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KDE Gear 23.04.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 23.04.2 from the git repositories.

  • LastPathSegment: don't strip slash if it is the only character in the path. Commit. Fixes bug #469795
  • Make media duration key optional. Commit.
  • Allow FileMetata properties on desktop and recentlyused. Commit. Fixes bug #460117
  • Revert "Restrict attaching instances to those on the same activity or same virtual desktop". Commit. Fixes bug #408919. See bug #408919
  • Revert "global.cpp: Ensure qApp does not emit signal because of local QEventLoop". Commit.
  • Global.cpp: Ensure qApp does not emit signal because of local QEventLoop. Commit. Fixes bug #469656
  • Don't use pointing finger cursor for non-link UI elements. Commit.
  • Fix build with exiv2 >= 0.28. Commit.
  • Fix running wrong application in 'Open with...' menu. Commit. Fixes bug #469824
  • Add 23.04.2 release notes. Commit.
  • Fix horizontal padding in editor page. Commit.
  • Adapt test data to the changed name prefix cleaning in kitinerary. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to select favorite locations based on invalid coordinates. Commit.
  • Set better transfer delta times for restaurant reservations. Commit.
  • Be more strict in discarding elements we cannot get live updates for. Commit.
  • Properly check if the element a transfer is attached is a location change. Commit.
  • Always pass passId to ActionsCard. Commit.
  • Work around KUnitConversion deadlocking when needing a currency update. Commit. Fixes bug #469562
  • Cache holiday region lookups. Commit.
  • Fix attaching documents on multi-traveler reservations. Commit. Fixes bug #469347
  • Adjust kcm_cddb path. Commit. Fixes bug #469711
  • Fix the layout of the Mixed CD burn dialog "Misc" tab. Commit.
  • Bug 468640: Implement workaround for memory leak in KCalendarCore. Commit.
  • Move RemindersModel to calendar module. Commit.
  • Simplify MultiDayIncidenceModel. Commit.
  • Use grouped property. Commit.
  • Modernize DayGridView. Commit.
  • BasicMonthGridView.qml: Use const instead of let. Commit.
  • Use strict equality for DayGridViewIncidenceDelegate.isInCurrentMonth. Commit.
  • Remove usage of KCalPrefs. Commit.
  • Use Akonadi::Collection::Id to store color keys. Commit.
  • Improve retrival of color from incidence. Commit.
  • Get collection color directly from collection when possible in IncidenceOccurrenceModel. Commit.
  • Fix wrong colour being set in color cache when generating it is required. Commit.
  • Disable capturing hover events globally. Commit.
  • Fix bugs in IncidenceInfoContents. Commit.
  • [KMediaSession] Only send MRPIS2 positionChanged signal on seek. Commit.
  • Also update fullscreen image if chapter image in HeaderBar changes. Commit. Fixes bug #470194
  • Load custom icons through fallbackSearchPaths. Commit. Fixes bug #469567
  • Fix double drive letters on "Run Current Doc". Commit. Fixes bug #469340
  • Send "\r\n" instead of "\n" on windows. Commit.
  • Fix freeze on duplicate sequence. Commit. See bug #470465
  • Get rid of mocking in some more tests. Commit.
  • Re-enable timeline sequence thumbnails. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Nesting: refactor timeline sequence open/close, add tests. Commit.
  • Display default folder for VOSK models in settings page when no custom folder is set. Commit.
  • Fix closing sequence in reopened project losing all recent changes. Commit.
  • Fix crash pasting subtitle in a timeline sequence without subtitles. Commit.
  • Fix dragging clip in timeline can cause out of view scrolling. Commit.
  • Fix motion tracker not working on rotated clips or clip with distort effects. Commit.
  • Fix import clip on single click in Media Browser. Commit.
  • Fix focus issue after switching from fullscreen monitor. Commit.
  • Cleaner version of previous patch. Commit.
  • Fix multiple guides export. Commit. Fixes bug #469435
  • Fix color wheel resetting color on mouse wheel. Commit. See bug #470005
  • Minor UI adjustments to timeline ruler. Commit.
  • Use better option for Media Browser. Commit.
  • Drop timeline zoom whatsthis (it interferes with zoom shortcut (Shift+Ctrl++). Commit.
  • Merge !399 with a few fixes (whisper disable FP16 on GTX 16xx). Commit.
