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KDE Gear 23.08.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.08.3 from the git repositories.

  • Only keep mysql log from the last session. Commit. Fixes bug #456983.
  • Fix opening of AppImage files. Commit.
  • Fix checks using old ISO mimetype. Commit.
  • Don't hardcode bzip2 mimetype in tests. Commit.
  • Fix support for bzip2 format with shared-mime-info 2.3. Commit.
  • Explicitly support new application/vnd.efi.iso mimetype. Commit.
  • Report QFuture results even on failure. Commit.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Update to reflect move of KUserFeedback to Frameworks. Commit.
  • Process correct model when applying service menu changes. Commit. Fixes bug #475547.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Reset AttendeeTableModel when settings attendees. Commit. Fixes bug #428888.
  • Exclude Poppler's fallback fonts from the Itinerary APK. Commit.
  • Use include:project for all templates. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami Addons from the kf5 branch. Commit.
  • Update Android asset exclusion list. Commit.
  • Adapt to plasma-framework moving to Plasma. Commit.
  • Fix build with Avogadro 1.98. Commit.
  • Templates: drop accidentally script-added release info from appdata files. Commit.
  • Fix streaming button showing up instead of download button. Commit. Fixes bug #476144.
  • Remove network connectivity check. Commit. See bug #475400.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Update to reflect move of KUserFeedback to Frameworks. Commit.
  • Fix crash on dropping file in project. Commit. Fixes bug #476016.
  • Fix timeremap. Commit.
  • Fix replace clip keeping audio index from previous clip, sometimes breaking audio. Commit. See bug #476612.
  • Create sequence from selection: ensure we have enough audio tracks for AV groups. Commit.
  • Fix timeline duration incorrect after create sequence from timeline selection. Commit.
  • Fix project duration not updating when moving the last clip of a track to another non last position. Commit. See bug #476493.
  • Don't lose subtitle styling when switching to another sequence. Commit. Fixes bug #476544.
  • Fix crash dropping url to Library. Commit.
  • When dropping multiple files in project bin, improve import speed by not checking if every file is on a remote drive. Commit.
  • Fix titler shadow incorrectly pasted on selection. Commit. Fixes bug #476393.
  • Fix pasted effects not adjusted to track length. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview ignored in temporary data dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #475980.
  • Speech to text: fix whisper install aborting after 30secs. Commit.
  • Don't try to generate proxy clips for audio with clipart. Commit.
  • Clip loading: switch to Mlt::Producer probe() instead of fetching frame. Commit.
  • Multiple fixes for time remap losing keyframes. Commit.
  • Add png with alpha render profile. Commit.
  • Fix Mix not correctly deleted on group track move. Commit.
  • Fix rendering with alpha. Commit.
  • Rotoscoping: don't auto add a second kfr at cursor pos when creating the initial shape, don't auto add keyframes until there are 2 keyframes created. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe param not correctly enabled when selecting a clip. Commit.
  • Fix smooth keyframe path sometimes incorrectly drawn on monitor. Commit.
  • Properly adjust timeline clips on sequence resize. Commit.
  • Remove unused debug stuff. Commit.
  • Fix project duration not correctly updated on hide / show track. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip with mix test. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip start to frame 0 of timeline not correctly working in some zoom levels,. Commit.
  • Fix show configure dialogbox. Commit.
  • Render graphics hidpi aware. Commit.
  • Fix config dialog apply/ok not doing anything. Commit. Fixes bug #475891.
  • Use KLazyLocalizedString to init static lokalized string. Commit. Fixes bug #475232.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Specify an encoding for libxml2 when reading from byte array data as well. Commit.
  • Work around broken date/time values in mails without times. Commit.
  • Make Uic9183Header externally usable. Commit.
  • Adapt DB online import parser to also handle DB Next API replies. Commit.
  • Adapt online ticket dumping tool to DB Next API changes. Commit.
  • Fix address country extraction. Commit.
  • Handle multi-line airport names in Qatar Airways tickets. Commit.
  • Display non-ascii chars in PKP tickets. Commit.
  • Add no-q event booking extractor. Commit.
  • Sanity-check terminal names to deal with weird Iberia PDFs. Commit.
  • Handle Iberia pkpass boarding passes and PDFs without a boarding group. Commit.
  • Fix extracting Thalys tickets with a program membership used. Commit.
  • Fix extraction from multi-line Pretix PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Handle Pretix pkpass files with non-formatted date/time values. Commit.
  • Handle Dutch language European Sleeper seat reservations. Commit.
  • Handle Dutch language variants of European Sleeper tickets. Commit.
  • Small optimizations for the static build. Commit.
  • Update train station data from Wikidata. Commit.
  • Fix train station country SPARQL query. Commit.
  • Fix bug 475485: Handbook: typo in OpenPGP link to Wikipedia. Commit. Fixes bug #475485.
  • Fix signed integer overflow due to uninitialized vars warning. Commit.
  • Account for CJK wide chars in copyLineToStream. Commit.
  • Add test case for block selection of CJK chars. Commit.
  • Don't select half a CJK character. Commit. Fixes bug #474055.
  • Don't try to free terminalPart. Commit.
  • Fix crash when forwarding incidence via context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #474144.
  • Repair searching in korganizer. Commit.
  • Make the message catalog UTF-8 encoding detection slightly more broad. Commit.
  • Correctly detect past canceled stops in DB ICE onboard journey data. Commit.
  • Fix asymmetric location type comparison. Commit.
  • Handle canceled stops in DB ICE onboard API journey data. Commit.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Fix mouse input handling with HiDpi. Commit.
  • Adapt to plasma-framework moving to Plasma. Commit.
  • Tile sets: hide design helper lines around tile "faces". Commit.
  • Background selection preview: render hidpi aware. Commit.
  • Background: render pixmap hidpi aware. Commit.
  • Tileset selection preview: render hidpi aware. Commit.
  • Fix bug 476456: No scrollbar in simple editing mode. Commit. Fixes bug #476456.
  • Add scrollarea. Commit. See bug #476456.
  • Rename variables. Commit.
  • Fix update button when we click on clear. Commit.
  • Render pixmaps HiDpi-aware. Commit.
  • Ensure we mark element as selected in contact list. Commit.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Reflect move of KActivities out of Frameworks to Plasma. Commit.
  • Fix account switcher not working in certain sections. Commit. Fixes bug #475897.
  • Remove _L1 from cherry-picking error. Commit.
  • Fix some weird attachment issues if they don't exist locally. Commit.