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KDE Gear 22.11.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.11.90 from the git repositories.

  • Re-arange playlist overflow menu. Commit.
  • Add missing rating action to playlist overflow menu. Commit.
  • Improve delegate drop shadow appearance. Commit.
  • Fix crash in metadata extraction. Commit.Fixes bug #461750
  • Actually start the deletion/trash job. Commit.Fixes bug #461761
  • Shorten "Adjust Brightness/Contrast/Gamma" menu item text. Commit.
  • Restore compatibility with KF5 < 5.100. Commit.
  • Correctly merge data from date and time input fields. Commit.Fixes bug #461963
  • Report success on importing also when a single health cert was imported. Commit.
  • Exclude unused QtMultiMedia plugins from the APK. Commit.
  • Use StyledText and set linkColor to text color. Commit.
  • EventPage: Wrap event location. Commit.
  • Formatting. Commit.
  • Bug 461713: Add unit tests for daily alarms before time shift. Commit.
  • Bug 461713: Fix handling of times which repeat during DST -> standard time shift. Commit.
  • Fix focus toolview actions. Commit.
  • Lsp: specify codeActionKind valueSet. Commit.
  • Fix code action shortcut. Commit.
  • WelcomeView: Silence warning. Commit.
  • Ensure to better pass focus back to right widget. Commit.
  • [WelcomeView] Fix layout stretching. Commit.
  • [WelcomeView] Make UI more responsive for windows of large size. Commit.
  • Avoid all session restore/save work for KWrite. Commit.
  • Build-plugin: Add building/ready indicator icons to the output tab. Commit.
  • Fix typo in option name. Commit.
  • TabMimeData: Set URLs on mime data. Commit.
  • KateTabBar: Add document icon to drag pixmap. Commit.
  • Fix lsp completion not triggered on user invocation. Commit.
  • [plugins/clipboard] Check for null mimedata. Commit.Fixes bug #461875
  • [handler] Fix desktop file name. Commit.Fixes bug #461764
  • [handler] Extract translatable strings from ui file. Commit.
  • [handler] Set translation domain. Commit.
  • Fix undo broken when trying to delete all tracks (don't allow it and fix the underlying bug). Commit.Fixes bug #462228
  • Fix import keyframes broken. Commit.See bug #456492
  • Fix project duration incorrectly changed when changing speed of last clip in project. Commit.
  • Correctly stop archiving job on pressing abort. Commit.
  • Animate track lock icon when trying to perform an operation on a locked track instead of silent failure. Commit.
  • Fix luma incorrectly flagged as missing on Windows. Commit.Fixes bug #461849
  • [Renderwidget] Fix "Edit Metadata" opens wrong page. Commit.
  • We do not necessarily need mediainfo to get the source timecode. Commit.
  • Fix crash when trying to launch second Glaxnimate instance with IPC. Commit.
  • Improve perfocmance of online resource search. Commit.
  • Better error message in some cases of preview render failure. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect loading of subtitle with two dots. Commit.Fixes bug #461995
  • Fix color picker on wayland. Commit.
  • Port KMessageBox to twoActions where not violating string freeze. Commit.
  • Transcoding: use pcm instead of alac codec (fix possible audio artifacts). Commit.
  • Various fixes for spacer operation with subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix image proxies not correctly applied after recovering proxy, don't attempt to proxy small images. Commit.
  • Improve recovery for project files with missing proxy and source. Commit.
  • Clip properties: also show tooltip for image proxies. Commit.
  • Fix designer crash with Kdenlive widgets. Commit.
  • Disable parallel rendering for now (currently crashes because of an MLT regression). Commit.
  • Fix crash undoing timeremap change after unselecting the clip. Commit.
  • Fix recovering luma file paths when opening an Appimage project or from another computer. Commit.
  • Fix MaxOS compilation. Commit.
  • Ensure monitor zone out cannot go beyond clip out. Commit.
  • Switch to a proper JSon format to store guide categories instead of hacky line feed separated format. Commit.
  • Don't attempt deleting the clip on aborting a thumbnail job. Commit.
  • Auto-call taskManager.taskDone() when run() ends. Commit.
  • Fix remove space. Commit.
  • Fix relocating files with proxies and image sequences. Commit.
  • Fix bug 461771 Again, Languagetool for a french installation ,by default checks with english grammar and english dictionary. Commit.Fixes bug #461771
  • Install plugins in pim. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in AstTransformer. Commit.
  • Set app translation domain before first i18n call. Commit.
  • Improve HTML to text conversion. Commit.
  • More HTML whitespace robustness fixes. Commit.
  • Increase robustness against different HTML to text conversions. Commit.
  • Trim phone numbers in post-processing as well. Commit.
  • Add Bateliers Arcachon extractor script. Commit.
  • Make PDF title accessible to extractor scripts and filters. Commit.
  • Create image nodes for PDF raster image masks as well. Commit.
  • Implement PDF image mask loading. Commit.
  • Look up image masks for loading. Commit.
  • Deduplicate images only per page in PDF documents. Commit.
  • Add a hashable opaque reference type for addressing PDF images. Commit.
  • Attempt to fix the unity build on binary factory. Commit.
  • Extract CD ticket code from 1154UT vendor blocks. Commit.
  • Install plugins in pim5 it's more logical. Commit.
  • Improve detection of recursive calls to Konqueror. Commit.
  • Update foreground pgroup info before accessing it. Commit.Fixes bug #454122. Fixes bug #458157
  • Make MainWindow::wasWindowGeometrySaved() more efficient. Commit.
  • Fix geometry restoration check. Commit.Fixes bug #460428
  • Detect another staircase tagging variant. Commit.
  • Fix hit detection for labels with a fixed (maximum) text width. Commit.
  • Add icon for stairwell rooms. Commit.
  • Improve contrast of buildings in the Breeze light style. Commit.
  • Handle another way of tagging staircases for changing floors. Commit.
  • When falling back to any translation, check it's actually a translation. Commit.
  • Show room numbers if no room name is available. Commit.
  • Don't install standalone app metadata and desktop file on Android. Commit.
  • DB also has Railjet coach layouts in Germany. Commit.
  • Store lineedit place holder => when we create a new tab we have correct. Commit.
  • Make sure that all lineedit has placeholder. Commit.
  • Lib/cppparser/parser.cpp : Apply patch of comment #1 by Xuxu. Thanks. Commit.Fixes bug #456427
  • CMakeLists.txt : Increase UMBRELLO_VERSION_MINOR to 37. Commit.