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KDE Gear 22.04.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.04.1 from the git repositories.

  • Remove %i parameter from Exec line. Commit.
  • Use standaloneMonthName in the printed month's header. Commit. Fixes bug #453292
  • Correct last commit. Commit.
  • Improve UX for buttons that open menus. Commit. Fixes bug #453399
  • Fix Open and Save Playlist global menu entries. Commit.
  • Emit change signals for various config changes. Commit. Fixes bug #436424
  • Edit start dates in the Todo view. Commit.
  • Use standaloneMonthName in the Month View's header. Commit. Fixes bug #453292
  • Remove some SIGNAL and SLOT macros. Commit.
  • Keep dtStart valid when moving a todo. Commit.
  • Rebuild the iteration tech using better architecture. Commit. Fixes bug #442299
  • Separate time order tests from time validation tests. Commit.
  • Compute locale-independant strings. Commit.
  • Simplify KTimeZoneComboBox. Commit.
  • Test initialization and display of todo datetime GUI elements. Commit.
  • Add 22.04.1 release notes. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to resolve ISO 3166-1 country codes for the address formatter. Commit. Fixes bug #452979
  • Support all barcode formats specified in pkpass files. Commit.
  • Don't show volume fade controls if Phonon backend doesn't support fade. Commit.
  • Fix sound files not playing after previously playing with fade. Commit.
  • Bug 453193: Fix crash in font chooser after deselecting default font. Commit. Fixes bug #453193
  • Fix Stop Play button not working for display alarm with audio file. Commit.
  • Bug 452962: Fix crash when Try clicked to stop audio alarm with fade. Commit.
  • Fix time spin boxes being displayed in the wrong position. Commit.
  • Fix checkboxes being disabled in Preferences dialog. Commit.
  • Install locally downloaded translations. Commit.
  • Use IncidenceTreeModel from akonadi-calendar. Commit.
  • Fix tasks view highlight colours. Commit.
  • Ensure Kirigami Theme colourset pulls from properties in AbstractTreeItem. Commit.
  • Fix bad property access. Commit.
  • Parity between kirigami abstractlistitem and our treeview abstracttreeitem, fix highlight of list items. Commit.
  • Ensure delete dialog properly wraps label. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary key press handlers. Commit.
  • Fix 'next week' button in the week's view. Commit.
  • Ensure incidence summary text in incidence info drawer is properly escaped. Commit.
  • Use both highlightingModeAt and highlightingMode. Commit.
  • Fix snippets not showing up in completion. Commit.
  • No delayed readSessionConfig. Commit. Fixes bug #453152
  • Fix crash on file browser activation. Commit. Fixes bug #453234
  • Saving profile needs to reset the backup cycle. Commit.
  • Display year of exception to yearly recurrence. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 452480: Kmail doesn't display calendar invites. Commit. Fixes bug #452480
  • Kcm: Fix showing plugins' configuration. Commit.
  • Fix PlaySound with correct QUrl. Commit. Fixes bug #452591
  • Add 'reverse' parameter to transition 'mix'. Commit.
  • Fix custom effect type sometimes incorrect. Commit.
  • Fix drag incorrectly terminating in icon view. Commit.
  • Fix freeze cause by incorrect duplicate entry in thumbnail cache. Commit.
  • Fix crash trying to drag in empty space in Bin icon view. Commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc new mlt's box_blur added to the 'Blur and Sharpen' category. Commit.
  • Update CMakeLists.txt adding the new mlt's Box_Blur. Commit.
  • Add new mlt's Box_Blur ui. It was not working with the automatic one. Commit.
  • Update secondary_color_correction.xml fixing Transparency default value error. Commit.
  • Fix titler text alignment. Commit.
  • Fix potential deadlock, maybe related to #1380. Commit.
  • Small refactoring of cache get thumbnail. Commit.
  • Fix timeline preview failing when creating a new project. Commit.
  • Timeline preview profiles - remove unused audio parameters, fix interlaced nvenc. Commit.
  • Another set of minor improvements for monitor audio level. Commit.
  • Minor fix in audio levels look. Commit.
  • Ensure all color clips use the RGBA format. Commit.
  • Show dB in mixer tooltip. Commit.
  • Fix audio levels showing incorrect values, and not impacted by master effects. Commit.
  • ContextBrowserPlugin: remove redundant DUChain read locks. Commit.
  • Fix a crash in the "update signature action". Commit. Fixes bug #416714. See bug #358787
  • Remove %i parameter from Exec line. Commit.
  • Fish: don't overwrite dir mimetype with extension based one. Commit. Fixes bug #452940
  • Add PDF extractor stage for SNCF discount cards. Commit. See bug #453322
  • Extract SNCF discount card barcodes. Commit. See bug #453322
  • Extract SNCF discount program information from tickets. Commit. See bug #453322
  • Fix reservation number propagation from barcode to PDF extracted data. Commit.
  • Handle minor variations in the phone number part from Commit.
  • Extract pkpass files as well. Commit.
  • Make the email extractor slightly more tolerant. Commit.
  • Add extractor for alternative HTML emails. Commit.
  • Also post-process stand-alone program membership elements. Commit.
  • Update eurowings plaintext extractor. Commit.
  • Fix crash when we delete several identities. Commit.
  • Remove %i parameter from Exec line. Commit.
  • Recalculate toolbar size on layout requests. Commit.
  • Fix cursor position after drawing Sixel graphics. Commit. Fixes bug #452476
  • Add Dutch month abbreviations and weekdays. Remove Ma conversion. Commit.
  • Fix removing the country prefix from the country subdivision code. Commit.
  • Fix location of GPT header on 4K LBA devices. Commit. Fixes bug #453333
  • Remove %i parameter from Exec line. Commit.
  • Include <iterator> to fix building with GCC 12 Commit.
  • Explicitly define plugin id for thumbnail plugins. Commit.
  • Fix part of the Welcome Screen not being translatable. Commit.
  • Canceling a screenshot shall not disable buttons if previous screenshot is visible. Commit.
  • Fix screen index preference resetting unexpectedly. Commit. Fixes bug #445106