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KDE Gear 21.08.3 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 21.08.3 from the git repositories.

  • Remove min Android SDK version from Manifest. Commit.
  • Include iso-codes data files needed by KF::I18n 5.88. Commit.
  • [EventDelegate] Hide location name if there is none. Commit.
  • [Delegates] Use preferredWidth instead of width. Commit.
  • Prevent map panning in the location picker switching to the previous page. Commit.
  • For departureCountry check departureLocation. Commit.
  • Don't let checkbox labels force the minimum page width. Commit. Fixes bug #443200
  • Add 21.08.2 changelog. Commit.
  • Fix display errors in time edit field arrows. Commit.
  • Update change log. Commit.
  • Fix formatting using Fusion application style. Commit.
  • Remove debug code. Commit.
  • Fix formatting of times in alarm list, when "am"/"pm" are translated. Commit.
  • Use translated forms of "am" and "pm" when displaying times. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Bug 443062: Allow stepping hour in time edit fields, in Breeze app style. Commit.
  • Bug 443062: Make time edit fields work for Breeze application style. Commit.
  • [handler] Enable highdpi pixmaps. Commit.
  • Update catch.hpp. Commit. See bug #440867
  • Timeline clip drop: add id to each drag operation to avoid incorrectly interpreting a new drag operation as the continuation of a previous one. Commit.
  • Fix muting audio master broken. Commit.
  • Fix various mix resize/align issues. Commit.
  • Fix proxy clips not archived when requested. Commit.
  • Fix wipe and slide transition incorrect behavior on resize, and incorrectly detecting "reverse" state. Commit.
  • Fix same track transition if one clip has no frame at its end. Commit.
  • Fix crash and incorrect resize with same track transitions. Commit.
  • Fix mix cut position lost on paste. Commit.
  • Fix one cause of crash related to multiple keyframes move. Commit.
  • Fix proxying of playlist clips. Commit.
  • When a clip job creates an mlt playlist, check if the file is already in project to avoid double insertion. Commit.
  • Fix clip with mix cannot be moved back in place. Commit.
  • Fix loop mode broken on add effect. Commit.
  • Fix replacing AV clip with playlist clip broken. Commit.
  • Fix export frame broken for title clips. Commit.
  • Fix bin thumbnail hover seek not reset when leaving thumb area. Commit.
  • Project bin:when hover seek is enabled, restore thumb after seeking, set thumb with shift+seek. Commit.
  • Fix "adjustcenter" asset param in case where the frame size is empty. Commit.
  • Fix crash loading project with incorrectly detected same track transition. Commit.
  • Fix install path of frei0r effect UI's. Commit.
  • Man kio: fix crash due to bad memory pointer on REQ_ps handling. Commit. Fixes bug #443983
  • Kio_filenamesearch: fix crash due to KCoreDirLister changes. Commit. Fixes bug #438187
  • Handle English language MÁV ticket date formats. Commit. Fixes bug #444550
  • Fix erroneous merging of train trips with the same line on the same day. Commit.
  • Convert location info to the right type when necessary. Commit.
  • Add extractor script. Commit.
  • Use pkpass expirationDate field to guess a suitable end time for events. Commit.
  • Extract boarding group from Eurowings pkpass. Commit.
  • Extract Cancel URL from Lufthansa pkpass. Commit.
  • Adapt unit tests to extractor improvements in 6597c1bdef25. Commit.
  • Explicitly apply airport timezone when creating fake 23:59:59 time. Commit.
  • Extract proper real name from Lufthansa and EuroWings pkpass. Commit.
  • Support German Eurowings booking confirmation. Commit.
  • Don't generate random game numbers bigger than INT_MAX. Commit. Fixes bug #444188
  • Fix crash by adding missing initialize part for KToggleAction. Commit.
  • Kcmkontact: Fix writing of configured startup module. Commit. Fixes bug #444170
  • Use show/hide sidebar action. Commit.
  • Fix evaluating single time open end ranges. Commit.
  • Don't turn 20:00-26:00 into 20:00-02:00. Commit.
  • Revert "Bind keyboard shortcuts in the Search dialog's results". Commit.
  • Update SNCB certificate. Commit.
  • Update OTP Ulm rental vehicle configuration. Commit.
  • Pass along floating rented vehicle data correctly. Commit.
  • Naughty-list pixma network backend option polling. Commit. Fixes bug #429260
  • Fix build with gpsd 3.23.1. Commit.
  • Make sure that index is valid. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 419978 - KMail missing line break in blockquote when showing as HTML mail. Commit. Fixes bug #419978
  • Relax the check for non square DPI. Commit. Fixes bug #444168
  • Make Quick Annotations button open the full toolbar when no Quick Annotations are configured. Commit.
  • CI: add the deb-src of testing since we're based on testing not unstable. Commit.
  • Fix bookmark menu actions missing after switching tabs. Commit. Fixes bug #442668
  • Util.printd: Don't crash if we get an unexpected oDate argument. Commit. Fixes bug #443255