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KDE Gear 22.04.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.04.3 from the git repositories.

  • Prevent crashing from null AlarmNotification pointer. Commit.
  • Fix crash when clicking on dismiss, sometimes. Commit. Fixes bug #455472
  • Akonadi-contacts links to contact-editor, so add to find_dependency. Commit.
  • Remove duplicated install() calls. Commit.
  • Fix case sensitivity sorting issue in viewsproxymodel. Commit.
  • Rescale internal Slider values to avoid integer overflow. Commit. See bug #455339
  • Append the KDE Gear version to KAlarm's version. Commit.
  • Supplement to "Disable pip on Flatpak (we bundle the deps there)". Commit.
  • Fix syntax error. Commit.
  • [Python Interface] Disable pip on Flatpak (we bundle the deps there). Commit.
  • Fix type (spotted by erjiang). Commit.
  • Fix effect parameter spin box incrementing twice on mouse wheel. Commit.
  • Fix compilation - wrong change committed. Commit.
  • Fix bug and warning calculating available mix duration when no frame is available. Commit.
  • [Scene Split] reimplement threshold. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe view seeking with effect zones. Commit.
  • Fix timeline playing autoscroll incorrectly enabled. Commit. See bug #455512
  • Fix timeline scrolling broken after opening a widget from timeline menu, like edit clip duration. Commit.
  • Fix oversized UI on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect encoding in rendered clip name on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #455286
  • Fix incorrect ungroup when dragging selection. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect behavior of external proxies, allow multiple patterns by profile. Commit. See bug #455140
  • Fixes for external proxies. Commit. See bug #455140
  • Correctly enable current bin item proxy action after proxy is enabled/disabled in project settings. Commit.
  • Fix timeline cursor sometimes losing sync with wuler playhead. Commit.
  • Fix freeze copying proxy clips. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Follow ffmpeg defaults. Commit.
  • Proper rounding for persistant quality slider value. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Backend option to set speed default index. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Don't enable "Custom Quality" by default, remember state. Commit.
  • Fix compilation with Qt < 5.14. Commit.
  • Fix score being wrongly calculated if clicking while animation is running. Commit. Fixes bug #455871
  • Url filter: do not allow parenthesis in hostname. Commit.
  • Only recognize URIs with balanced parentheses. Commit. See bug #455166
  • Match urls between grave `. Commit. See bug #455166
  • URI regexp: allow empty queries and fragments. Commit.
  • URI regexp: support ? in query and fragment. Commit.
  • URI regexp: allow / as path. Commit.
  • URI regexp: allow more than one colon in userinfo. Commit.
  • Allow IPv6 literals in URIs. Commit.
  • URI: be more strict with www. URIs. Commit.
  • Make UrlFilter::CompleteUrlRegExp match case-insensitively. Commit.
  • Use possessive quantifiers to optimise regex matching performance. Commit.
  • UrlFilter::FullUrlRegExp matches more valid urls. Commit. Fixes bug #452978
  • Fix z-modem detection by using proper string index. Commit.
  • Include CheckFunctionExists for check_function_exists. Commit.
  • Detect the presence of malloc_trim to fix the build with musl. Commit.
  • Fix special dates summary configuration. Commit. See bug #393054
  • Fix crash when completing a to-do in the summary view. Commit. Fixes bug #454536
  • Make summary's todo settings consistent. Commit.
  • Don't detect monorail systems as regular railways. Commit.
  • Use ‘bow’ sound instead of ‘tie’ sound for bow images. Commit.
  • Add the required dependency on QGpgme to the Config.cmake file. Commit.
  • When we don't found info => it's ok. Commit.
  • Remove unused debug. Commit.
  • Don't leave temp files around when saving. Commit. Fixes bug #453421
  • Extract i18n from gui. Commit.
  • Allow word-wrapping for the "Welcome to Okular" message. Commit.