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KDE Gear 21.07.90 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 21.07.90 from the git repositories.

  • Refactor timetable printing utility functions. Commit.
  • Insert a parent class for CalPrintDay and CalPrintWeek config options. Commit.
  • Obey Use Colors option when printing tags. Commit.
  • Combine doLoadConfig()/loadConfig(), doSaveConfig()/saveConfig(). Commit.
  • [R] properly show the results of R’s “help commands” appropos(), vignette(), demos() and Commit.
  • Also show the internal help in R when the user is requesting it via help(). Commit.
  • Fixed multiple issues reported by Coverity. Commit.
  • Fixed a couple of issues reported by cppcheck. Commit.
  • When using KSharedConfig, specify explicitely ‘cantrorc’ so we also propely read the documentation settings in LabPlot. Commit.
  • Open the default URL for the online documentation in case no local documentation is installed. Commit.
  • Fixed the layout in qalculate settings widget to look the same like the settings widgets for all other backends,. Commit.
  • Removed the setting “local documentation”. Commit.
  • Add break; to KItemListRoleEditor::keyPressEvent cases. Commit.
  • [PlacesPanel] Remove horizontal scrollbar. Commit. Fixes bug #301758
  • Fix placeholder label text within an empty folder in Trash. Commit. Fixes bug #439952
  • Make KIO optional on Android and required everywhere else. Commit.
  • Avoid fetching lyrics twice for tracks not in database from playlist. Commit.
  • Remove hard dependency on DBus for powermanagement code. Commit.
  • Simplify sorting the Todo List view. Commit.
  • Add catalog definition for Dolphin context menu items. Commit. Fixes bug #439931
  • Fix possible abort when creating incidences with tags. Commit.
  • Fix build against stable branch kitinerary. Commit.
  • Fix ReservationHelper::equals always returning false. Commit.
  • Remember which map locations we have already cached. Commit.
  • Request fewer transfer journeys. Commit.
  • Improve platform change notification check. Commit.
  • Show the arrival location if we have no departure. Commit.
  • Fix trip group delegate content hiding/unhiding. Commit.
  • Also write intermediate stop waypoints to the GPX trip export. Commit.
  • Don’t write invalid GPX time elements. Commit.
  • Fix strict weak order violation for timeline element comparison. Commit.
  • Allow to also import health certificates from PDFs. Commit.
  • Fix checks for non-set date/time values. Commit.
  • Update changelog. Commit.
  • Update changelog. Commit.
  • Don’t display a ’time to’ for alarms whose trigger time has passed. Commit.
  • Fix clazy warning. Commit.
  • Fix alarm time showing blank in alarm list in right-to-left mode. Commit.
  • In right-to-left mode, select correct date for mouse click position. Commit.
  • Layout fixes for right-to-left direction. Commit.
  • Disable modal alarm messages config setting on Wayland. Commit.
  • Show hamburger context menu at correct position on Wayland. Commit.
  • Fix description in changelog. Commit.
  • Bug 439853: Fix crash at startup on multiple screen system using Wayland. Commit.
  • Show context menu at correct position on Wayland. Commit.
  • Fix deletion of events with reminders after the main event. Commit. Fixes bug #440200
  • Fix events with reminder alarms not triggering. Commit. Fixes bug #440200
  • Revert the removal of FindOpenGL2. Commit.
  • LocHistory: When limiting size, also rewind currentLocation. Commit.
  • Location history improvements. Commit.
  • Handle nullptr return of screenAt(). Commit. Fixes bug #439804
  • Set breeze as fallback icon theme for all executables. Commit.
  • Add missing KF5WindowSystem dependency. Commit.
  • Fix timeremap widget not enabled in some cases. Commit.
  • Ensure markers are properly sorted in Clip Properties dialog, enable F2 rename. Commit.
  • Fix position and zoom effect and affine composition broken with switch to MLT7. Commit.
  • Fix audio thumbs missing on clip reload (like when changing autorotate value). Commit.
  • Move remap marker before clip name, fix qml warning. Commit.
  • TImeline guides: add delimiter and highlight active one. Commit.
  • Disable time remap for color or image clips and clips with speed effect. Commit.
