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KDE Gear 22.12.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.12.3 from the git repositories.

  • Fix bug 465669: Untrimmed URL added to a contact get dropped. Commit.Fixes bug #465669
  • Fix bug 465960: RSS feed logos are incorrectly scaled by title height. Commit.Fixes bug #465960
  • Fix free space check. Commit.Fixes bug #459418
  • ExtractJob: Fix calculation of totalUncompressedSize. Commit.
  • LoadJob: Fix ExtractedFilesSize calculation considering sparse files. Commit.
  • Fix empty music collection after rescan if baloo isn't available. Commit.Fixes bug #417267
  • Elide too long stop names in the journey section view. Commit.
  • Fix TimelineSelectionDelegateControllerTest. Commit.
  • Also show timezone information for UTC times when not being in UTC. Commit.
  • Forward compatibility with Qt 6. Commit.
  • Add comment for the extra condition. Commit.
  • Correct if..else if structure. Commit.
  • Changed comparator function to handle the special case. Commit.Fixes bug #455210
  • Fix basic week view not updating when dates changed. Commit.
  • Clarify where periodStartDate comes from. Commit.
  • Fix bug when droping event with the same time. Commit.Fixes bug #465080
  • Fix loading contact editor. Commit.
  • Activate the view of viewspace which made the request. Commit.Fixes bug #465811
  • Save global options of active window before creating new. Commit.See bug #464639. Fixes bug #465064
  • Sessions: Save session on document open and close. Commit.Fixes bug #437337
  • Ctags: Wrap with quotes. Commit.Fixes bug #378322
  • Fix leaking actions in welcomeview. Commit.
  • Fix enter press on a dir after filtering. Commit.
  • Fix urlbar doesn't select first item on filtering. Commit.Fixes bug #464640
  • Tooltips: Use QFrame::Box. Commit.
  • ProjectTerminal: Open new tab in same directory as existing tab. Commit.
  • Fix widget closing when it has no tab. Commit.
  • Fix widget activation. Commit.
  • Build: Prevent crash where the tab-widget is null. Commit.
  • Nautilus: drop spurious shebang. Commit.
  • Samba: Fix build with GCC 13 (add missing include). Commit.
  • Fix subtitle scrolling. Commit.
  • Fix language model combobox too small. Commit.Fixes bug #465787
  • Scroll timeline when moving a subtitle. Related to #1634. Commit.
  • Fix subtitles overlap on import. Commit.
  • Fix subtitle move regression. Commit.
  • Fix subtitle offset on group move. Commit.
  • Fix subtitles snapping. Commit.
  • Fix compilation. Commit.
  • Fix crash and offset when moving a group with subtitle. Commit.
  • Add missing push it. Commit.
  • Make it compile against discount 3. Commit.
  • Fix crash when message is null. Commit.
  • Don't check if google resource handler canPerformTask, as this unnecessarily prevents deletion due to lack of item payload. Commit.
  • Signature editor: Do not specify that the edit file is temporary. Commit.Fixes bug #400567
  • Mtp: bump dbus timeout to 60 minutes. Commit.Fixes bug #462059
  • Smb: don't tell the client if the available FS size is 0. Commit.See bug #431050
  • Add pkpass extractor script. Commit.
  • Look for departure time in boarding pass pkpass files as well. Commit.
  • Fix extracting UK railway ticket numbers. Commit.
  • Make FlixBus extractor more robust. Commit.
  • Skip test that expects a property added in KCalendarCore 5.103.0. Commit.
  • Double-check that we can use basic ranges features. Commit.
  • Appstream: Add default property to the only screenshot. Commit.
  • Make wasWindowGeometrySaved() function consider new key format. Commit.
  • Clamp TerminalDisplay size to prevent buffer overflow crash. Commit.
  • Fix bug 464404 : embedded images not displayed neither as embedded. Commit.Fixes bug #464404
  • Reparentingmodel.cpp - call layoutAboutToBeChanged. Commit.Fixes bug #462176
  • Create event with range selected in date navigator. Commit.Fixes bug #226950
  • Try harder to avoid rounding loss in floor level parsing. Commit.
  • Also apply the layer cap to building parts. Commit.
  • Remove duplicated QDebug operator for GpgME::Key. Commit.
  • When we create an empty tab, collection is invalid. Commit.
  • Nodehelper.cpp - revert the crash guard change in setNodeDisplayedHidden. Commit.
  • Nodehelper.cpp - revert the crash guard change in setNodeProcessed. Commit.
  • Add guards for invalid nodes. Commit.
  • Don't store empty tab. Commit.
  • Appstream: Add default property to the only screenshot. Commit.