Adapt to KSaneCore target renaming. Commit.
  • Adapt to new KSaneCore header prefix. Commit.
  • Bump SO version after binary incompatible change. Commit.
  • Use more "KLineEditEventHandler::catchReturnKey". Commit.
  • Remove extra margins. Commit.
  • Remove margins. Commit.
  • Minor optimization + port some deprecated method with qt > 6.6. Commit.
  • Fix BUG: 477755 rule:[] as opposed to 'SCRIPTNAME: '. Commit. Fixes bug #477755.
  • Use KMessageWidget::Header. Commit.
  • I18n: change the suffix of the translation template (5->6). Commit.
  • Switch to the search and replace tab if it is already open. Commit.
  • Don't break ts files with obsolete fields on saving them. Commit. Fixes bug #477779.
  • Force X11 on Linux. Commit.
  • Remove the border point annotations. Commit.
  • Don't run elements entirely contained inside a tile through clipping. Commit.
  • Use the "z" element of Clipper2 points instead of a separate node map. Commit.
  • Applet Qt6 porting PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit -> Kirigami.Units.gridUnit. Commit.
  • Header.qml PlasmaCore.Units.largeSpacing -> Kirigami.Units.gridUnit. Commit.
  • Remove unused variables. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Fix explicit qml signal argument. Commit.
  • Port templateparser away from KMime::addContent. Commit.
  • Port nodehelpertest away from KMime's automatic multipart transformations. Commit.
  • Port messagecomposer away from deprecated KMime::addContent(). Commit.
  • Fix codec error checks. Commit.
  • Fix bug 478352: Status bar has "white box" UI artifact. Commit. Fixes bug #478352.
  • Use [[nodiscard]]. Commit.
  • Iterate over headers without copying/modifying the source data. Commit.
  • Remove comment. Commit.
  • Remove the last traces of Qt5Compat. Commit.
  • GIT_sILENT: coding style. Commit.
  • Add missing [[nodiscard]]. Commit.
  • Load on demand mScamDetectionWarning. Commit.
  • Load on demand MDNWarningWidget. Commit.
  • Prepare to load mMdnWarning on demand too. Commit.
  • Remove spacing here. Commit.
  • Create on demand widget. Commit.
  • Use setPosition. Commit.
  • Port away from the deprecated multipart-transformation magic KMime API. Commit.
  • Add api to get email status. Commit.
  • Workaround qml compiler error. Commit.
  • Fix url. Commit.
  • Add config import to ReactionDelegate. Commit.
  • Make BanSheet frameless. Commit.
  • Make ReportSheet frameless. Commit.
  • Make it easier to spot reaction buttons. Commit.
  • Make the RemoveSheet frameless. Commit.
  • Make sure that a nullptr connection is not accessed in AccountEmoticonModel. Commit. Fixes bug #478024.
  • ActionsHandler test. Commit.
  • Move the function to get a subtitle string to eventhandler. Commit.
  • TestUtils. Commit.
  • Fix spoilers in roomlist subtitles. Commit.
  • Port [=] operator. Commit.
  • Fix inline custom emojis in codeblocks. Commit. Fixes bug #477512.
  • Add test for pending events into the MessageEventModelTest. Commit.
  • Don't HTML-escape display names in room list subtitles. Commit.
  • Add more tests to MessageEventModelTest. Commit.
  • Use HTML-escaped display name in avatar tooltip. Commit.
  • Always clip roomlist. Commit.
  • Cleanup error reporting. Commit.
  • Don't show notifications view button when room list is collapsed. Commit.
  • Move PasswordStatus out of Controller. Commit.
  • Don't suggest kicking or banning users with a power level too high for us to kick. Commit.
  • Add more missing icons on Android. Commit.
  • Fix i18n regression. Commit.
  • Show author name when previous message was deleted. Commit.
  • Add some clarification around around offical and canonical parents. Commit.
  • Remove ffmpeg from Android build. Commit.
  • MessageEventModel test. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated setFontFamily. Commit.
  • Port deprecated QLocale country. Commit.
