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KDE Gear 21.12.1 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 21.12.1 from the git repositories.

  • Fix min required libaccounts-qt version. Commit.
  • Hide welcome screen as soon as we know we're loading a file. Commit. Fixes bug #441529
  • Do not highlight file after compression. Commit. Fixes bug #440663
  • Fix extraction "Dolphin Actions" not abiding "Open destination folder after extracting" setting. Commit. Fixes bug #319134. See bug #298248
  • Kerfuffle CreateJob: delete addJob in dtor. Commit. Fixes bug #443540
  • Use QUrl::toDisplayString when presenting to the user. Commit.
  • Fix volume slider scroll speed regression. Commit. Fixes bug #446909
  • Fix Favorite button size on list items. Commit. Fixes bug #446911
  • Always restore local files that still exists in playlist. Commit.
  • Add media play list for restoring local track from files not db. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami.Icon for icons, rather than Image. Commit. Fixes bug #446446
  • Catch std::out_of_range exception from libexiv2. Commit.
  • Fix scrolling on the ZoomComboBox. Commit.
  • Don't break the timeline page when leaving development mode. Commit.
  • Also make unit tests work against older KF versions without KI18nLocaleData. Commit.
  • Fix station map platforms being mis-detected without live data. Commit.
  • Get at least one live data update even for far future elements. Commit.
  • Add 21.12.0 release notes. Commit.
  • Fix ASAN unit test failure on the CI. Commit.
  • Sanity-check model indexes. Commit.
  • Fix certificate ordering when facing invalid dates. Commit.
  • Fix changing command line encoder options not having effect until app restart. Commit. Fixes bug #446900
  • Fix running with Python 3.10. Commit.
  • Fix bad calendar files preventing command line actions from running. Commit.
  • Fix crash when a resource is removed. Commit.
  • If KAlarm already running, don't exit if a new activation has command line errors. Commit.
  • Fix resource ID numbers not working in command line & DBUS commands. Commit.
  • Fix resource ID numbers not working in command line & DBUS commands. Commit.
  • Bug 446749: Don't disable alarms after command line action. Commit. Fixes bug #446749
  • Bug 446749: Perform command line actions if KAlarm is already running. Commit.
  • Treat empty read-only, or non-existent, calendar files as loaded. Commit.
  • Lsp: Do not HTML escape markdown text. Commit.
  • Fix blame not visible after switching to a 'diff view'. Commit.
  • SemanticTokens: Use size_t as argument for type. Commit. Fixes bug #447553
  • Lsp: Handle client/RegisterCapability. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect blame info parsing when summary has '\t'. Commit.
  • ColorBrackets: Fix disconnecting wrong view. Commit.
  • Fix 2 second delays for everything semantic highlighting related. Commit.
  • Do nothing if use canceled project open. Commit. Fixes bug #447194
  • Ensure to clean up saved ranges when docs close. Commit.
  • Enable/disable project actions. Commit. Fixes bug #445494
  • Fix segfault on session change. Commit.
  • Try to fix compile on FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Build 'Colored brackets for readability' plugin in master. Commit.
  • Fix sessions segfault because of invalid iterator. Commit. Fixes bug #446863
  • Appstream: Remove duplicated release info. Commit.
  • Fix LSPTooltip sizing. Commit.
  • Mark settings and SMS app as single window. Commit.
  • [settings] Rename desktop file to match desktop entry defined by KAboutData. Commit.
  • Disable Battery plugin on Windows. Commit.
  • Fix multiple bins should always stay tabbed together. Commit.
  • Fix shortcuts sometimes broken on fullscreen monitor. Commit.
  • Enforce 29.97 fps when using a clip with 29.94 or 29.96 fps. Commit.
  • Fix audio thumbs not created after profile change. Commit.
  • Fix compilation warnings (function type compatibility). Commit.
  • Ripple: fix strange behaviour on Windows and macOS. Commit.
  • Add xml ui for audiolevelgraph effect and other xml format fixes. Commit.
  • Improvements and fixes for the status bar message field. Commit.
  • Add ripple test for single track groups. Commit.
  • Fix ripple in several scenarios with groups. Commit.
  • Improve Keybind Info with compositions. Commit.
  • Fix crash on clip insert in ripple mode. Commit.
  • Fix archiving. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe disappearing in timeline after moving the previous one in effect stack. Commit.
  • Don't allow undo when resizing clip/composition (fixes crash). Commit.
  • Fix freeze on multiple title clip duplication. Commit. Fixes bug #443507
  • Fix mistake in last commit. Commit.
  • Various fixes on project opening with missing proxies (playlist and timeremap broken). Commit.
  • Add more ripple tests. Commit.
  • Fix ripple of groups after commit c1b0f275. Commit.
  • Restructure ripple code to make it possible to run more tests. Commit.
  • Fix mix corruption when moving a clip with start and end mixes to another track, add test. Commit.
  • Fix concurrency crash with autosave and multicam mode. Commit.
  • Fix crash on extract frame if image was already part of the project. Commit.
