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KDE Gear 22.08.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.08.2 from the git repositories.

  • Stop killing extraction/compression jobs when dolphin quits. Commit.Fixes bug #459346
  • Fix incompatibility with original 7-Zip. Commit.Fixes bug #456797
  • Show the default help information in the help panel only after the backend was already completely initialized. Commit.Fixes bug #459631
  • Doc: fix typo (Trash -> User Feedback). Commit.
  • Elide long music paths in music path listview. Commit.Fixes bug #459451
  • Handle completion of todos in distant time zones. Commit.
  • Update Firefox version in user agent manager. Commit.Fixes bug #415467
  • Searchbar: Fix show suggestions handling. Commit.Fixes bug #439268
  • Update CHANGELOG with notable changes. Commit.
  • Fix sidebar toggle button having no icon with Fusion and Breeze style. Commit.
  • Make the Share button's dropdown open instantly on left-click too. Commit.
  • Mark GIMP (xcf) files as supported. Commit.
  • Actually update the trip group when switching to a connected reservation. Commit.
  • Explicitly position event ticket header fields. Commit.
  • Retain aspect ratio of event banner images when scaling down. Commit.
  • Update current reservation id of the event page when changing tickets. Commit.
  • Remove reference to a non existing id. Commit.
  • Bug 459901: Fix crash when alarm restored at login is deferred. Commit.
  • Fix bottom padding of ScheduleView. Commit.
  • Fix delete contact action having unwanted empty dropdown. Commit.
  • Fix time label appearing in incidence info contents when no time available. Commit.
  • Fix more issues with time label in incidence info contents. Commit.
  • Fix sort of overdue tasks, prevent overdue section being split up. Commit.
  • Fix 'smart' section date labels for due date sort. Commit.
  • Fix tasks in the tasks view showing time for all day events. Commit.
  • Use standard keys for view navigation actions. Commit.
  • Fix scrolling on task completion slider not changing value. Commit.
  • Fix double-click to edit in tasks view. Commit.
  • Fix keyboard selection on the todo tree view. Commit.
  • Stop selecting todo delegate on right-click, only invoke context menu. Commit.
  • Stop showing borked related incidence delegates for events. Commit.
  • Fix issues with incidence info drawer sizing. Commit.
  • Fix 'Refresh all calendars' entry in hamburger menu. Commit.
  • Ensure exception date strings wrap in the Incidence Info drawer. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate property definitions in incidencewrapper.h. Commit.
  • Fixed tasks' tags getting compressed to nothing in the tasks view when the task summary is very long. Commit.
  • Fix openDayLayer. Commit.
  • Fix calendar source mouse area in main sidebar. Commit.
  • Templates: remove accidentally addfed release info from appdata files. Commit.
  • Fix crash in urlbar. Commit.Fixes bug #459612
  • Avoid that we trigger setCurrentItem with invalid url, will lead to warning. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with KF 5.90. Commit.
  • Use QPlainTextEdit to fix display issues. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate content_rating tag. Commit.
  • Prevent null pointer dereference if there's no audio devices. Commit.Fixes bug #454917
  • Fix config and render ui tab order. Commit.
  • Fix pasting ungrouped audio clip sometimes landing on unexpected track or complaining there is not enough tracks. Commit.
  • Fix tests. Commit.
  • Ensure resource providers are not listed twice. Commit.Fixes bug #460060
  • Make timecode display listen to profile change and automatically adjust fps. Commit.
  • Remember effect keyframe status (show/hide). Commit.
  • Seek to item last frame on paste. Commit.
  • Fix effect overlay not properly scaling on monitor zoom. Commit.
  • Timeline preview: ensure we don't insert chunks of the wrong size (would cause 1 on 2 chunks to fail insert), ensure the orange "working" chunks disappears on stop. Commit.
  • Fix possible profile corruption when switching to a never used profile. Commit.
  • Fix crash closing proxy test dialog. Commit.
  • [Image Sequences] Fix loop option. Commit.Fixes bug #382432
  • [Image Sequence] Fix wrong thumbnails. Commit.
  • Fix thumbnails for loopable clips. Commit.
  • [Online Resources] Add provider for Pixabay Videos. Commit.Fixes bug #435569
  • [Online Resource Providers] Support object downloadUrls arrays. Commit.
  • [Resource Widget] Fix open license and provider website. Commit.
  • Fix track audio level empty on pause. Commit.