  • KIO::statDetails deprecated. port (back) to KIO::stat. Commit.
  • S/qAsConst/std::as_const/. Commit.
  • A side effect of qt6 porting has stabilized tests. Commit.
  • Bump deprecated since warnings; remove leftover cmakecode. Commit.
  • Remove ifdef'ed out code. Commit.
  • Disable apk generation for now. Commit.
  • No-lambda-unique-connection seems to have false positives in this setup. Commit.
  • Clazy: make qregularexpression static const. Commit.
  • Clazy: small and trivial things should be taken by copy. Commit.
  • Make some RegularExpressions static. Commit.
  • Disable clazy strict iterators check. It is kind of disabled in Qt6 entirely. Commit.
  • Clang-tidy/clazy in qt6 environment. Commit.
  • Blind port android. Thanks Volker. Commit.
  • Add missing include. Commit.
  • Properly add include directory for consumers like Kile. Commit.
  • Fix compile warning. Commit.
  • Try get DeferredDelete to happen a bit more. Commit.
  • ALso fix showTabWarning. Commit.
  • Fix messagebox closing to use right config file. Commit.
  • Replace Okular5 with Okular6 in cmake config. Commit.
  • The sidebar is a bit misbehaving. Commit.
  • Remove Id from json files. Everything complains and ignores. Commit.
  • Send smaller integer over dbus. Commit.
  • At least parttest takes quite some time, so don't kill it after 60 seconds. Commit.
  • Move the mouse a bit in a unit test to hope we don't hit a link. Commit.
  • Fix jstest. In Qt6, AM times are now prefixed with specific unicode nonbreaking space instead of normal space. Commit.
  • Ask for xmlgui on all platforms. Commit.
  • Don't look for kwallet on windows. Commit.
  • Adapt QML code for qt6. Commit.
  • Make mobile components compile with qt6. Commit.
  • Make autotests compile with qt6. Commit.
  • Videowidget: Port away from deprecated methods. Commit.
  • Fix compilation of comicbook generator. Commit.
  • Minor last fixes. Commit.
  • Adapt part ctor. Commit.
  • Do something with text generator. It feels not fully okay, but.. Commit.
  • Fix comicbook build. Commit.
  • Build poppler generator. We still need to take an extra look at the changes in memory managing. Commit.
  • Disable hidpi setting on qt6; on always. Commit.
  • Fix int/long compare. Commit.
  • Action names in Presentation Widget. Commit.
  • Remove global strut usage, it's 0,0. Commit.
  • Fix combined modifiers in annotationactionhandler. Commit.
  • Adapt colorscheme menu to kf6. Commit.
  • Fix KStandardAction::name calls. Commit.
  • Fix signature change of enterEvent. Commit.
  • Port activities. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated extension point from KPart. Commit.
  • Port away from QTextStream::setCodec. Commit.
  • Port away to newer KWindowSystem API. Commit.
  • Port to newer KBookmark API. Commit.
  • Port away from KRun::isExcecutableFile. Commit.
  • Move find ecm to the top. Commit.
  • Use KBookMarkWidgets and QtGui::Private::QX11Info in Qt6. Commit.
  • Adapt cmake for library name change for kexiv2 and plasma-activities. Commit.
  • Use versionless CMake function. Commit.
  • Switch to kf6. Commit.
  • Don't build CHM for Qt6. Commit.
  • Don't install kservice files for KF6. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated install dir variable. Commit.
  • Adapt buildsystem to QtX11Extras change for Qt6. Commit.
  • Add missing find_package for QtXml. Commit.
  • Hardcode Qt6. Commit.
  • Don't hardcode Qt5. Commit.
  • Fix showing the side panel if not open when showing signatures panel. Commit. Fixes bug #478542.
  • Allow shrinking the main window. Commit. Fixes bug #478577.
  • Fix ci. Clang 13 removed from debian testing. Commit.
  • Fix QWheelEvent bits in thumbnail list. Commit.
  • Remove some unused parts of FilePrinter. Commit.
  • Port messageboxes in pageviewannotator. Commit.
  • Port away from YesNo action dialog. Commit.
