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KDE Gear 22.08.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.08.1 from the git repositories.

  • Fix Bug 458202: Search for messages in kmail does not work anymore... no results at all. Commit. Fixes bug #458202. Fixes bug #458245
  • Don't set permissions of extracted zip files when there are none. Commit.
  • Drop redundant QCommandLineParser calls. Commit.
  • Don't show error message on ERR_USER_CANCELED. Commit.
  • Also consider the .jpeg file extension for cover art. Commit. Fixes bug #458526
  • Remove obsolete workaround for QML combobox width bug. Commit. Fixes bug #458215
  • Fix condition for Breeze style. Commit.
  • Set antializing on the item itself as well. Commit. Fixes bug #458181
  • Make sure we get palette updates. Commit.
  • Explicitly set pen color before painting text. Commit. Fixes bug #458274
  • KF5GrantleeThemeConfig: Use QT_MAJOR_VERSION from build time. Commit.
  • Create new to-dos in the system time zone, not "floating". Commit. Fixes bug #457241
  • Add 22.08.1 release notes. Commit.
  • Improve width and positioning of map overlay sheets. Commit. Fixes bug #457770
  • Add 22.08.0 release notes. Commit.
  • Fix regression in 1eb97bd5a9eb87ee8c6ed9f09c0f4942764ab7cd. Commit.
  • Fix code actions. Commit. Fixes bug #458554
  • Add missing license text. Commit.
  • Fix crash when there are no search results. Commit.
  • Don't search for KF5Activities on Windows/Mac. Commit.
  • Show project tool view only on manual project open. Commit.
  • Move KF5DBusAddons dependency into kate/kwrite. Commit.
  • Re-add KF5TextWidgets dependency used by lib. Commit.
  • QuickDialog: removeEventFilters. Commit. Fixes bug #457670
  • ExternalTools: JsonFormat read input from stdin. Commit. Fixes bug #455078
  • ExternalTools: Dont try to saved files with no url. Commit.
  • Fix crash when clip is modified by external app. Commit.
  • Fix paste clip broken until close/repoen app if trying to paste an invalid clip (missing of playlist with different fps). Commit.
  • Fix double clicking mixed clip start corrupting mix. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect mutex unlock in thumbs cache. Commit.
  • Ensure tasks are properly terminated on close, fix incorrect mutex in thumbnailcache causing corruption. Commit.
  • Ensure queued tasks are not started on project or test close. Commit.
  • Don't remove consecutive spaces in SRT subtitles. Commit. Fixes bug #457878
  • Fix archiving when a clip is added twice in a project. Commit.
  • [Mix Stack] Fix wrongly reversed position slider. Commit.
  • Avoid to call refresh list each time that we open composer. Commit.
  • Add comment. Commit.
  • Fix bug 458635 : Language Tool set to "français", in the composer LT is set to "anglais". Commit. Fixes bug #458635
  • Fix icon size. Commit.
  • Disable "News" display on starting page. Commit.
  • Put OK and Cancel buttons in a RowLyout. Commit.
  • Add 3.10 to the list of python versions. Commit.
  • Support another (newer?) format variation of Amtrak PDF tickets. Commit. Fixes bug #458514
  • Add Vistara boarding pass extractor script. Commit.
  • Handle more variants of the "Tx" terminal notation. Commit.
  • Fix the plausible gate logic in the pkpass extractor. Commit.
  • Fix poppler variable name. Commit.
  • Add Flixbus PDF ticket extractor. Commit.
  • Fix Flixbus ticket tokens extracted from JSON-LD in more cases. Commit.
  • Perform airport terminal detection in the generic boarding pass extractor. Commit. Fixes bug #457702
  • Extract the airport terminal detection logic into its own class. Commit.
  • Fix i18n. Commit.
  • Fix logic. We will not add item to list + remove it in some case. Commit. See bug #458618
  • Fix text color potentially not having enough contrast with background. Commit. Fixes bug #458482
  • Move shell argument manipulation to session. Commit.
  • Prevent _replModeStart line number from becoming negative. Commit. Fixes bug #457920. Fixes bug #458015
  • Initialize sixel mode even when missing Raster attributes Ph and Pv. Commit.
  • Fix scale computation when fitting framebuffer to local view. Commit.
  • Fix access dates display. Commit. Fixes bug #458587
  • Use QWidget::screen instead of screenAt. Commit.
  • Move desktop files to src/manager. Commit.
  • Add option to not build KCM & KAuth support. Commit.
  • KgThemeProvider: fix generating broken full path theme id due to fs symlinks. Commit. Fixes bug #457951
  • KF5LibkleoConfig: Use QT_MAJOR_VERSION from build time. Commit.
  • Close dialog when we close on "X" in developper page. Commit.
  • Minor optimization. Commit.
  • Start to implement ed25519 support for dkim. Commit.
  • Fix saving files on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #458574
  • ToggleActions: Obey "don't show text" for a particular action toolbar setting. Commit. Fixes bug #457322
  • Even more tweaks to opening "text" files. Commit. Fixes bug #430538. Fixes bug #456434
  • Epub: Improve TableOfContents for some files. Commit. Fixes bug #458289
  • Delay quitting import until notification was shown. Commit.
  • Fix importing file. Commit.
  • Fix opening file from arguments. Commit.
  • Unittests/testbase.cpp followup to commit e4d79cfe : In function initTestCase call UMLApp::setup() on app. Commit.
  • Fix highlight not disappearing when focussing terminal. Commit. Fixes bug #441013