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KDE Gear 21.11.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 21.11.90 from the git repositories.

  • Fix updating window and tab titles. Commit.
  • Fix i18n arguments for playlist view “N tracks” message. Commit.
  • Color the borders of items in the Agenda view. Commit.
  • Auto set print orientation. Commit.
  • Also hide the issuer field when not present. Commit.
  • Don’t color health certificates without a verified signature green. Commit.
  • NL CoronaCheck certificates specify no birth year, show that correctly. Commit.
  • Handle fields not provided by the NL CoronaCheck certificates. Commit.
  • Hide the health certificate swipe view when there are no certificates. Commit.
  • Fix opening attached documents. Commit.
  • Remove bogus kitemmodels dependency. Commit.
  • Update objectIdFromProperties, fallback to device.path when is empty str. Commit.
  • Properly use StackView.replace. Commit.
  • Add more options for clangd. Commit.
  • Level 16: Convert one of the two GiftIncreaseSpeed to GiftDecreaseSpeed. Commit.
  • Fix unicode-decoding mistake in isInGsmAlphabet method. Commit.
  • Always show notification when receiving files. Commit. Fixes bug #417823
  • Spacer tool: Don’t allow independant move of grouped items. Commit. See bug #443324
  • Fix tool label width in statusbar. Commit.
  • Fix crash moving clip with mixes in insert/overwrite mode. Commit.
  • Fix group move with mix sometimes broken. Commit.
  • Fix errors/crash in insert mode (lift/extract) with mixes. Commit.
  • Fix crash using spacer tool on grouped clips with a clip in the group positioned before spacer start operation. Commit. Fixes bug #443324
  • Fix mix cut pos lost when switching mix composition. Commit.
  • Luma transition: add option to control alpha channel (fixes transition on clips with different aspect ratios). Commit.
  • Insert/overwrite mode: delete mixes on clip move. Commit.
  • Fix end resize bug. Commit.
  • Fix cannot move clip left when only 1 frame space. Commit.
  • Remove useless string duplication. Commit.
  • Fix blank length calculation allowing incorrect 1 frame overlap in some cases. Commit.
  • Fix crash on undo mix cut. Commit.
  • Fix left resize regression. Commit.
  • Fix right mouse click behavior on monitor when effect scene is displayed. Commit.
  • Another round of mix resize issues, with added tests. Commit.
  • Another fix for mix resize corruption. Commit.
  • Fix another clip marker issue introduced with old code for Ripple. Commit.
  • Fix some mix resize issues allowing to create invalid mixes. Commit.
  • Fix broken find/replace breaking timeline clip markers display. Commit.
  • Fix some 1 frame clip mix incorrectly detected as invalid. Commit.
  • Appstream Data: the manual is now at Commit.
  • Extract frame from timeline monitor now correctly disables proxy to create a full res image. Commit.
  • Fix MLT api change causing startup crash on movit (Movit still not usable). Commit. See bug ##442880
  • Track name edit: fix focus issue, enable F2 shortcut. Commit. Fixes bug #440185
  • “Go to clip start/end” should use clip under cursor if none is selected. Commit. Fixes bug #440024
  • Fix transcoding of title clips. Commit.
  • Typewriter effect should not be blacklisted!. Commit. Fixes bug #445232. See bug #436113
  • Fix “Select Transition” should select mixes too. Commit. Fixes bug #440023
  • Fix display of timeline usage in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Show timeline usage in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Fix default project path ignored on creating new project. Commit. Fixes bug #444595
  • Fix warning. Commit.
  • Fix audio/video only drag from bin. Commit.
  • Hide audio mix from transitions list in same track and composition stack. Commit.
  • Fix possible crash in url effect parameter. Commit.
  • Fix crash on close. Commit.
  • Fix video only clips displaying audio icon. Commit.
  • Allow closing secondary bin. Commit.
  • Also display usage icon on non AV clips. Commit.
  • Improve visibilty of bin clip usage (colored icons). Commit.
  • Bin icon view: clips used in timeline use bold font for name. Commit.
  • Bin icon view: make audio /video drag icons more visible on hover. Commit.
  • Switch multicam view to qtblend composition to avoid monitor preview scaling issues. Commit.