  • Include QFlags in global.h. It references the macros from there. Commit.
  • Port mobipocket code from QRegExp. Commit.
  • Don't crash in dvi backend. Commit.
  • Port messageboxes in part. Commit.
  • Disable ubuntu lts ci. Commit.
  • Fix memory handling in xps generator. Commit.
  • Port epub from QRegExp to QRegularExpression. Commit.
  • Markdown: Don't try re-converting a document if there's none. Commit. Fixes bug #478213.
  • Fix theoretical crash in qunpluck image reader. Commit.
  • Fix since notation in signatureutils keylocation. Commit.
  • Fix deprecation in tiff generator. Commit.
  • Forward declaring QStringList is annoying on Qt6 porting, and most of them aren't needed so drop it. Commit.
  • Add CppCheck suppression file. Commit.
  • Open/save to Documents when nothing provided. Commit.
  • Show an icon depending on the storage location of the signature. Commit.
  • Fix a qprinter deprecation warning. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated KIO::stat. Commit.
  • Port deprecated printdialog options. Commit.
  • Get rid of QStringRef. Commit.
  • Fix deprecated warning QMap::unite. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated KRun. Commit.
  • Remember signature dialog values. Commit.
  • Do not allow setting zero alignment. Commit. Fixes bug #478224.
  • Apply i18n to progress bar. Commit.
  • Don't allow to close when we are in progress. Commit.
  • Avoid to kill apps during import/export. Commit.
  • Remove spacing. Commit.
  • Remove extra margin. Commit.
  • Use NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Avoid to lose data when we close apps from console. Commit.
  • Remove spacing. Commit.
  • Use PimCommon::NeedUpdateVersionWidget. Commit.
  • Remove margins. Commit.
  • Use setPosition(KMessageWidget::Header) here too. Commit.
  • USe static QRegularExpression. Commit.
  • USe KLineEditEventHandler::catchReturnKey. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Improve autotest. Commit.
  • Set position as KMessageWidget::Header. Commit.
  • Improve test. Commit.
  • Use PimCommon::NeedUpdateVersionUtils::checkVersion() + hide widget. Commit.
  • Add test apps. Commit.
  • Start to create test apps. Commit.
  • Install NeedUpdateVersionUtils. Commit.
  • Continue to implement needupdateversionwidget + add autotest. Commit.
  • Prepare util class. Commit.
  • Add disable check button. Commit.
  • Add autotests. Commit.
  • Prepare autotests/tests. Commit.
  • Prepare a widget which informs that version is obsolete. Commit.
  • Fix bug where the wrong context menu would open. Commit.
  • Play the next queue in the queue automatically. Commit.
  • Don't show replay icon at the beginning of the video. Commit.
  • Use Invidious autoplay preference. Commit.
  • Fix replay button showing up at the beginning of a video. Commit.
  • Fix play button in PiP player, consolidate the startStop function. Commit.
  • Remove invalid acceptedDevices property in PiP player. Commit.
  • Remove leftover debug line. Commit.
  • Fix mobile scrolling due to erroneous use of onTapped. Commit. Fixes bug #477239.
  • Set screensaver inhibition when always playing a video. Commit. Fixes bug #477241.
  • Don't emit paused signal twice. Commit.
  • Fix MPRIS values not being in the correct unit. Commit.
  • Allow video controls to be hidden when the cursor is still. Commit. Fixes bug #477231.
  • Re-add top margin to video title, but only when not widescreen. Commit.
  • Close the drawer when fullscreen for real this time. Commit.
  • Remove explicit width on error message banner. Commit.
  • Fix error when calculating default homepage setting. Commit.
  • Don't show video length if we're given a 0 length. Commit.
  • Fix margins of video title and don't show video description if empty. Commit.
  • Fix margins in the video player sidebar. Commit.
  • Remove popular page. Commit.
  • Improve loading states, especially for history page. Commit.
  • Only display date information for video items. Commit.
  • Use qqc2-breeze-style on Android. Commit.
  • Fix qqc2-desktop-style sometimes not being used. Commit.
