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KDE Gear 23.08.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.08.2 from the git repositories.

  • Drop unused ItemModels dependency. Commit.
  • Add missing KWindowSystem dependency. Commit.
  • [maxima] clear the variables created in TestMaxima::testVariableModel() so we don't pollute other tests executed after it. Commit.
  • Drop unused KI18n header/dependency. Commit.
  • Revert "Fix ignore path support. Fix crash when we load root path". Commit.
  • Tests: cripple freebsd testing. Commit.
  • Add more sanity checks for transfers. Commit.
  • Fix several word wrap issues for health certificate details. Commit.
  • Ensure DB ticket reference is upper-cased. Commit.
  • Disable Poppler Qt bindings. Commit.
  • Use stable branch for Qt5 PIM libraries. Commit.
  • Require POST_NOTIFICATION permission for Android SDK 33. Commit. See bug #474643.
  • Fix ejecting when there's a disk on the drive. Commit. Fixes bug #473889.
  • Fix Edit Alarm dialog More/Less Options button being wrongly labelled "Defaults". Commit.
  • Fix 'show today' button not showing in date picker when using Breeze. Commit.
  • Replace deprecated methods. Commit.
  • When alarm is deferred, ensure it's deleted from archive calendar. Commit.
  • Ensure we don't crash if no item is selected. Commit. Fixes bug #475379.
  • Fix prettier.resolveConfig.sync is not a function. Commit. Fixes bug #474722.
  • Explicitly call QCoreApplication::exit(). Commit. See bug #469690.
  • About data: pass homepage url by homepage argument, not copyright one. Commit.
  • Iterate KFilePlacesModel instead of using closestItem to remove SFTP entries. Commit. Fixes bug #461872.
  • Remove "Open on connected device via KDE Connect". Commit. Fixes bug #472697.
  • Fix Fit Zoom. Commit. Fixes bug #472754.
  • Fix cannot move clip to 0 in some cases. Commit.
  • Fix erratic behavior when requesting to add same track transitions (mixes) to several clips. Commit.
  • Redirect Settings > Configure Kdenlive > Help to the online documentation. Commit.
  • Fix multiple audio streams broken by MLT's new astream property. Commit. Fixes bug #474895.
  • Fix dialogs not correctly deleted, e.g. add track dialog, causing crash on exit. Commit.
  • Ensure clips with audio (for exemple playlists) don't block audio when inserted on video track. Commit.
  • Ensure translations cannot mess with file extensions. Commit.
  • Fix another case blocking separate track move. Commit.
  • Fix grabbed clips cannot be moved on upper track in some cases. Commit.
  • Fix move clip part of a group on another track not always working. Commit.
  • Fix playlist count not correctly updated, allowing to delete last sequence. Commit. Fixes bug #474988.
  • Fix motion-tracker Nano file name and links to the documentation. Commit.
  • Stop installing kdenliveui.rc also as separate file, next to Qt resource. Commit.
  • Fix tests and possible corruption in recent mix fix. Commit.
  • Correctly highlight newly dropped files in library. Commit.
  • Fix threading issue crashing in resource widget. Commit.
  • Fix freeze on adding mix. Commit.
  • Make Lift work as expected by most users. Commit. Fixes bug #447948. Fixes bug #436762.
  • Fix load task discarding kdenlive settings (caused timeline clips to miss the "proxy" icon. Commit.
  • Fix multiple issues with Lift/Gamma/Gain undo. Commit. Fixes bug #472865. Fixes bug #462406.
  • Fix freeze / crash on project opening. Commit.
  • Optimize RAM usage by not storing producers on which we did a get_frame operation. Commit.
  • Fix guide multi-export adding an extra dot to the filename. Commit.
  • COrrectly update effect stack when switching timeline tab. Commit.
  • Fix reading DAV provider properties. Commit.
  • Fix kpimtextedit dependency. Commit.
  • Actually start job to read secret key. Commit. Fixes bug #470820.
  • Revert "Revert "Fix race condition when building"". Commit.
  • Revert "Revert "Use config plugin instead of out of process config dialog"". Commit.
  • Fix signal/slot. Commit.
  • Add missing JobWidgets dependency. Commit.
  • Fix memory leakage of button signal handler objects. Commit.
  • Fix memory leakage of intro animation data. Commit.
  • Fix accidentally localized homepage URL. Commit.
  • Thumbnail Jpegcreator: skip exif thumbnail when too small. Commit. Fixes bug #466658. See bug #465336.
