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KDE Gear 22.03.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 22.03.90 from the git repositories.

  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Improve details mode ctrl-press rubberband creation. Commit. Fixes bug #452181
  • Revert "KStandardItemListWidget: handle RtL drawing properly". Commit. Fixes bug #451704. Fixes bug #451341
  • Fix tooltip closing while mouse moves over item. Commit.
  • Don't crash when mountpoint is not found. Commit. Fixes bug #452100
  • [ViewProperties] Apply better default roles for special views. Commit. Fixes bug #400969. Fixes bug #340393. Fixes bug #186376
  • [ViewProperties] Consider existing roles in convertAdditionalInfo. Commit.
  • Port to target-based ecm_add_app_icon. Commit.
  • Fix volume and duration slider mouse wheel events. Commit. Fixes bug #450984
  • Add SI units to bit rate and sample rate. Commit. Fixes bug #447897
  • Force the todo completion progress bar to be rendered horizontally. Commit.
  • Make free/used in the summary view translatable. Commit.
  • Do not show silly mounts in sandboxed envs. Commit. Fixes bug #450835
  • Revert "Add global scope left/right arrow key shortcuts for the view". Commit. See bug #451952
  • Fix keyboard focus-change order. Commit. Fixes bug #331543
  • Fix crash when creating all-day to-dos. Commit.
  • Preserve datetimes of incidences created from templates. Commit. Fixes bug #332048
  • Test more time zone special cases. Commit.
  • Test start/end validation with timezones. Commit.
  • Synchronize "floating" status of date-times. Commit.
  • New todos and journals do not float by default. Commit.
  • Do not change the timeSpec of system dateTimes. Commit.
  • Fix country combo box being too narrow. Commit.
  • Add missing KF5Auth dep and link. Commit.
  • Set default resources created on first run as standard calendars. Commit.
  • When a resource is re-enabled, ensure its alarms are displayed. Commit.
  • Allow build without KAuth header files having been installed. Commit.
  • Use typedef for email IDs. Commit.
  • Remove unused dependency. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Fix possible infinite formatting calls. Commit. Fixes bug #452047
  • Replace KateColorSchemeChooser with using KColorSchemeManager directly. Commit.
  • Build: Append to textEdit directly for better performance. Commit. Fixes bug #442739
  • Snippets addon: comment out debug output. Commit.
  • Ignore blame errors. Commit. Fixes bug #451699
  • Remove default shortcut for query-run action. Commit.
  • Git widget: all columns should focus. Commit.
  • Ensure project loaded on start is activate. Commit.
  • Cleanup git version detection code. Commit.
  • Fix triplicated documents when occurs git conflict. Commit.
  • Store projects in session as json lines. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Enable highdpi for all executables. Commit.
  • Fix monitor image size with non integer screen scaling. Commit.
  • Fix app focus lost on Windows when exiting monitor fullscreen. Commit.
  • Switch from QQuickView to QQuickWidget - fixes broken playback on Mac OS. Commit.
  • Fix several cases of timeline losing focus. Commit.
  • Correctly update "apply" button on monitor change. Commit.
  • Make monitor detection more robust for fullscreen mode. Commit.
  • Fix resetting effect does not clear timeline keyframe view, resulting in possible crash. Commit.
  • Don't propose rtaudio backend if not available. Commit.
  • Fix layout warning. Commit.
  • Fix play zone seeking to first frame of timeline. Commit.
  • Fix import keyframes importing outside clip out. Commit.
  • Remove confusing "autorotate" checkbox in transcode to edit friendly. Commit.
  • Code quality fixes. Commit.
  • Fix fullscreen monitor selection doesn't work on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash on exit. Commit.
  • Don't query producer length on each frame. Commit.
  • Fix speed not saved in custom render profiles. Commit.
  • Code quality fixes. Commit.
  • Ensure we use the breeze widget style on first run in Mac. Commit.
  • Make progress bar for effects more visible (for ex. in motion tracker). Commit.
