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KDE Gear 21.04.2 Full Log Page

This is the automated full changelog for KDE Gear 21.04.2 from the git repositories.

  • Improve the printed to-do list. Commit.
  • Fix crash on Wayland when closing the mainwindow while another dialog is open. Commit.
  • [src/settings/contextmenu/contextmenusettingspage] Fix Crash because of nullptr. Commit. Fixes bug #437539
  • Search/facetswidget: Check for protocol before trying to fetch tags. Commit. Fixes bug #435586
  • Fix fields behavior when creating a radio. Commit.
  • Properly update album when removing one of its track. Commit.
  • Elisa has a wonderful site, let's point to it. Commit.
  • No need to emit trackModified when a track starts playing. Commit.
  • Fix corner cases in the Agenda and Month views. Commit.
  • Show recurring to-dos on DTDUE in the month view, like plain to-dos. Commit.
  • Simplify the code that saves incidences. Commit.
  • Fix application version display in tarball builds. Commit.
  • Add missing Qt5Concurrent to target_link_libraries. Commit.
  • Don't ask if the user wants to overwrite two times. Commit.
  • Fix showing of dialog the user can't interact with when saving. Commit. Fixes bug #437574
  • Bug 437676: In audio alarm edit dialog, don't show file name in encoded format. Commit.
  • Prevent crash in git-blame for HUGE git commits. Commit. Fixes bug #437683
  • Fix crash when turning on "bg shading" for Documents plugin. Commit.
  • Deactivate Kate command bar if KXMLGui command bar is there. Commit.
  • Add "end time" to item viewer's display of events. Commit. Fixes bug #438082
  • [SMS App] Fix message sending area from always having a white background. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate line from last cherry-pick. Commit.
  • Hopefully proper patch to solve "white" rendering issues. Commit.
  • Fix resize clip end does not allow touching next clip. Commit.
  • Fix clip thumbs disappearing on timeline resize. Commit.
  • Fix timeline thumbnails not saved with project. Commit.
  • Don't discard subtitle files on project fps change. Commit.
  • Update guides position on project's fps change. Commit.
  • Fix delete selected clips not working on project opening. Commit.
  • Fix Chroma Key: Advanced edge mode normal was reset to hard. Commit.
  • Fix various frei0r effects losing parameter settings:. Commit.
  • Next try to fix keyframe view positon for mixes. Commit.
  • Revert "Fix keyframeview position in mixes". Commit.
  • Fix keyframeview position in mixes. Commit.
  • Make effects keyframable: scratchlines, tcolor, lumaliftgaingamma. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Make effects keyframable: charcoal, dust, oldfilm, threshold.xml. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Make glitch0r effect keyframable. Commit. See bug #393668
  • Fix profile repository not properly refreshed after change. Commit.
  • Fix marker monitor overlayer flickers on hover. Commit.
  • Ensure timeline zoombar right handle is always visible. Commit.
  • Fix issue with duplicated title clips. Commit.
  • Fix effect sliders on right to left (rtl) layouts. Commit. Fixes bug #434981
  • Fix alignment of statusbar message label. Commit. Fixes bug #437113
  • Fix crash using filter with missing MLT metadata (vidstab in MLT 6.26.1). Commit.
  • Try to fix wrongly set color in titler. Commit.
  • Only show the event address if there's anything substantial to show. Commit.
  • Make the EWS Configuration dialog fit on small screens. Commit. Fixes bug #436841
  • Adjust the size of the iCal Calendar File properties dialog. Commit. Fixes bug #435871. Fixes bug #436448
  • Thumbnail: Check shm size before writing to it. Commit. See bug #430862
  • Fix station name comparison for unbound train tickets. Commit.
  • Fix single digit day date parsing in confirmation emails. Commit. Fixes bug #437854
  • Improve handling of multi-leg and return tickets in summary emails. Commit. Fixes bug #436976
  • Fix off by one date in certain SNCF tickets. Commit.
  • Apply the same departure day handling we have for flights also for trains. Commit.
  • KonqCombo: Use new QComboBox signal and new-style connect. Commit.
  • Use KPasswordLineEdit for all password edit fields. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 436880 - Kmail ignores right-to-left text direction. Commit. Fixes bug #436880
  • Add autotest for Bug 436880. Commit.
  • Fix parsing of numeric GBFS station ids. Commit.
  • Do not attempt to download non-existing GeoIp data. Commit. See bug #403054
  • Add Boost::headers to link libraries. Commit.
  • Fix bug 206269 "An escaping problem also occurs with '&' in subject or. Commit. Fixes bug #206269
  • FormLineEdit: Don't run focusin action when gaining focus because of window management. Commit. Fixes bug #436990
  • FormLineEdit: Don't run focusout/formatfield actions when losing focus because of window management. Commit. Fixes bug #435833
  • FormLineEdit: Move editing=false up in the focus out event. Commit.
  • Mark items with name in toolsQuick as default. Commit.
  • Unbox alert() parameters when they are in an object. Commit.
  • Second attempt at fixing the windows/craft build. Commit.
  • Fix spectre includes. Commit.
  • Fix loading some png files inside zip comicbook files. Commit. Fixes bug #436086
  • Umbrello/version.h umbrello/main.cpp : Update copyright year. Commit.
  • Lib/cppparser/lexer.{h,cpp} followup to commit 7d3eb05,. Commit. See bug #338649