  • Various fixes for timeremap. Commit.
  • Timeremap: don’t seek on drag start (caused delay), add snap to start/end of clip. Commit.
  • Fix timeremap keyframe grab zone. Commit.
  • Removing a remap effect now restores input duration. Commit.
  • Fix mix direction lost on save / change track, fix clip offset on vertical move while deleting start mix. Commit.
  • Fix timeremap undo/redo to resize clip in one pass. Commit.
  • Small update for timeremap ui. Commit.
  • Use KDE_INSTALL_QTQCHDIR to install QCH documentation. Commit.
  • Fix various mix move issue and tests. Commit.
  • Fix various time remap display glitches, only resize timeline clip on mouse release. Commit.
  • Make time remap a checkable option in the context menu so it can easily be removed. Commit.
  • Fix crash on mix group move, fix mix sometimes refusing to be created. Commit.
  • Time remap: display negative speed where it makes sense. Commit.
  • Fix possible crashes in timeremap. Commit.
  • Time remap: fix expanding clip creating extra keyframes. Commit.
  • Fix another grouped mix move crash. Commit.
  • Fix crash on grouped mix deletion. Commit.
  • Properly set default label for guides. Commit.
  • Fix various timeremap inconsistencies. Commit.
  • Various timeremap UI and workflow fixes. Commit.
  • Fix various mix move issues. Commit.
  • Show edit dialog on guide creation via “Add/Remove Guide”. Commit.
  • Fix: always enable marker actions to make them usable in clip monitor. Commit.
  • Fix cannot move grouped clips with mix. Commit.
  • Drop custom combobox stylesheet causing unreadable text. Thanks to Martin Sandsmark for the hint. Commit. Fixes bug #428755
  • Revert “Fix clips with mix cannot be move onto another track.”. Commit.
  • Fix clips with mix cannot be move onto another track. Commit.
  • Remove seek checkboxes in timeremap, add button to center keyframe at cursor position. Commit.
  • Don’t stop preview render when editing outside of the preview zone. Commit.
  • Fix reverse wipes. Commit.
  • Mix alignment: remember and adjust resize accordingly. Commit.
  • Hide composition list on audio mix. Commit.
  • Fix crash dragging multiple audio streams clip in timeline with locked tracks. Commit. Fixes bug #439849
  • Expose mix duration and align buttons. Commit.
  • Fix crash on multiple items deletion. Commit.
  • Timeremap: expose frame blending param. Commit.
  • Time remap: fix keyframe timecode editing, add pitch correction. Commit.
  • Upgrade document version and fix wipe params for MLT 7 when opening older project file. Commit.
  • Fix crash on remap clip selection, add button to delete remap effect. Commit.
  • Timeremap: make it work with clip not starting at 0 and adjust view on clip resize. Commit.
  • Fix moving clip group before another clip broken. Commit.
  • Time remap: fix monitor focus and seeking issues. Commit.
  • Remap: fix editing “speed before” broke, correctly clear remap widget on clip deletion. Commit.
  • Fix UI elements being used before initialization. Commit. Fixes bug #439991
  • The isspace/isctrl/etc functions require unsigned char as input. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded MSVC utf-8 definition. Commit.
  • Add event reservation extractor for Commit.
  • Give kmplot an automatically increasing version. Commit.
  • Bind keyboard shortcuts in the Search dialog’s results. Commit. Fixes bug #315894
  • Propagate static timezones to intermediate stops as well. Commit.
  • Add missing timezone for VRR. Commit.
  • Propagate merged line data to intermediate stops. Commit.
  • The isspace/isctrl/etc functions require unsigned char as input. Commit.
  • Properly handle empty path sections in Hafas responses. Commit.
  • Remove rb_set_safe_level call. Commit.
  • Set correct file mode when saving changes (#402363). Commit. Fixes bug #402363
  • Fix color channels being swapped. Commit.
  • Correctly load option values during construction. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 440041 - Sieve editor does not show the line numbers correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #440041
  • Fix QStringView porting mistake. Commit.
  • Fix Page Up/Down scrolling when scrollbars are turned off. Commit. Fixes bug #421822
  • Set the project version also at the cmake level. Commit.