  • Fix project duration not updated on bin clip deletion. Commit.
  • Fix timeline focus issues on drag & drop, fix mouse position and project duration in timeline toolbar not consistently updated. Commit.
  • Fix no speech end time in analysed speech. Commit.
  • Ignore audio files album art. Commit.
  • Fix typo (missing space). Commit.
  • Fix last silence analysis in speech to text, small drawing fixes. Commit.
  • Fix creating guides from project notes. Commit.
  • Fix line feed lost on project notes paste. Commit.
  • Add invert param to luma mix to allow reversing direction of transition. Commit.
  • Only save bin thumbnail on project save to avoid displaying incorrect thumb after unsaved project change. Commit.
  • Fix freeze on add clip recently introduced. Commit.
  • Fix thumbnail cache bug causing incorrect thumbs to sometimes display after saving project. Commit.
  • Speech to text: cleaner html output for project files, fix work selection not really working. Commit.
  • Fix foxus issue on effect drop. Commit.
  • Smaller drag image in bin, also show it in icon view mode. Commit.
  • Fix startup warning. Commit.
  • Fix timeline focus issues on drag and drop. Commit.
  • Fix timeline scrolling below zero and timeline drag/drop bug. Commit.
  • [Renderer] Fix wrongly inverted logic to hide "Generate Script" button. Commit.
  • Fixes for saving and editing render presets. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] GOP and B-Frames params: enable only if it makes sense. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in bin when selecting a clip. Commit.
  • [Renderer] Reset DAR to 1:1 on resolution override to avoid errors. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Combo Box for PAR to prevent render errors. Commit.
  • Fix rubberband selection on scroll, and don't overlap track headers, fix move clip + mouse wheel. Commit. Fixes bug #417209
  • Fix razor tool misbehaviour on subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix keymap info on subtitle track. Commit.
  • Fix timecode rounding for fps like 23.98. Commit. Fixes bug #435213
  • Fix double warning and duplicate folder on manage cache data deletion. Commit. Fixes bug #434754
  • Keep focus on clip monitor after editing marker. Commit. Fixes bug #433595
  • Right click on a timeline guide seeks to its position and shows context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #441014
  • Fix editing title/color clips does not invalidate timeline preview. Commit. Fixes bug #437427
  • Titler: remember and restore last used text alignment. Commit. See bug #413572
  • Bin: tree view: hide audio/video icons for audio or video only clips. icon view: hide audio/video icons depending on zoom level, fix tag color covering thumb on drop. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Prettify by removing some frames. Commit.
  • [Render Presets] Always disable "Scanning" properly if "Progressive". Commit.
  • [Renderer] Fix preset gets deleted if saving is canceled. Commit.
  • Fix selection in bin icon view. Commit.
  • Fix previous commit (inverted logic). Commit.
  • Fix extract frame using proxy clips. Commit.
  • Fix "Clip" menu not properly update. Commit.
  • Fix regression "Extract Audio" always hidden. Commit.
  • [Render Widget] Fix threads param not updated. Commit.
  • Make audio/video usage icons more visible. Commit.
  • Spot remover, start with a small zone, not full screen. Commit.
  • Fix crash and corruption (disappearing effect) when dropping a clip close to 0 in timeline. Commit.
  • Fix open clip in bin when multiple bins and in icon view. Commit.
  • Multiple fixes for bin. Commit.
  • Update color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Extract HTML parts based on decoded text, not raw data. Commit.
  • Add clear button. Commit.
  • Fix open kmail when we click on button. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Fix undo sometimes making the AI play on wrong turn. Commit. Fixes bug #351815
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Sftp: guard sftp_close it's not safe to call with nullptrs. Commit. Fixes bug #447527
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Enable highdpi scaling and pixmaps. Commit.
  • Add basic extractor script for Peach Aviation. Commit.
  • Fix extracting Renfe train names from newer PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Properly merge Renfe tickets with and without the commuter option. Commit.