  • Fix several copy/paste errors in SortUtil::hasStart/EndTime(). Commit.
  • Add bookingkit PDF extractor script. Commit.
  • Handle departure/arrival/duration triples in generic extraction as well. Commit.
  • Make the Amadeus PDF timestamp workaround a bit less specific. Commit.
  • Correctly compare times with and without timezones when merging. Commit.
  • Fix parsing newer UK railway PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Deal with an alternative way to mark non-reservation RSP-6 tickets. Commit.
  • Fix parsing GWR iCal attachments for multi-leg train trips. Commit.
  • Manually merge international Renfe results. Commit.
  • Unify reservation/ticket number extraction for Renfe/Ouigo ES barcodes. Commit.
  • Move Renfe barcode documentation to the wiki. Commit.
  • Add a workaround for fixing broken UIC 918.3 payloads in Renfe tickets. Commit.
  • Sanity-check the RCT2 traveler name. Commit.
  • Handle one more data format in RCT2 tickets. Commit.
  • Try barcode decoding both on transformed and untranformed source images. Commit.
  • Remove some excessive debug output. Commit.
  • Extract un-styled Pretix PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Extract multi-leg Renfe tickets correctly. Commit.
  • Make train number matching slightly less strict. Commit.
  • Merge the two ÖBB UIC 918.3 extractor scripts. Commit.
  • Extract multi-leg ÖBB PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Fix online import of unidirectional SNCF bookings. Commit. Fixes bug #474197.
  • Add missing JobWidgets dependency. Commit.
  • Allow to parse specific Date. So we reduce the number of. Commit.
  • About data: pass homepage url by homepage argument, not othertext one. Commit.
  • Hide StrokeCircle when AdvancedPutting is disabled. Commit.
  • Fix compiling with strict iterators. Commit.
  • Render waterfalls, public book cases and co-working spaces. Commit.
  • Match not found tag keys against the KeyNotSet operator. Commit.
  • Improve rendering of some tourist attractions. Commit.
  • Handle another Wikepedia link tagging variant. Commit.
  • Render showers as well. Commit.
  • Add missing QtXml dependency. Commit.
  • Test: querytest: Fixup au_navitia locations. Commit.
  • Networks: au_navitia: Use stop_point instead of stop_area. Commit.
  • Networks: au_navitia: Expand to all of Australia. Commit.
  • Networks: au_navitia: Fixup latitude and longitude. Commit.
  • Fix typo in onboard API header installation. Commit.
  • Fix missing "icon" image provider for QML popup messages. Commit.
  • Add missing JobWidgets dependency. Commit.
  • Fix configure module name for Qt5 as well. Commit.
  • Fix memory leakage in destructors of KGameIOPrivate subclasses. Commit.
  • Fix memory leakage of networking messages. Commit.
  • Drop hardcoded non-zero margin & spacing from selector UIs. Commit.
  • Do not leak tileset objects from tileset selector widget destructor. Commit.
  • Fix more issue with wrong date due to timezone. Commit.
  • Fix shifting of date by one day/month. Commit. Fixes bug #473866.
  • Fix displaying of Basic HourlyView. Commit.
  • DateUtils: Trim userProvidedYear to remove whitespace before parsing. Commit.
  • Fix invalid parent collection error. Commit.
  • Fix triggering mailto: and tel: actions twice. Commit.
  • Fixes bug in photoEditor.qml. Commit.
  • Fix crash when running merkuro with other locales. Commit. Fixes bug #474191.
  • Fix adding new contact. Commit. Fixes bug #474380.
  • Fix crash when switching signed/encrypted emails very fast. Commit. Fixes bug #463083.
  • Markdown: Fix rendering with discount3. Commit. Fixes bug #475198.
  • Fix a crash with hardened_malloc. Commit.
  • Use RELEASE_SERVICE_VERSION instead of hardcoded PROJECT_VERSION. Commit.
  • Protect against notifications that don't have a post associated. Commit. Fixes bug #475057.
  • Require kirigami-addons 0.11. Commit.
  • Fix the follows page in notifications not working at all. Commit.
  • Use the TextArea's implicitHeight when calculating composer height. Commit. Fixes bug #471519.
  • Fix 'ERD lost foreign keys when loaded again'. Commit. Fixes bug #468728.
  • Fix umbrello not starting from KDE applications menu. Commit. Fixes bug #474587.
  • Testumlroledialog: Fix crash. Commit. Fixes bug #474694.
  • Fixed display errors in the dialogs for searching objects and exporting images. Commit. Fixes bug #474539.