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KDE Gear 22.04.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.04.2 from the git repositories.

  • Add missing connect for the "Dismiss" action. Commit. Fixes bug #453567
  • Handle empty incidence. Commit. Fixes bug #453395
  • Set the Bugzilla product/component in the reminder daemon about data. Commit.
  • Kfileitemmodel: sortRoleCompare: allow to sort by access time. Commit.
  • Remove hover highlight before opening view context menu. Commit.
  • Fix paste on row while in details view mode. Commit.
  • Fix QDirIterator wildcard when fallback install script is searched for. Commit. Fixes bug #453870
  • TodoViewQuickAddLine: fix adding a todo using the quick add line. Commit.
  • Make build_testing actually do what it says. Commit.
  • Prevent building in source. Commit.
  • Unchecking the "Due" checkbox of a recurring to-do had no effect. Commit.
  • Use openStateConfig for storing dialog size. Commit.
  • Don't call window->show() on a visible window. Commit.
  • Fix crash in compiler-explorer plugin. Commit.
  • Revert "Create filebrowser on demand". Commit. Fixes bug #453795
  • Revert "fix crash on file browser activation". Commit. Fixes bug #453795
  • Katetabbar: Fix drag pixmap size on high-dpi. Commit.
  • Fix icon color change in some situations (eg. Appimage). Commit. Fixes bug #450556
  • Fix incorrect lambda capture leading to crash. Commit.
  • Fix AppImage icons. Commit. See bug #451406
  • Online resources: only show warning about loading time once. Commit. See bug #454470
  • Clang format fixes. Commit.
  • Fix crash clicking ok in empty transcoding dialog. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash when load task is running on exit. Commit.
  • Fix file watcher broken, changed clips were not detected anymore. Commit.
  • Fix timeremap clip always using proxies on rendering. Commit. Fixes bug #454089
  • Ensure internal effects like subtitles stay on top so that they are not affected by color or transform effects. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo center keyframe. Commit.
  • Fix crash changing clip monitor bg color when no clip is selected. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo selected clip insert. Commit.
  • Fix nvenc codec. Commit. See bug #454469
  • Fix clip thumbs not discarded on property change. Commit.
  • On document loading, also check images for changes. Commit.
  • Fix tests and mix direction regression. Commit.
  • Fix major corruption on undo/redo clip cut, with tests. Commit.
  • Project loading: detect and fix corruption if audio or video clips on the same track use a different producer. Commit.
  • Fix crash dropping an effect on the clip monitor. Commit.
  • Speedup maker search. Commit.
  • Fix cannot put monitor in fullscreen with mirrored screens. Commit.
  • Fix mix on very short AV clips broken, with test. Commit.
  • Fix Slide mix not correctly updated when creating a new mix on the previous clip, add tests. Commit. See bug #453770
  • Fix mix mix not correctly reversed in some cases and on undo. Commit.
  • Fix slide composition going in wrong direction (mix is still todo). Commit. See bug #453770
  • Fix several small glitches in bin selection. Commit.
  • Fix clip height not aligned to its track. Commit.
  • Fix speech to text on Mac. Commit.
  • Fix crash/corruption in overwrite mode when moving grouped clips above or below existing tracks. Commit.
  • Fix missing audio with "WebM-VP9/Opus (libre)" preset. Commit. See bug #452950
  • [Render Widget] Allow more steps for quality slider. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Fix wrongly reversed quality with custom presets. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Add more speed preset steps for x254 and x256. Commit.
  • Fix mixers don't display levels if a track was added/removed with collapsed mixer. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in transcoding dialog if there are no clips to convert. Commit.
  • [RenderWidget] Add scrollbar to improve experience on small screens. Commit.
  • On Apple, use project version format compatible with Apple linker. Commit. Fixes bug #448152
  • Remove %i parameter from Exec line. Commit.
  • Man: remove the section suffix from page names in listDir(). Commit. Fixes bug #452920
  • Fix hex vs decimal mix-up in barcode content detection. Commit.
  • Slightly relax the square barcode aspect ratio threshold. Commit.
  • Try harder to clean Eventbrite street addresses. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for UK national rail PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Thalys PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Fix issue when restaring a game with a selected tile. Commit. Fixes bug #454903
  • Fix update menu when we switch tab. Commit.
  • Follow BinaryUnitDialect option. Commit. See bug #454182
  • Fix crash when we add/edit/remove not. Commit.
  • Discard Hafas load values outside of the expected range. Commit.
  • Fix kcm_ktp_chat_messages appearing in global search. Commit.
  • Needs kdoctools_install since it has docs. Commit.
  • Update mailing lists for Norwegian translation teams. Commit.
  • Fix bug 454182: message (part) size display: please follow BinaryUnitDialect everywhere. Commit. Fixes bug #454182
  • We only need a close button here. Commit.
  • Fix crash while undoing with the menu on an empty annotation. Commit. Fixes bug #453987
  • Mark KDE Partition Manager as a single main window program. Commit.
  • Fix info pane layout alignment to top. Commit.
  • Fix empty frame in resize/move dialog. Commit.
  • Fix copy file. Commit.
  • Use mkpath here. Commit.
  • Fix autotest. Commit.
  • Fix reactivate action when we cancel sync. Commit.
  • Exclude akonadi_google_resource too for setPath. Commit.
  • Fix export default maildir folder. Commit.
  • We need to keep order. Commit.
  • Create on stack. Commit.
  • These resources doesn't have setPath method. Commit.
  • Update org.kde.spectacle.desktop.cmake to include both required parameters for WindowUnderCursor. Commit. Fixes bug #446971