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KDE Gear 22.12.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.12.1 from the git repositories.

  • Ensure Akonadi IncidenceChanger doesn't try to show dialogs. Commit.
  • Include sys/stat.h to fix undefined mode_t on Musl systems. Commit.
  • Revert "DolphinTrash: port away from deprecated KIO API". Commit.
  • Revert "Port away from deprecated KIO API". Commit.
  • Revert "Fix build with older KF versions". Commit.
  • Revert "portalize drag urls". Commit. See bug #457529. See bug #462928
  • Set icon for open with action. Commit.
  • Tile pkpass event ticket background images vertically. Commit.
  • Only accept pan and zoom gestures on the location picker map. Commit.
  • Remove readonly from another constant property. Commit.
  • Fix regression: set focus to time widget in error in Alarm Edit dialog. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Bug 463310: Allow AM/PM control in Edit Alarm dialogue to be tabbed into. Commit.
  • Fix handling of quoted path if configured for the terminal for command alarms. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Fix handling of quoted path if configured for the terminal for command alarms. Commit.
  • Evaluate trigger times for working time alarms in KAlarm's default time zone. Commit.
  • Update date picker display when a resource becomes disabled. Commit.
  • Implement automatic version suffix increment for each KDE Gear release. Commit.
  • Externaltools: Fix crash when saving. Commit.
  • Open Folder: set QFileDialog::ReadOnly. Commit. Fixes bug #462688
  • Fix crash in compiler explorer widget. Commit.
  • Guard MainWindow::activeView with null checks. Commit.
  • Lsp: Downgrade window/logMessage to MessageType::Log. Commit. Fixes bug #462476
  • Fix session restore for KWrite. Commit. Fixes bug #463139
  • Fix size issue with config widet. Commit.
  • Documents: Hide 'Open Widgets' when no widgets open. Commit.
  • Fix desktop file name for kinfocenter. Commit.
  • New camera proxy for Akaso. Commit.
  • Fix replacing image clip discards its duration. Commit. Fixes bug #463382
  • Subtitles: when using a background with alpha, draw one rect around all lines to avoid overlay issues. Commit.
  • Fix multiple issues with copy/paste/move rotoscoping keyframes. Commit.
  • Don't build designer plugins by default - only useful for developers. Commit.
  • Fix color balance filter not disabled when picking a new color. Commit.
  • Fix possible freeze on aborting edit-friendly transcoding request. Commit.
  • Fix remove space on tracks with a mix. Commit.
  • Fix editing multiple markers sets all comments to comment of first. Commit.
  • Fix designer plugin crash. Commit.
  • Fix guides move in spacer/trimming operations and tests. Commit.
  • Small improvement to audio on pause/play. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Don't interrupt timeline playback when refreshing the clip monitor or changing preview resolution. Commit.
  • Don't show timeline preview crash message if job was stopped by a timeline operation. Commit.
  • Fix close button in status messages not working. Commit.
  • Preview chunks should be sorted by integer. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview incorrectly stopping when moving a clip outside preview zone. Commit.
  • QMetaObject::invokeMethod should be used with Qt::DirectConnection when expecting a return argument. Commit.
  • Disable parallel processing on 32bit systems. Commit.
  • Fix pressing Esc during timeline drag corrupts timeline. Commit.
  • Fix guides incorrectly moved when unlocked. Commit.
  • Update mouse position in timeline toolbar on zoom and scroll timeline. Commit.
  • Fix crash dropping an effect with a scene (rotoscoping, transform,...) on the project monitor. Commit.
  • Fix zoom sometimes behaving incorrectly on very low zoom levels. Commit.
  • Fix zoom on mouse not working as expected when zooming after last clip. Commit.
  • Restrict guides to integer position on paint to avoid drawing artifacts. Commit.
  • Fix resize zone conflicting with move on low zoom levels. Commit.
  • Fix title clip line break sometimes pushing text outside item rect. Commit.