  • Multiple bins: put folder name as widget title, enable up button and double click to enter folder in secondary bins. Commit.
  • Added UI for the frei0r_transparency effect. Commit.
  • Hide secondary bin title bar. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect QList insert. Commit.
  • Fix render time overlapping text button. Commit.
  • Attempt to fix slideshow detection on Windows. Commit.
  • Remove old custom function to append shortcut to action tooltip, causing shortcuts to appear twice. Commit.
  • Keyframe import: display user friendly param name in combobox, fix import of opacity. Commit.
  • Fix affine (Transform) opacity is now in the 0-1 range with MLT7, fix cairo affine blend composition default params. Commit.
  • Disable duplicate keyframe when cursor is over a keyframe. Commit.
  • Ctrl+A in bin will select all items in current folder. Switching from tree view to icon view keeps selection. Commit.
  • Allow seeking by clicking on zoombar when not zoomed. Commit.
  • Fix keyframe incorrectly moved when attempting to seek in keyframe view. Commit.
  • Titler: prevent selecting inexisting font. Commit.
  • Fix some issues in multiple bin. Commit.
  • Revert changes to the test reference data by code adjustment scripts. Commit.
  • Fix POP3 setup wizard defaults to unencrypted connections. Commit. Fixes bug #423426
  • Const’ify pointer. Commit.
  • New in this release
  • New in this release
  • Treat SSL handshake errors as fatal also when using STARTTLS. Commit. See bug #423424
  • Add a new set of VDV certificates. Commit.
  • Skip invalid VDV certificates rather than terminating the download. Commit.
  • Add SPDX markers for the generated qrc file. Commit.
  • Fix the Windows build. Commit.
  • Recursively search for a context date from a context MIME node. Commit.
  • Make it const + remove mem leak. Commit.
  • Add modify menu + add tooltip. Commit.
  • Add “modify” item. Commit.
  • Add separator. Commit.
  • Add some tooltips. Commit.
  • Fix white-on-yellow text on ServerLabel tooltip. Commit.
  • Add missing icon. Commit.
  • Improve autotest. Commit.
  • Allow to show original message. Commit.
  • Const’ify variable. Commit.
  • Add new autotests. Commit.
  • Add tooltips here. Commit.
  • Make sure that we don’t switch to same folder. Commit.
  • Create dialog on stack + const’ify pointer. Commit.
  • Limit the number of history. Commit.
  • Reset treeview otherwise we can’t see all items. Commit.
  • Debug– + fix resize column. Commit.
  • Remove historyswitchfoldermanager. Commit.
  • Use collectionswitchertreeviewmanager. Commit.
  • Continue to implement model. Commit.
  • Add model. Commit.
  • Assign parentWidget. Commit.
  • Add manager. Commit.
  • Add collectionswitchertreeview widget. Commit.
  • Move in own repository. Commit.
  • Auto set print orientation. Commit.
  • Fix changing non-Breeze scrollbar colors at runtime. Commit.
  • Adapt scrollbar to terminal color scheme for Breeze widget style again. Commit.
  • Revert “Let the scrollbar follow the app color scheme”. Commit.
  • GIT SILENT Change BRANCH_GROUP to stable-kf5-qt5. Commit.
  • Fix seek error when filling device with random data or zeroes. Commit.
  • Don’t truncate path line segment lengths to integers. Commit.
  • Make sure the saved files have the extension they should have. Commit. Fixes bug #414040
  • Fix code that tries to add extension if it’s missing. Commit. Fixes bug #444998
  • Presentation: Don’t hide toolbar if we’re not really leaving the window. Commit. Fixes bug #444427
  • Fix zoom actions not being updated correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #440173
  • Okularcore doesn’t need dbus. Commit.
  • Use KIO::JobUiDelegate for opening other application. Commit. Fixes bug #445530
  • Merge origin/master @ 5821f74 to release/21.12. Commit.
  • Merge origin/master @ 788fcb8 to release/21.12. Commit.
  • Umbrello/dialogs/dialog_utils.cpp function remakeTagEditFields : Address compiler warning about unused parameter o. Commit.
  • Https:// Coverity fixes listed by CID :. Commit. See bug #340646