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KDE Gear 23.04.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.04.3 from the git repositories.

  • Invalidate model to apply sortCompletedTodosSeparately pref. Commit. Fixes bug #458254
  • Preferences: Use default search engine by default. Commit.
  • Pass exivData as argument to avoid crash in exiv2 library. Commit. Fixes bug #470880
  • Add 23.04.3 release notes. Commit.
  • Ensure we pass content: URLs fully encoded to Android API and QFile. Commit. Fixes bug #470643
  • Add icon for boat/ferry reservations in the calendar. Commit.
  • Explicitly specify supported types when importing from a calendar. Commit.
  • Add map argument unit test for static elements at the begin/end. Commit.
  • Fix infinite loop in computing static location map arguments. Commit.
  • Fail less dramatically when ending up with an unknown pass. Commit.
  • Work around the Android back key closing the app on secondary layers. Commit.
  • Fix running on Python 3.11. Commit.
  • Fix running with zope-interface 6. Commit.
  • Fix mMedia nullptr dereference in VLC backend metadata call. Commit. See bug #470263
  • More safeguards for getFeed and getEntry calls. Commit.
  • Fix segfault when trying to remove a non-subscribed podcast. Commit. Fixes bug #471107
  • Improve code action invocation with no selection. Commit.
  • Fix LSP inlay hint deserialization. Commit.
  • Lsp: Use label as insertText as a last resort. Commit.
  • Fix kdeconnect_open desktop file type. Commit. Fixes bug #424782
  • Use explicit constructor for QSslCertificate with value initialized argument. Commit. Fixes bug #469428
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Fix effects disappearing from timeline sequence and other sync issues. Commit.
  • Fix crash loading project with an unknown transition. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to open backup for moved project file. Commit.
  • Switch vglobal_quality to vqp for nvenc (same as Shotcut). Commit.
  • Backport ASAN fix from master. Commit.
  • Fix ASAN use after freed. Commit.
  • Mixer: polish audio levels display, add scale for gain slider. Commit.
  • Fix audio levels gradient colors. Commit.
  • Mixes: ensure asset panel cleared on undo insert, fix mix inserted at wrong clip end on drop. Commit.
  • Fix mixes incorrectly saved as luma. Commit.
  • Ensure Subtitle widget can fit on smaller screens. Commit. See bug #470498
  • Fix crash pressing Home on subtitle track. Commit.
  • Use a faster regex for matching Grimaldi Line passenger data. Commit.
  • Add Color Line extractor script. Commit.
  • Support onepagebooking PDFs as well. Commit.
  • Expand the Fjord Line trigger expression to cover newer tickets. Commit.
  • Treat any sequence of * characters as RCT2 empty marker. Commit.
  • Accept also slightly larger ERA SSBv3 codes. Commit.
  • Simplify Trenitalia extractor. Commit.
  • Extract DJH membership card barcodes. Commit.
  • Fix extraction of multi-page Trenitalia tickets. Commit.
  • Improve handling of Flixbus train tickets. Commit.
  • Add additional sanity checks for ERA SSBv2 tickets. Commit.
  • Relax the SNCB barcode trigger pattern a bit. Commit.
  • Don't remove margins. Commit.
  • Quote html chars in subject too. Commit.
  • Remove unused QtDBus. Commit.
  • Kmsearchmessagemodel.cpp - Avoid crash for invalid Akonadi::Item. Commit.
  • Allow to restore recent dir. Commit.
  • Fix display email when we have < ... >. Commit.
  • Tab bar settings: fix MIME type filtering of custom CSS file picker. Commit.
  • Hides redundant widgets on dialog for emoji font selection. Commit. Fixes bug #469563
  • Highlights sounds file picker: fix setting file filter by MIME types. Commit. Fixes bug #433667
  • Solve the simple simon autodrop problem less aggressively. Commit. Fixes bug #469991
  • Reinit Golf solver correctly after switching games. Commit. Fixes bug #470166
  • Drop implausible section paths. Commit.
  • Apply check for physical limits also to walking sections. Commit.
  • Fix long distance bus line mode for VOR. Commit.
  • Remove dead OTP endpoints in Münster and Ulm. Commit.
  • Also request the top-level transport mode for Entur stopover queries. Commit.
  • Parse OTP transit legs without a transport mode subtype correctly. Commit.
  • Make VRS work again. Commit.
  • Add support for PKCS#12 client certificate bundles. Commit.
  • Apply SSL configuration to IVV ASS network requests as well. Commit.
  • Don't crash when setting custom QNAM when there isn't a default one yet. Commit.
  • Add patch-level to version, also unbreaks KOMPAREDIFF2_VERSION C++ macro. Commit.
  • Ignore word wrapping newlines when creating message diffs. Commit.