  • Don't allow archiving unsaved project, show subtitle files in archive widget and project files list. Commit.
  • Fix scaled rendering. Commit.
  • Titler: shadow should include text outline. Commit.
  • Thumbnailer: ensure producer is valid, don't seek past clip end. Commit.
  • Fix create sequence from selection resulting in incorrect clip length. Commit.
  • Don't trigger producer reinsert multiple times on change. Commit.
  • Implement retrieveItems(Item::List) for googleresource. Commit. Fixes bug #448106
  • Add Finnlines extractor script. Commit.
  • Add basic Tallink extractor. Commit.
  • Add support for Estonian railway tickets. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Lithuanian railway tickets. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Latvian railway tickets. Commit.
  • Expose PDF page sizes to extractor scripts. Commit.
  • Expand generic FCB extractor. Commit.
  • Move FCB class code formatting to FcbUtil for reuse elsewhere. Commit.
  • Decode departure time of FCB train link region validity constraints. Commit.
  • Fix FCB arrival/departure date/time decoding. Commit.
  • Fix Fcb::ReservationData ASN.1 schema mismatch. Commit.
  • Extract ticket numbers for SBB passes. Commit.
  • Be a bit more thorough when stripping of name prefixes. Commit.
  • Add another time pattern, found on IndiGo boarding passes for example. Commit.
  • Prefer RCT2 fields fully contained in the specified area. Commit.
  • Support English Thalys tickets as well. Commit.
  • Handle one alternative date format found in SNCB RCT2 tickets. Commit.
  • Fold mainEntityOfPage property into the parent object. Commit.
  • Allow to merge elements where one is a subtype of the other. Commit.
  • Generalize comparing hotels and restaurants. Commit.
  • Unpack Country objects used in addresses. Commit.
  • Clean up postal codes during post processing. Commit.
  • Also post-process LocalBusiness elements. Commit.
  • Also merge canceled reservations with their minimal cancellation element. Commit.
  • Update train station tables from Wikidata. Commit.
  • Update power plug and driving side data from Wikidata. Commit.
  • Let git consider the train station data table to be a binary file. Commit.
  • Apply the new country SPARQL expression also to all subsequent queries. Commit.
  • Update Wikidata country data SPARQL query to include some more corner cases. Commit.
  • Remove manual (and broken) FCB handling from DB extractor script. Commit.
  • Also set the ticket name when extracting a full train reservation. Commit.
  • Extract European Sleeper seat reservation data. Commit.
  • Add Qatar Airways booking confirmation extractor. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for European Sleeper. Commit.
  • Add initial generic FCB extractor. Commit.
  • Use vocabulary types in the generic UIC 918.3 extractor. Commit.
  • Check for MAV seat reservations actually having a seat number. Commit.
  • Support person comparison with one side only having partial names. Commit.
  • Fix expanding attached MIME messages. Commit.
  • Set OrganizationDomain before registering the DBus service. Commit. See bug #470246
  • Adjust selection point coords when scrollback shrinks. Commit. Fixes bug #470346
  • Add tests to check fix of invalid parent in profile. Commit.
  • Do not allow an invalid parent to be set in profiles. Commit. Fixes bug #467790
  • Exclude test input files that don't pass the JSON validation CI step. Commit.
  • Drop substring notes during notes merging. Commit.
  • Fix typo in parsing expected arrival times in DB Zugportal journeys. Commit.
  • Also call renewImage() for 8-bit Gray images. Commit. Fixes bug #469683
  • Crop the image after a scan finished. Commit.
  • Fix build with exiv2 >= 0.28. Commit.
  • Focus message search window's search field by default. Commit. Fixes bug #469879
  • Fix asan runtime error in texthandler. Commit.
  • Update appstream description. Commit.
  • Bump c++ standard version. Poppler is about to use c++17 types in the api, so better be prepared. Commit.
  • Do not hardcode English as the default OCR language. Commit. Fixes bug #469865
  • Fix the capture option panel width for some languages. Commit.
  • Fix obvious copy/paste mistakes. Commit.
  • When going to separate app pages, clear the whole pageStack. Commit.
  • Squash yet another duplicate accounts bug. Commit. Fixes bug #466440
  • Fix reading invalid accounts from conf. Commit.
  • Prevent unnecessary tab switching on tab close. Commit. Fixes bug #392626
  • Fix access of negative 'screens' offset. Commit.