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KDE Gear 22.12.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.12.2 from the git repositories.

  • Convert event start time to user's local timezone. Commit.Fixes bug #453805
  • Adapt autotest to new expected "Space" key behaviour. Commit.
  • Make space shortcut for selection mode view-local instead of global. Commit.Fixes bug #458282. Fixes bug #458281. See bug #463048
  • Remove unnecessary method parameter. Commit.
  • Fix size of directories if a subdir fails to open. Commit.
  • Don't recurse into symlinks when counting directory contents. Commit.Fixes bug #434125
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Display high DPI album art when using scaling. Commit.Fixes bug #464342
  • Fix Recently and Frequently Played sort buttons. Commit.Fixes bug #442176
  • Fixed coexistence between Qt Raw plugin and KDcraw. Commit.Fixes bug #463132
  • Hide separator if there are no back fields in an event ticket pkpass. Commit.
  • Gradle 7 / Qt 5.15.8 compatibility. Commit.
  • Use higher-quality down-scaling for event pass logos. Commit.
  • Deal with overly wide event pass background images. Commit.
  • Fix too aggressive merging of generic Apple Wallet files. Commit.
  • Ensure TransferManager has a LiveDataManager before scanning. Commit.
  • Fix adding files from a m3u playlist. Commit.
  • Videodvd KIO worker: add missing QApp instance for dispatchLoop to work. Commit.
  • Export main activity as required by Android 12. Commit.
  • Build-plugin: Set focus the widget of the build tab that is clicked. Commit.
  • Fix settings saving regression in CTags plugin. Commit.Fixes bug #463993
  • [SMS App] Fix loading more messages. Commit.Fixes bug #452946
  • Fix ssh authentication using pubkey on recent openssh versions. Commit.Fixes bug #443155
  • [plugins/virtualmonitor] Fix crash when krfb-virtualmonitor fails all retries. Commit.Fixes bug #464241
  • Fix "Pair a Device..." button in plasmoid. Commit.
  • Fix crash deleting a subtitle clip. Commit.
  • Fix scene split job does not save sub clips. Commit.
  • Fix monitor qml overlay painting corruption with Qt 5.15.8. Commit.See bug #464027
  • Don't unnecessarily double check track duration on clip move. Commit.
  • Fix kdepim-addons: support Spamassassin 4.0.0 with Kmail. Commit.Fixes bug #464973
  • Build: fix supported Python version in error string. Commit.
  • Initial support for python 3.11. Commit.
  • Fix translations function misuse. Commit.
  • Fix int overflow with images larger than 4 Giga-Pixel. Commit.
  • Also handle Indico registration updates. Commit.
  • Check floating point values more strictly when reading. Commit.
  • Fix date format pattern for reading ticket validity time ranges. Commit.
  • Find modification URLs independent of the document language. Commit.
  • Drop UTC offsets from checkin/out times. Commit.
  • Switch the static build job to CentOS 7. Commit.
  • Link statically against zlib. Commit.
  • Adapt unit test to KCalendarCore changes. Commit.
  • Set XDG_DATA_DIRS when building the static standalone extractor. Commit.
  • Add fully static extractor executable builds on Gitlab. Commit.
  • Decrease lower aspect ratio bound for 1D barcode detection. Commit.
  • Also remove vdv-cert-extractor from build when flag is disabled. Commit.
  • Fix inverted PdfImageRef::isNull logic. Commit.
  • Be slightly more tolerant on arrival time variations when comparing trips. Commit.
  • Do the same string normalization for city-level location comparison. Commit.
  • Fix onepagebooking extractor if the number of children field is empty. Commit.
  • Support full day events in Pretix pkpass files. Commit.
  • Improve extraction from international MAV RCT2 tickets. Commit.
  • Add unit test data changes forgotten in the previous commit. Commit.
  • Correctly determine year from context for year-less RCT2 data. Commit.
  • Deduplicate parsing of the two MAV barcode variants. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Fix bug 463935: Crash on attempting to replay a message with an user template. Commit.Fixes bug #463935
  • Remove unused method. Commit.
  • Add more image formats to the list of ones supporting variable quality. Commit.Fixes bug #463212
  • Always look in the kf5/parts directory for part offers. Commit.Fixes bug #463729
  • Avoid a crash when QClipboard::mimeData returns nullptr. Commit.Fixes bug #463674
  • Check that the current view is valid. Commit.Fixes bug #463358
  • Make handling of WebEnginePart dictionaries more flexible. Commit.
  • Update blinking cursor in its correct visual position. Commit.
  • If paragraph direction maybe RtL, don't omit spaces at end of line. Commit.
  • When the cursor is blinking and off, do not reverse text color. Commit.Fixes bug #463911
  • When pasting from clipboard, check data is non null before dereferencing. Commit.Fixes bug #463683
  • Appstream: Add default property to th only screenshot. Commit.
  • Fix libvncclient log handler. Commit.
  • Fix typo in de.neo.xml, lesson "Die Umlaute: ä und ö". Commit.
  • Export main activity as required by Android 12. Commit.
  • Fix KAddressBook crash on LDAP import/search menu configuration button. Commit.Fixes bug #464514
  • Make "Until Spectacle is closed" the default setting for remembering area. Commit.Fixes bug #463417