  • Align master audio level with MLT's audiolevel filter (use only the first 200 samples). Commit.
  • Don't add unnecessary audio level filter on master. Commit.
  • Minor fix for updated MLT audiolevel filter (will fix track levels). Commit.
  • Deprecate MLT's old boxblur filter (replaced with new box_blur effect). Commit.
  • Fix resetting keyframe selection after deleting a keyframe from timeline. Commit.
  • Fix pasting effect with keyframes partially broken. Commit.
  • Correctly preselect timeline toolbar when editing it from context menu. Commit.
  • Fix effect stack view incorrect on hide keyframes (was still showing the timecode). Commit.
  • Fix ghost keyframes created when pasting an effect to a clip that has a crop start smaller than source clip and on clip speed resize. Commit.
  • Fix wrong timecode offset in keyframewidget of transitions. Commit.Fixes bug #439748
  • Fix crash on bin clip deletion with instance on locked track. Commit.Fixes bug #459260
  • Add test for bin clip deletion with instance on locked track. Commit.See bug #459260
  • Fixed thumbnail cache not being rebuilt anymore in "Show video preview in thumbnails" mode. Commit.
  • Don't update keyframe parameters when changing a keyframe selection state. Commit.
  • Fix tests crash. Commit.
  • Fix vp8 with alpha render crash. Commit.
  • Don't delete audio tasks when switching profile. Commit.
  • Fix usage count column visible in bin. Commit.
  • Fix uninitialized var messing audio record and possible crash. Commit.
  • Fix sorting by date not working for newly inserted clips, other sorting issues. Commit.See bug #458784
  • Don't mess rotation data on proxy transcoding. Commit.
  • Allow to debug code. Commit.
  • Rename variable + const. Commit.
  • Fix replace word. Commit.
  • Fix bug 459113: bad replacement by Language Too. Commit.Fixes bug #459113
  • Continue to debug grammar support. Commit.
  • Implement autotest. Commit.
  • Add autotest. Commit.
  • Prepare to create autotest. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate entries (server returns duplicate entries no idea why). Commit.
  • Extract apply changes => we will able to autotest it. Commit.
  • Fix load list of languages. Commit.
  • Scale down event ticket banner images when necessary. Commit.
  • Hangle imap id <= 0 better. Commit.
  • Smb/kio_smb_browse: Check error code EINVAL to prompt the password dialog. Commit.Fixes bug #453090
  • Handle German language variants of Vueling boarding passes as well. Commit.
  • Extract arrival/departure times from Vueling boarding passes. Commit.
  • Work around ERA SSB departure times being somewhat unreliable for Thalys. Commit.
  • Support German language variants of Thalys PDF tickets as well. Commit.
  • Support the German language variant of the SNCF PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Also handle German language variants of Inoui seat reservations. Commit.
  • Handle German language variants of SNCF Inoui tickets. Commit.
  • Be more tolerant when comparing locality names. Commit.
  • Deal with JSON data containing XML entities. Commit.
  • Consider transliteration when comparing person names. Commit.
  • Move transliteration method to StringUtil. Commit.
  • Relax Ryanair boarding pass time search a bit. Commit.
  • Fix no-ZXing test reference data being out of data with recent changes. Commit.
  • Ignore broken Amadeus PDF document times. Commit.
  • Add accessor for the PDF document producer. Commit.
  • Prefer explicit boarding time fields over relevantTime. Commit.
  • Add Eventim pkpass extractor script. Commit.
  • Support SNCF regional tickets from Normandie. Commit.Fixes bug #451409
  • Add extractor script for BlaBlaCar Bus. Commit.
  • Allow ticketedSeat for bus extractors. Commit.
  • Fix returning to file selection dialog after not confirming overwrite. Commit.
  • Fix double confirmation dialog on overwriting a file. Commit.
  • Fix crash caused by using original view rather than actual view. Commit.Fixes bug #458933
  • Set _enableReflowLines flag from profile when switching profiles. Commit.Fixes bug #459040
  • Delay close widget. Otherwise it's hard to configure settings. Commit.
  • Move KCM related desktop file back to konfigurator. Commit.
  • Also use mkpath to make sure destination exists. Commit.
  • Use sync QFile apis for moving files instead of async KIO. Commit.
  • Add missing QGpgME/gpgme++ dependency. Commit.
  • Start using KDE Gear/Release service number for app version. Commit.
  • Fix warning when create shared text menu. Commit.
  • Fixed saving unicode XMI file. Commit.