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KDE Gear 22.07.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.07.90 from the git repositories.

  • Fix crash when using QString as KConfigGroup name, use C Char array from start. Commit.
  • Condense occurrenceForAlarm early returns and add check for null incidence ptr. Commit.
  • Drop unused KF5Service dependency. Commit.
  • Drop unused QGpgme dependency. Commit.
  • Fix typo breaking analitzatest. Commit.
  • Use Config mode for finding Eigen3. Commit.
  • Pass parent widget to add dialog. Commit.
  • Use the Akonadi::TagCache from Akonadi. Commit.
  • Squash commit of multiple fixes that will go into 22.08. Commit. Fixes bug #456650
  • Remove duplicate releases tag. Commit.
  • Drop unused KF5IconThemes dependency. Commit.
  • Include exiv2.hpp and KImageAnnotator outside of #ifdef HAVE_TIFF. Commit.
  • Only show certificate issue time when present. Commit.
  • Integrate kirigami-addons upstream fixes. Commit.
  • Propagate ticket and document data also to newly generated elements. Commit.
  • Fix scrolling of the vehicle layout view with new Kirigami. Commit.
  • Also import health certificates from pkpass files. Commit.
  • Sync with kirigami-addons upstream. Commit.
  • Player: Fix bug where moving to next track would play twice in rapid succession. Commit.
  • Bug 456845: Set volume correctly for repeated audio alarms. Commit.
  • Fix CI failure. Commit.
  • Use Config mode for finding Eigen3. Commit.
  • Revert "Filter out binary files in folder based projects + untracked git". Commit.
  • Konsole plugin: use QUrl::toDisplayString() in error message. Commit.
  • Konsole plugin: quote args before passing them to the shell. Commit. See bug #456570
  • LSP: Fix hand cursor remaining in some cases. Commit.
  • Tabbar: DND improvements. Commit. Fixes bug #456844
  • Tabbar: Provide a drop action when starting drag. Commit.
  • Konsole: Wrap file name into quotes. Commit. Fixes bug #456570
  • SymbolView: Fix filtering not working. Commit. Fixes bug #387723
  • Fix connect statement. Commit.
  • GitWidget: Create ContextMenu for index at pos. Commit.
  • ExternalTools: Fix checkExec. Commit.
  • Katesql: Include <QActionGroup> to fix the Qt6 build. Commit.
  • Katesql: Port from Qt:SystemLocaleDate to QLocale. Commit.
  • Restore find_package call for Qt{5,6}Sql. Commit.
  • Adapt to using Kirigami.ScrollablePage a bit better. Commit.
  • Don't require that the samba shares group has "samba" in it. Commit.
  • Revert "Fix possible crash on profile switch, based on a contribution from Ivan Sudakov.". Commit.
  • Revert "Try to fix project profile corruption.". Commit.
  • Fix ambiguous widget name. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with KF5 5.86. Commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc adding typewriter to Stylize. Commit.
  • Clearify UI representation of mixes. Commit.
  • Try to fix project profile corruption. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash on profile switch, based on a contribution from Ivan Sudakov. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.shear. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.scroll. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.photosensitivity. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.monochrome. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.median. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.kirsch. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.exposure. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.epx. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.colortemperature. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.colorize. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.colorcorrect. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.colorcontrast. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.chromanr. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.cas. Commit.
  • Added xml UI for the avfilter.bilateral. Commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc. Commit.
  • Updated blacklisted_effects.txt. Commit.
  • Updated CMakeLists.txt for frei0r effects. Commit.
  • Added xml interface for the frei0r_bigsh0t_eq_to_stereo. Commit.
  • Fix crash in proxy test dialog. Commit.
  • Fix proxy extension not changed when setting changed, fix proxies not rebuilt on param change. Commit.
  • Fix project cache folder not created on new document, causing thumbs to be recreated on opening. Commit.
  • Fix proxy aborting on unknown stream type. Commit.
  • Fix proxy resize with nvenc. Commit.
  • Fix cast to double moved outside division. Commit.
  • Fix wrong use of useSourceProfile. Commit.
  • Extract frame: fix incorrect handling of sar!= 1 profiles and incorrect use of useSourceProfile. Commit.
  • Render preset edit: allow specifying a file extension (for example mkv for matroska format). Commit.
  • Edit render profile: make most parameters optionnal, allow editing parameters text. Commit.
  • Only allow one selected render profile. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect shortcut sequence, spotted by Eugen. Commit.
  • Don't show monitor ruler duration tooltip if no zone is set. Commit.
  • Fix compile warning. Commit.