  • Fix rendering when using an MLT properties file with a space in it. Commit. Fixes bug #462650
  • Fix monitor overlay sometimes incorrectly placed. Commit.
  • Ensure on monitor marker color is updated even if 2 markers have the same text. Commit.
  • Cleanup monitor zone resize. Commit.
  • Repeat pkpass event ticket background image vertically. Commit.
  • CMake: search for gpgme with pkg-config first. Commit.
  • Close write channel after sending new password when generating new key. Commit. Fixes bug #457738
  • Handle more NH booking confirmation variants. Commit.
  • Extract class from MAV barcodes. Commit.
  • Improve Eventim pkpass seat data extraction. Commit.
  • Unpack location arrays in Event objects. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Eventim "TicketDirect" PDFs. Commit.
  • Include a seat object in the default event reservation template. Commit.
  • Post-process Seat objects. Commit.
  • Support international Trenitialia tickets. Commit.
  • Support French language variants of Trenitalia tickets. Commit.
  • More complete implementation of uPER length determinant decoding. Commit.
  • Protect against out-of-bounds reads in BitVector. Commit.
  • Fix grabbing for multi-screen configurations. Commit.
  • Fix bug 460747: Kontact Crashes Upon Start. Commit. Fixes bug #460747
  • Fix Kontact configuration, overview, modules not displayed for selection (eg mail, notes, calender ...). Commit. Fixes bug #463390
  • Allow to load local file (fix loading image). Commit.
  • Remove info about removed feature (ShowUserAgent). Commit. See bug #448348
  • BUG: 459399 Fix Random text in kmail's message list configuration settings. Commit. Fixes bug #459399
  • Fix bug 460289: Opening the detailed progress window does nothing. Commit. Fixes bug #460289
  • Update src/proto/ficsdialog.cpp. Commit.
  • Save changes to Start page. Commit.
  • Avoid possible crash while looking for fields to auto fill. Commit.
  • Fix applying default encoding in profile editor. Commit.
  • Fix applying default encoding from KCodecAction. Commit.
  • Change word mode defaults for text render. Commit.
  • Fix saving new profiles. Commit. Fixes bug #460383
  • Recover comment lost in refactoring. Commit.
  • Fractional scaling and Antialias don't mix well. Commit. Fixes bug #462914
  • Fixes for EastAsianWidth wide chars on RTL context. Commit.
  • Fix regression with CJK wide chars at cursor. Commit. Fixes bug #463031
  • Allow Shift+Arrows+Alt/Ctrl for applications. Commit. Fixes bug #405073
  • Propagate Shift+PgUp/PgDown in alternate screen. Commit. Fixes bug #461150
  • Cosmetic fixes for keytabs. Commit.
  • Fix macos.keytab. Commit.
  • Support Ctrl and Alt in mouse tracking mode. Commit. Fixes bug #442306
  • Url filter: start regex with word boundary. Commit. Fixes bug #462511. Fixes bug #455166
  • Fix macos.keytab. Commit.
  • Set half page scrolling when the user selects this in the profile edit dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #462971
  • Fix black pixel at (0,0). Commit. Fixes bug #462421
  • Correct the action name for Shift-Ctrl-PageDown. Commit.
  • Consider pen width when computing polyline bounding boxes. Commit.
  • Pass view to scene item boundingRect() methods. Commit.
  • Fix crash when dealing last card from the deck. Commit. Fixes bug #424263
  • Partial support for new GBFS v2.3 vehicle and propulsion types. Commit.
  • Fix GBFS floating vehicle selection by distance. Commit.
  • Vnc: Fix handling of hires and horizontal scroll. Commit.
  • Fix build with libraw 0.21. Commit.
  • Enable Support for Dark Theme for Titlebar in Windows. Commit.
  • Use lambdas for disabling and enabling 'Reselect Device' button. Commit. Fixes bug #462408
  • Disable button for changing scanner while scan is in progress to prevent sane from crashing. Commit.
  • Re-add missing header when building without KF5Wayland. Commit.
  • Disable running task widget on Wayland. Commit.