  • Don't fetch publishedText, use Qt date formatting. Commit.
  • Fix missing sources settings icon. Commit.
  • Remove misplaced quote. Commit.
  • Add a title to the source selection window. Commit.
  • Increase logo in WelcomePage. Commit.
  • Update - Fix Matrix channel ID. Commit.
  • Adapt to KSaneCore target renaming. Commit.
  • Adapt to new KSaneCore header prefix. Commit.
  • ImageCaptureOverlay: remove obsolete comment. Commit.
  • AnnotationDocument: reorder functions to be more consistent with header. Commit.
  • SelectionEditor: Don't use resize handles when selection is empty. Commit.
  • Geometry::rectScaled: return rect if scale is 1. Commit.
  • Add support for diagonal arrow key selection modification. Commit.
  • Simplify arrow key magnifier location. Commit.
  • Show magnefier with Shift and use magnifier locations. Commit. Fixes bug #477399.
  • Geometry: Add rectBounded overload that takes qreals for the 1st rect. Commit.
  • Always use active highlight color for video rectangle selection. Commit.
  • Use black disabled selection outline with light mask color. Commit.
  • Use KConfigGroup with QStringLiteral api. Commit.
  • Workaround buttons opening menus even when the menu is already open. Commit.
  • Remove irrelevant comments. Commit.
  • Keep temp files until a new temp dir is created. Commit. Fixes bug #477903.
  • Support all QDateTime string formatting options as filename placeholders. Commit. Fixes bug #477215.
  • Update filename placeholder tests for non-placeholders. Commit.
  • Change filename placeholder format. Commit. Fixes bug #476023.
  • Go back to viewer when pressing Escape in a capture window in GUI mode. Commit. Fixes bug #470322.
  • Set start mode to DBus when a shortcut is activated. Commit. Fixes bug #459527.
  • Hide window before minimizing when taking screenshots. Commit. Fixes bug #476811.
  • Add missing () to useLayerShell. Commit.
  • .gitignore ignore CMakeLists.txt.user. Commit.
  • Open file before parsing it. Commit.
  • Don't mark the file as invalid when encountering empty points. Commit.
  • Fix crash on empty input. Commit.
  • Port away from Qt.labs.platform. Commit.
  • Fix error emitting when an AttachmentGrid has no attachments. Commit.
  • Fix crash when trying to vote on polls. Commit.
  • Fix the poll vote button never showing up. Commit.
  • Fix Akkoma/Pleroma tags not being detected correctly. Commit.
  • Fix spacing of content warning. Commit.
  • Fix untranslatable text for setting up default visibility. Commit.
  • Small cleanup of AttachmentInfoDialog. Commit.
  • Remove Android media backend hack. Commit.
  • Remove outdated comment about qqc2-breeze-style. Commit.
  • Use std::chrono instead of magic numbers for poll times. Commit.
  • Add poll time model test. Commit.
  • Update LanguageSelector. Commit.
  • Fix "No posts" message not positioned correctly on profiles. Commit.
  • Don't mention push notifications in settings if they aren't available. Commit.
  • Fix regression where link preview background would appear white on white. Commit.
  • Add missing "arrow-down" icon. Commit.
  • Reuse post delegate items. Commit.
  • Remove cacheBuffer workaround. Commit.
  • Stop author name and id from making posts too wide. Commit.
  • Fix "Hide Media" button sizing on mobile. Commit.
  • Add top margin to profile field box on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix margins of profile chips on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix profile tab colorSet. Commit.
  • More missing icons, for Unfollow and Report this time. Commit.
  • Use qqc2-breeze-style on Android again. Commit.
  • Add missing icon for unlisted privacy. Commit.
  • Add missing icons for the fullscreen media viewer. Commit.
  • Add two more missing icons. Commit.
  • Don't show spell checking page on Android. Commit.
  • Add even more missing icons for Android. Commit.
  • Add more missing icons for Android. Commit.
  • Install icons in the correct location on Android. Commit.
  • Remove support for uri callbacks for now. Commit.
  • Don't load accounts that are invalid. Commit.
  • Hide empty tooltips. Commit.