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KDE Gear 23.08.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.08.1 from the git repositories.

  • Use correct identity when sending iTIP counter-proposal. Commit. Fixes bug #458524.
  • Add project_license to appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Add Keywords to org.kde.calindori.desktop. Commit.
  • Copy Location: Make sure to export path with native separators. Commit.
  • Agenda: fix timezone being lost when moving event by drag. Commit. See bug #448703.
  • Fix navigation with side mouse buttons. Commit.
  • Stop overriding settings menu. Commit. Fixes bug #473672.
  • Don't mark two English strings as untranslated. Commit. Fixes bug #473637.
  • Fix editing bus and train elements without an associated ticket object. Commit. Fixes bug #474234.
  • Manually manage permissions in the Android manifest. Commit.
  • Correctly size constrain Apple Wallet generic pass thumbnail image. Commit.
  • Fix progress computation on the initial journey stopover. Commit.
  • Unbreak Flatpak build after the runtime removed ZXing. Commit.
  • Remove unused variables. Commit.
  • Bug 473792: Don't warn about not providing high accuracy alarms if alarm >10 minutes from now. Commit.
  • Lsp: Fix crash on clicking "Close dynamic reference tabs". Commit. Fixes bug #474216.
  • Fix assert when moving a widget to a new vertical viewspace. Commit.
  • Fix crash on viewspace close. Commit.
  • Apply the same fix for ToolTip. Commit.
  • Convert the displayed time to local time. Commit.
  • IncidenceFormatter: fix start/end dt of recurrent event crossing DST. Commit. Fixes bug #451459. Fixes bug #460186.
  • Preserve timezone of original incidence when copy-pasting. Commit. Fixes bug #448703.
  • Sanitize certificate subject name before comparing to deviceId. Commit.
  • Fix remote keyboard sending "space" when pressing space. Commit. Fixes bug #473956.
  • Fix SFTP plugin on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #473511.
  • Fix audio channel setting breaking opening of existing project file. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in audiolevel widget. Commit.
  • Fix default audio channels for project not correctly saved. Commit.
  • Fix guide/marker categories all black on some non english locales. Commit.
  • Ensure Media browser saves zoom level when using mouse wheel to zoom. Commit.
  • Extract audio: export only active streams, merge all if requested. Commit.
  • Fix crash on subclip transcoding. Commit.
  • Fix audio extract for multi stream clips. Commit.
  • When restoring audio or video component in timeline, first try target track, then mirror track. Commit.
  • Fix multi guide export enabled by default. Commit.
  • Fix guides categories all black when opening a project from a different locale. Commit.
  • Fix archiving crash on Windows caused by filesystem case sensitivity. Commit.
  • Project Bin: don't draw icon frame if icon size is null. Commit.
  • Fix zone rendering not remembered when reopening a project. Commit.
  • Fix detection/fixing when several clips in the project use the same file. Commit.
  • Correctly update guides list when switching timeline tab. Commit.
  • Correctly size constrain Apple Wallet generic pass thumbnail images. Commit.
  • Revert "Use config plugin instead of out of process config dialog". Commit. Fixes bug #473897.
  • Revert "Fix race condition when building". Commit.
  • Vcarddirresource: fix directory not being configured on start. Commit.
  • Icaldirresource: fix directory not being configured on start. Commit. See bug #436693.
  • Require akonadi-contacts >= 23.07.80. Commit.
  • Thumbnail: Fix heap-use-after-free in AudioCreator::create. Commit. Fixes bug #469458.
  • Fix crash with corrupted EXR images. Commit.
  • Also allow direct extraction from SNCF Secutix barcodes. Commit. See bug #474197.
  • Correctly update the search offset in the MAV extractor. Commit.
  • Handle more cases of ZSSK network tickets. Commit.
  • Correctly import buses from DB online tickets. Commit.
  • Add Slovak Lines PDF ticket extractor script. Commit.
  • Add premiumkino Apple Wallet pass extractor script. Commit.
  • Handle more end of validtity variants in RCT2 tickets. Commit.
  • Fall back to the second RCT2 title line if the first one is empty. Commit. Fixes bug #472916.
  • Handle Amtrak tickets with unreserved seats. Commit.
  • Add British Airways boarding pass extractor script. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Aer Lingus PDF boarding passes. Commit.
  • Increase upper aspect ratio limit for PDF417 barcodes. Commit.
  • Allow users saying they never want to get the "Do you want to save" question again. Commit.
  • Fix definition of HAVE_X11. Commit.
  • Handle another luggage locker tagging variant. Commit.
  • Show the type of diplomatic entities in the info box. Commit.
  • Add consulate icon, show labels for embassys. Commit.
  • Render food courts, clinics and an alternative travel agency tagging. Commit.
  • Handle network:wikipedia tags in the same way we handle operator:wikipedia. Commit.
  • Display lost & found offices. Commit.
  • Display airport baggage claim belts. Commit.
  • Add luggage locker icon. Commit.
  • Make string translatable. Commit.
  • Don't use auto when concatenating QStrings to avoid QStringBuilder. Commit.
  • Bump KF5_MIN_VERSION to 5.104 for Windows. Commit.
  • Add namespace prefix to include guards. Commit.
  • "changed" can't be a reference since it gets modified later on the loop. Commit. Fixes bug #474132.
  • Use shortcode as a fallback for body when sending stickers. Commit.
  • Add cmake check for qtlocation QML module. Commit.
  • Add Windows-specific screenshots as screenshots with custom attribute. Commit.
  • Deselect space when leaving it. Commit. Fixes bug #473271.
  • Fix opening settings. Commit. Fixes bug #473789.
  • Fix opening report sheet. Commit.
  • Force plain text user display name in user detail sheet. Commit.
  • Fix opening ban sheet. Commit.
  • Fix creation of new JS objects. Commit. Fixes bug #474256.
  • Guard against setting invalid button icons. Commit.
  • The nFace argument in PDF JS button icon methods is optional. Commit. See bug #474256.
  • Fix cert selection height. Commit.
  • Pass the automatically incremented version to project. Commit.
  • Fix broken HAVE_KWAYLAND assignment. Commit.