  • Fix filtering TreeItem lists by non-ASCII strings. Commit. Fixes bug #432699
  • Add test for non-ascii list filtering (bug 432699). Commit.
  • Test histogram handling RGB/BGR. Commit.
  • Use QImage::pixel() in rgbparadegenerator.cpp. Commit.
  • Use QImage::pixel() in waveform. Commit.
  • Test waveform RGB/BGR handling. Commit.
  • Change vectorscope to use QImage::pixel(). Commit. Fixes bug #453149
  • Test vectorscope switching red and blue. Commit.
  • Fix proxy incorrectly scaled to 200px width when creating new project. Commit.
  • When proxy clip is deleted, ensure the proxy context menu action is unchecked. Commit.
  • Fix vaapi proxy encoding profile, switch prores to use proxy quality. Commit. See bug #436358
  • Ensure monitor is paused when extracting a frame. Commit.
  • Ensure dropped frames timer stops when playing stops. Commit.
  • Fix extract frame for playlist clips. Commit.
  • Extract frame: process in another frame so we don't block the UI, make sure effects are applied. Commit.
  • Fix document folder incorrectly set on loading project with "Use parent folder as project folder". Commit.
  • Render last frame. Commit.
  • Don't crash loading project with incorrect subtrack count. Commit.
  • Export guides: remember last used format, add reset button to restore default settings. Commit.
  • Export guides: allow using HH:MM:SS:FF timecode for export. Commit.
  • Fix timeline audio record broken after pause/play. Commit.
  • Fix timeline duration offset of -1 frame. Commit.
  • Fix possible crashes on invalid track position. Commit.
  • Fix clip selected when not ready on duplicate, leading to incorrect display in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Don't add a keyframe on double click unselected clip. Commit.
  • When copying effect with keyframes, don't copy keyframes that are past the clip end. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash on opening shortcuts dialog. Commit.
  • Fix crash in debug mode when dragging a composition into timeline. Commit.
  • Manually register newer mime types for older OSes. Commit.
  • Always inform user if a file write fails. Commit.
  • Fix changing cursor position when trying to resize effect zoombar. Commit.
  • Fix save effect stack broken if there is only 1 effect in the stack. Commit.
  • Fix Insert Zone to Bin out point off by 1. Commit. Fixes bug #455883
  • Fix editing clips in external apps on Mac. Commit.
  • When aborting document load, open a new blank document. Commit.
  • Fix compilation. Commit.
  • Show proxy and metadata tabs on new project creation and correctly set their values to the document. Commit.
  • When source clip and proxy are both missing, propose to recreate proxy (or reuse existing on in case of LRV). Commit. See bug #456185
  • Remove usage of npw disfunctional KNewStuff upload feature. Commit.
  • Fix most systemsettings and kinfocenter KCM not being shown. Commit.
  • Support more image formats. Commit.
  • Handle all DB language variants for ical events. Commit.
  • Extract full itenerary from Deutsche Bahn ical events. Commit.
  • Handle alternative MAV barcode format. Commit.
  • Fix filter pattern matching against null bytes in binary content. Commit.
  • Improve address parsing. Commit.
  • Add FIXME comment. Commit.
  • Hide warning when we change mdn. Commit.
  • Set response. Commit.
  • Use finished signal. Commit.
  • Fix assert when using an empty tab to load a folder. Commit.
  • Continue to implement mdn job. Commit.
  • Fix show headers in qtc6. Commit.
  • Use KGameClock::FlexibleHourMinSec to show hour when needed. Commit.
  • Use the correct path for the Cookies KCM for KIO >= 5.95. Commit.
  • Add missing copyright/license. Commit.
  • Add some comments to VT state machine. Commit.
  • Fix three coverity issues. Commit.
  • Increase test wait to avoid failures after 416941b7. Commit.
  • Revert "Improvements to Session::getDynamicTitle()". Commit.
  • Drop unused KF5Service dependency. Commit.
  • Add MAV UIC code for HU coverage areas. Commit.
  • MainWindow: Remove workarounds for QX11EmbedContainer. Commit. Fixes bug #436650
  • Allow users to still open a file even if it's locked. Commit.
  • Fix crash if opening a file fails. Commit. Fixes bug #456710
  • Initialize variables. Commit.
  • Drop unused kcmutils dependency. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 456578 recipient auto-completion does not work in master git snapshots. Commit. Fixes bug #456578
  • Show header in qtc6. Commit.
  • Make save location field read-only. Commit.
  • Using ESC while in annotation mode will close annotator instead of closing spectacle. Commit. Fixes bug #456823
  • Help finding GSL header. Commit.
  • Fix missing PRETTY_FUNCTION for MSVC. Commit.