  • Support extracting Renfe pkpass files. Commit. Fixes bug #451974
  • Revert "org.kde.ksame.appdata: Update help url to avoid redirection". Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Update color when we change theme. Commit.
  • Fix build on FreeBSD by linking to Akonadi. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons dep. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Update color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Always enable WebRTCPipeWireCapture. Commit.
  • Append to environment variable instead of overwriting it. Commit.
  • Enable WebRTCPipeWireCapturer feature for QtWebEngine. Commit. Fixes bug #450840
  • Remove block of code that should not be there, and should do nothing. Commit.
  • Fix XTSMGRAPHICS (report sixel number of color registers and image size). Commit.
  • Scroll when a drawn sixel extends beyond bottom of line. Commit.
  • Add missed two parameters in call to addPlacement from iterm2 inline image escape sequence. Commit.
  • When an escape sequence is longer than the buffer, keep the last two chars. Commit.
  • Fix problems discovered by coverity (and more):. Commit.
  • Add DoNotMoveCursor option to iterm2 inline image protocol. Commit.
  • Add support for OSC 4 and OSC 104. Commit.
  • Add support for CSI 16 t - report character cell size in pixels. Commit.
  • Task manager badge: ignore events from channels with disabled notifications. Commit. Fixes bug #451814
  • Trigger the reminder daemon fallback start code also in Kontact. Commit.
  • Today button moves Month view to today's month. Commit. Fixes bug #333066
  • Fix mem leak. Commit.
  • Remove unused include. Commit.
  • Save the agenda and month views' "icons to use" settings. Commit. Fixes bug #449473
  • Only merge ways on synthetic nodes. Commit.
  • Fix geometry reassembly when we get both lines and areas for the same way. Commit.
  • Remove not necessary margin. Commit.
  • Make sure to update link color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Fix compile against qt6. Commit.
  • Fix color when we change theme. Commit.
  • Make KF5Wayland optional behind existing DISABLE_PIPEWIRE. Commit.
  • Add missing find_package for KCoreAddons. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons dep and link. Commit.
  • Kwalletmanager: do not show window on activation if not already shown. Commit. Fixes bug #451881
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • KgThemeProvider: Smooth previews. Commit.
  • KGameThemeSelector: Fix preview in HiDPI mode. Commit.
  • KGamePopupItem: Fix icon and text alignment in HiDPI mode. Commit.
  • KGamePopupItem: Use fixed offset from canvas border. Commit.
  • KGamePopupItem: Fix incorrect positioning relative to canvas. Commit.
  • Fix replacing QString::left() with QString::at(). Commit.
  • Increase minimum KF5 version to actual minimum KF5 version. Commit.
  • Improve hiding single option entry lists. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Update color when theme changed here too. Commit.
  • Update color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Export QCH targets after they are created. Commit.
  • Fix color when we change color theme. Commit.
  • Fix background color. Commit.
  • Fix update color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Debug--. Commit.
  • Update color when theme changed. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons dep and link. Commit.
  • Readd support for showing emoticon. Commit.
  • Add missing Q_REQUIRED_RESULT. Commit.
  • Update number of emails even if it's maximum value. Commit.
  • Markdown: Fix images with special chars in URLs not loaded. Commit.
  • Try to fix randomly failing jenkins. Commit.
  • Don't create a KIconLoader instance. Commit.
  • Fix opening CHM files on Windows. Commit. Fixes bug #451985
  • Simplify QPainter::drawRoundedRect usage. Commit.
  • Bring corner radius of popup messages in line with widget style. Commit.
  • Restore properly rounded corners of popup messages. Commit.
  • Fix react when color scheme changed. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons dep and link. Commit.
  • Add missing KCoreAddons link. Commit.
  • Add CI. Commit.
  • Add INSTALL_BROKEN_SIGNON_EXTENSION cmake option. Commit.
  • Fix page manipulation of active page. Commit.
  • Fix "Pressing OK in General Properties of Initial or End activity changes its type/shape". Commit. Fixes bug #451735