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KDE Gear 23.08.5 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.08.5 from the git repositories.

  • Fix build with cmake >= 3.28. Commit.
  • Make context drawer interactive on mobile. Commit. Fixes bug #478121.
  • History: Store addresses with custom schemes. Commit. Fixes bug #406375.
  • SpeedDial: Fix tooltip on Reload button. Commit.
  • Display correct URL in urlBar after window restore. Commit. Fixes bug #478823.
  • MainApplication: Enable localStorage for private. Commit.
  • Build ZXing statically to avoid clashing with the one in the platform. Commit. See bug #479819.
  • Fix APK builds after KHealthCertificate became Qt6-only in master. Commit.
  • Fix build with taglib 2. Commit.
  • Bug 481132: Remove description of local directory calendars, which are no longer supported. Commit.
  • Fix version number. Commit.
  • Bug 481053: Fix --name command line option not using its parameter. Commit.
  • Update version number. Commit.
  • Remove 'spread windows' option for Wayland. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Port away from KWindowSystem::setState. Commit.
  • Fix encoding of sv animals.kvtml file. Commit.
  • Fix undocked widgets don't have a title bar to allow moving / re-docking. Commit.
  • Multi guides export: replace slash and backslash in section names to fix rendering. Commit. Fixes bug #480845.
  • Fix sequence corruption on project load. Commit. Fixes bug #480776.
  • Fix multiple archiving issues. Commit. Fixes bug #456346.
  • Fix possible sequence corruption. Commit. Fixes bug #480398.
  • Fix sequences folder id not correctly restored on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix Luma issue. Commit. See bug #480343.
  • Fix subtitles not covering transparent zones. Commit. Fixes bug #480350.
  • Group resize: don't allow resizing a clip to length < 1. Commit. Fixes bug #480348.
  • Fix crash cutting grouped overlapping subtitles. Don't allow the cut anymore, add test. Commit. Fixes bug #480316.
  • Fix clip monitor not updating when clicking in a bin column like date or description. Commit. Fixes bug #480148.
  • Fix start playing at end of timeline. Commit. Fixes bug #479994.
  • Fix save clip zone from timeline adding an extra frame. Commit. Fixes bug #480005.
  • Fix clips with mix cannot be cut, add test. Commit. See bug #479875.
  • Fix project monitor loop clip. Commit.
  • Fix monitor offset when zooming back to 1:1. Commit.
  • Fix sequence effects lost. Commit. Fixes bug #479788.
  • Improved fix for center crop issue. Commit.
  • Fix center crop adjust not covering full image. Commit. Fixes bug #464974.
  • Disable Movit until it's stable (should have done that a long time ago). Commit.
  • Fix cannot save list of project files. Commit. Fixes bug #479370.
  • Fix editing title clip with a mix can mess up the track. Commit. Fixes bug #478686.
  • Fix audio mixer cannot enter precise values with keyboard. Commit.
  • Prevent, detect and possibly fix corrupted project files, fix feedback not displayed in project notes. Commit. See bug #472849.
  • Test project's active timeline is not always the first sequence. Commit.
  • Ensure secondary timelines are added to the project before being loaded. Commit.
  • Ensure autosave is not triggered when project is still loading. Commit.
  • Fix variable name shadowing. Commit.
  • When switching timeline tab without timeline selection, don't clear effect stack if it was showing a bin clip. Commit.
  • Fix crash pressing del in empty effect stack. Commit.
  • Ensure check for HW accel is also performed if some non essential MLT module is missing. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix closed sequences losing properties, add more tests. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to load timeline sequences more than once. Commit.
  • Fix timeline groups lost after recent commit on project save. Commit.
  • Ensure we always use the correct timeline uuid on some clip operations. Commit.
  • Add animation: remember last used folder. Commit. See bug #478688.
  • Refresh effects list after downloading an effect. Commit.
  • Fix audio or video only drag of subclips. Commit. Fixes bug #478660.
  • Fix editing title clip duration breaks title (recent regression). Commit.
  • Glaxnimate animations: use rawr format instead of Lottie by default. Commit. Fixes bug #478685.
  • Fix timeline focus lost when dropping an effect on a clip. Commit.
  • Fix dropping lots of clips in Bin can cause freeze on abort. Commit.
  • Right click on a mix now shows a mix menu (allowing deletion). Commit. Fixes bug #442088.
  • Don't add mixes to disabled tracks. Commit. See bug #442088.
  • Allow adding a mix without selection. Commit. See bug #442088.
  • Remove line missing from merge commit. Commit.
  • Fix proxied playlist clips (like stabilized clips) rendered as interlaced. Commit. Fixes bug #476716.
  • Always keep all timeline models opened. Commit. See bug #478745.
  • Fix TRANSLATION_DOMAIN name. Commit.
  • Fix -Wenum-constexpr-conversion with latest clang. Commit.
  • Unbreak compile with Unix Makefile and newer CMake. Commit.
  • Search for Threads::Threads. Commit.
  • Don't crash on missing PDF link actions. Commit.
  • Fix extracting B&B Hotel confirmations with breakfast. Commit.
  • Handle one other boarding time variant of LH boarding passes. Commit.
  • Extract order numbers from DB Next PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Make the Accor extractor more robust against HTML structure variations. Commit.
  • Add CCC pass identifier to the Pretix filter pattern. Commit.
  • Fix parsing RCT2 arrival times across the end-of-year boundary. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with Clang 16. Commit.
  • Use a locale for the tests that also works on FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Fix test for placing a ship vertically. Commit.
  • Fix bookmarks.desktop. Commit.
  • Show wallpaper on non-translucent top-levels. Commit. Fixes bug #477800.
  • Correct icon and text positions in game chooser for HiDPI mode. Commit.
  • Fix HiDPI rendering in game views. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate 25x25 letter marker sprites from ksudoku_scrible.svg. Commit.
  • Fix 25x25 letter markers not showing up for ksudoku_scrible.svg. Commit.
  • Fix mixed up Qt versions of the Kirigami Addons dependency. Commit.
  • Introduce a BUILD_SASL_PLUGIN option for co-installability. Commit.
  • Don't break ts files with obsolete fields on saving them. Commit. Fixes bug #477779.
  • Normalize polygon winding order for 3D buildings. Commit.
  • Fix showing the side panel if not open when showing signatures panel. Commit. Fixes bug #478542.
  • Use -DTRANSLATION_DOMAIN=... otherwise it will not translate when embedded in kontact. Commit.