  • Fix modify values. Commit.
  • Allow to sort items. Commit.
  • Use QAbstractItemView::ExtendedSelection it's better. Commit.
  • Appstream: Remove duplicated release info. Commit.
  • Appstream: Remove duplicated release info. Commit.
  • Do not specify an exact size for the appdata screenshot. Commit.
  • Fix destination filesystem type check for downloads bigger than 4 GiB. Commit. Fixes bug #444591
  • Add Free BSD CI. Commit.
  • Fix entry in kde-ci.yml and syntax of .gitlab-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Fixes for vitolus extractor. Commit.
  • Extract UIC operator code from SNCF TER barcodes. Commit.
  • Make proper json. Commit.
  • Find more reservation number variants in SNCF TER PDF tickets. Commit.
  • Add extractor script for Amtrak tickets. Commit.
  • Make the VIA Rail extractor work both with a full PDF or just the barcode. Commit.
  • Avoid division by zero when calculation the number of moves to go in the. Commit. Fixes bug #446409
  • Appstream: Remove duplicated release info. Commit.
  • Use tighter matching when finding the default profile file name. Commit. Fixes bug #447872
  • SSHManager: Fix two i18n problems. Commit.
  • Fix localization in ssh widget ui. Commit.
  • If restored or started hidden in systray, report start done to WM directly. Commit.
  • Hide window to systray using SNI, for consistent storing of any window info. Commit.
  • Help GNOME shell to know there is only one window/instance of Konversation. Commit.
  • Set StartupWMClass in desktop file. Commit.
  • Fix broken restore by session management. Commit.
  • Fix unused empty space on tabbar if separate tab close button is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #382056
  • Fix quitting app without confirm dialog after previous canceling of quit. Commit. Fixes bug #444440
  • Support and use modern code for Strikethrough formatting. Commit.
  • On activation by KDBusService set proper startupId/activation token. Commit. Fixes bug #430561
  • Channel Settings UI: bump max value of "User limit" to 99999. Commit. Fixes bug #446673
  • Fix plural arg string->int for log msg "[...] channel limit to %1 nicks.". Commit.
  • Bugfix: Correct behaviour of "case sensitive" tab completion option. Commit. Fixes bug #442109
  • Add CI to stable branch. Commit.
  • Turn nthMask into a vector of entries, to preserve intervals and ordering. Commit. Fixes bug #445963
  • Extended monthdays: remove ascending requirement. Commit.
  • Extend the extended syntax for month day sets. Commit.
  • Fix OpeningHours::simplifiedExpression not really being const. Commit.
  • Simplify "Feb 1-29" to "Feb". Commit. Fixes bug #446252
  • Consider "through" as alternative range separator. Commit. Fixes bug #446136
  • Do not repeat months when unnecessary. Commit. Fixes bug #446224
  • Fix autocorrect for cases where the state differs. Commit. Fixes bug #445787
  • Add more Spanish state values. Commit. Fixes bug #446134
  • Support 4 digit times to the extend possible. Commit. Fixes bug #446137
  • Merge adjacent single weekday and time range selectors. Commit. Fixes bug #445784
  • Convert 24/7 rules to timespan selectors when used in a timespan context. Commit. Fixes bug #445962
  • Add Russian language support for states and sun-based events. Commit. Fixes bug #445785
  • Parse Russian long-form time ranges. Commit.
  • Add localized Russian month names. Commit. See bug #445785
  • Parse localized Russian day names. Commit. See bug #445785
  • Searchdialog.cpp - activateWindow on showEvent for ease-of-use. Commit.
  • Fix broken fstab when mount point includes space. Commit. Fixes bug #446218
  • Also register RentalVehicleStation for use from QML. Commit.
  • Parse alternative Hafas platform format as well. Commit.
  • Remove superfluous export macro. Commit.
  • Do not start FindDevicesThread unconditionally. Commit. See bug #445139
  • Announce zero progress directly after the very first byte has been read. Commit. See bug #446547
  • Allow to open dialog as not modal. Commit.
  • Bug 446837: Fix Add recursive option to "Hide this folder in the folder selection dialog". Commit. Fixes bug #446837
  • Fix opening some password protected documents. Commit.
  • CI: Debian has removed clazy from testing, use the one in unstable for now. Commit.
  • Fix uninitialized memory read when opening the settings. Commit.
  • Fix crash when adding stamps to the quick annotations. Commit. Fixes bug #447409
  • Make CI happy. Commit.
  • Do not search for new devices unconditionally. Commit.
  • Check for right/middle click in Platform*.cpp. Commit.
  • Do not show error message when canceling with rightclick while in rectangluar mode. Commit. Fixes bug #446882
  • Cancel drag and drop if there is no screenshot in the preview. Commit.
  • Disable buttons that shouldn't be available when no screenshot was taken. Commit. Fixes bug #446578
  • Disable Annotate button when there's no image. Commit.
  • Wayland: don't block on a response from plasmashell before toggling. Commit.
  • Make sure position is always set in wayland. Commit. Fixes bug #408468